Saturday, October 28, 2006

NYT Endorses Lamont

Since they also endorsed Lamont in the primary this isn't a huge surprise.

A couple of choice selections from the endorsement:

But instead of re-evaluating his own positions, Mr. Lieberman blamed his constituents for failing to notice that he had offered some negative comments about the conduct of the war, too, mainly when he was running for the Democratic nomination for president in 2004. He did not protest when Dick Cheney said that people who voted for Mr. Lamont were giving comfort to “Al Qaeda types.” His only reflection seemed devoted to a re-examination of the rules for getting back on the ballot.

Since his primary defeat, Mr. Lieberman has run a well-packaged campaign built around his self-assigned bipartisan image — “It’s not about politics,” say his ads. But it is very much about politics — from the flood of special interest campaign donations that has been running Mr. Lieberman’s way to the old Karl Rove lesson that political winners never admit to error.
Ned Lamont has run a far less polished campaign than Mr. Lieberman, but the more we see of him, the more impressed we are by his intelligence and his growing sophistication about the issues facing the nation. He is very much in the Connecticut mold of basically moderate, principled politicians, and his willingness to take on Mr. Lieberman when no one else dared to do it showed real courage and conviction. He would make a good senator. More important, he has the capacity to continually become a better one. We endorse Ned Lamont for Senate.

Last week someone asked for a list of newspaper endorsements. I should have that up tomorrow afternoon.

Editorial. "The Senate Race in Connecticut". New York Times. 10/29/06


Anonymous said...

Don;t you think they could have at least mentioned that Schlesinger was running too?

justavoter said...

I figured the Hartford Courant would stay the course like Lieberman.

Its become more conservative over the years since the Tribune Company owns it so what else is new there.

The New York Times is a well respected newspaper in Connecticut and voters will look at there endorsement more seriously then the Courant which is a joke.

I hope other Connecticut papers of the guts to endorse Lamont for the good reason put fourth by the NYT's.

Lieberman will not go for another debate who cares now the two major party candidates will be debating the issues and I think Alan will get alot more Republican votes after the 4th debate.
I think Lieberman is making a mistake not going into another debate.
He might think he does not need to,but he will be losing votes from here till before November 7th and Lamont will win.
Alan will run again in a few years and will be someone that as to be taken seriously from now on.

cgg said...

Almost 30 minutes have gone by and no one has called the NYT a liberal paper. That has to be some kind of record.

Anonymous said...

cgg, c'mon it would be like calling the sky blue

Anonymous said...

The New York Times is a LIBERAL paper

Anonymous said...

It doesn't surprise me that a liberal, commie paper endorses a liberal, commie candidate.

C'mon, it's 1+1=2 here.

Anonymous said...

The new york times is really something. I guess what they are really saying is that any select person, council member, or board of finance person can just up and run for the US Senate. The only difference though is a 100 million dollar trust fund.

Anonymous said...

yawn ... don't forget your "and so do we" support for schlesinger.

Anonymous said...


It' really that simple.

I Guarentee you if Lieberman is Elected he'll never step foot in CT in the next 6 yrs.

MikeCT said...

CGG has enormous talents that we weren't aware of!

ProgCT said...

The outrage for endorsing Lamont is amusing.

Lamont might not be my ideal candidate but he was willing to spend millions to oust one of the biggest warmongers in the Senate. George W Bush's go to man on the biggest debacle in the history of United States foriegn policy. The insane policies of the Bush administration only continue because of those like Lieberman who aid the destruction of the United States Constitution and the American Republic.

Anyone who still supports the Lieberman-Bush warmachine has long ago lost any connection to sanity.