Saturday, October 14, 2006

NYT General Assembly Endorsements

The editorial won't be available online until tomorrow, but here's a list of who made the cut.

State Senate

House Races

I'm especially glad to see Tom Drew's endorsement. He's not in my district, but we're both from Fairfield and I always enjoy listening to his updates from Hartford at DTC meetings. I'm fairly sure he'll win, but the attention from the Times can't hurt.

The inclusion of Robert Russo doesn't surprise me either. I have no idea if he'll win or lose this race, but his credentials and passion make him one to watch.

Editorial. "For General Assembly". New York Times 10/14/06


Anonymous said...

You misspelled Romano.

cgg said...

Thanks. fixed now.

Anonymous said...

That's a big plus for Russo

TrueBlueCT said...

I just need to point out that seemingly Bill Finch no longer believes in the two party system. (He's on Jumpin' Joe's list of endorsing "Dems".)

Well, loyalty cuts two ways. I suggest that all actual Dems sit this election out. Don't vote for Russo, and by all means don't vote for Finch. Instead allow Lieberman, Fabrizi, and Amann the opportunity to carry the load.

What I'm saying is that if Bill Finch wants to play Superman and put himself above the collective will of the Dem party, let him crash and burn, on his own, and without our active support.

P.S. I hear Russo isn't that bad a guy, and might be the change agent B'port so desperately needs.

P.S.S. No one should ever stoop so low as to vote for a rat bastard like Bill Finch!

Anonymous said...

Amen, Trueblue.

TrueBlueCT said...

Oh, man, did I really call Bill Finch a rat bastard? Shame on me.

What I'd really like to know, from Finch, Amann, Jarjura, etc., (the Rat Bastards), is what they plan to do if Lieberman wins in November. Quite clearly Joe is going to switch parties on us, and I just wonder if the Bill Finches of the world are going to switch sides too? What party will Finch hope to belong to when his guy joins Cheney and preserves Republican control of the US Senate?

Derby Conservative said...

Attaboy J.R.! A well deserved I wonder if the liberal hacks at the CT Post will follow suit in doing the right thing...

GMR said...

Lieberman is not going to switch parties.

First, outside of the Iraq issue, there are very few issues where he votes with Republicans. His American Conservative Union rating is in single digits. Even Chafee has a 50+ rating.

Second, there's some talk that Democrats would not allow him to retain his seniority. Nonsense. For the simple reason that at best, Democrats will have a one seat majority (51-49). This would be a pickup of six seats. That means flipping ALL of Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Montana, Rhode Island, and Missouri, while retaining New Jersey. I guess Allen is also vulnerable, but a 2 vote margin would require a total Democrat landslide.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I don't think the NYT Editorial Board saw the Channel 12 debate between Jones and Debicella...if they had, I don't think they would be endorsing Jones.

Jones couldn't even articulate a full thought. To quote, on changing the ECS formula: "We need to change property taxes....the federal government....George child behind...."


Debicella ran circles around him, detailing specific proposals while defining Jones as a tax increaser.

Jones is going to lose this thing because he is just does not understand the issues.

Just a Resident said...

Hey D.C., what happened to your Derby, CT blog????

I miss it.....

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:38.

I suggest Listerine...that can get that bitter taste out of your mouth. Both Jones and Debicella knocked on my door - in the same night mind you! about a month ago.

Chris Jones didn't come off like a polished, slick talking politician, he spoke with me like a friend - I had an instant sense of trust and a genuinely good feeling about him - nevermind the fact that I agree with him on the issues.

When Debicella came to my door, he reminded me of exactly how you described him - a slick, polished politician who could charm a snake out of its skin. He talked down to me and seemed genuinely upset that he had to spend his time talking to a regular guy living in a 2 bedroom cape. He was a poltician alright - and that was enough for me.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 3:00-- I wish we could hook you up to a lie detector. The only polished, slick talking snake charmer around here is you.

Party's over. Say hello to Senator Debicella.

Anonymous said...

Does an endorsement by an out of state newspaper(I know ,I know its' the Times) really make a difference in a Ansonia/Derby race. Is Romano's opponent a vegetable? The Times is endorsing Republicans in back water towns now.

Anonymous said...

Good vote for Debicella. You will have a bigger hangover than New Years Day morning. I am too nice to say why. He is trouble that is all I will say.