Monday, October 02, 2006

New Lamont Ad

I like the mythical narrative of this ad. It tells a story. It's also a thousand times better than the baseball ad.


Concerned Democrat said...

Excellent commercial. I hope all the Dodd supporters who read Senator It's All About Joe Lieberman's comments blasting Dodd for honoring his commitment to the people of the Connecticut Democratic Party to support the winner of the August primary watch this commercial. Joe - I know you think it's your world and we're just living in it but you're not even the only Connecticut Democrat in the U.S. Senate - believe it or not.

Bobby McGee said...

This ad is fantastic. Definitely trying to recapture that populist momentum that won him the primary.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a great TV ad. I may not like Lamont, but it's probably the best ad I've seen all cycle from any candidate for any office. Gotta give credit where credit's due.

Anonymous said...

it'a month late. The ship has sailed

Anonymous said...

Not bad, but you really got to slow it down to see Rev. Jackson. I guess the Nedster is running away from the Rev's Jackson and Sharpton (who is nowhere to be seen in the ad!)

Anonymous said...

Sen. Frist in a statement today from Afganistan says we need to "negotiate with the Taliban".

The Republican party now stands for protecting pedifiles and surrendering to terrorists.Even Michelle Milken says shes voting Democrat this November.

If you have an R after your name and you aren't totally embarassed your a fool.

Anonymous said...

Nice angles to cut out Jackson and Sharpton (or maybe the intent was to feature the back of Chris Donovan's head). Regardless, its a great ad.

justavoter said...

This ad is what a good campaign is about. Ned Lamonts media people have a winner and Ned will win the November 7th election.
Zoby and another poll a week ago show Ned at a dead heat with Lieberman.The Q-Poll shows the gap closing and when November 7th comes Lieberman will be going bye bye.
The he can join the Republican Party establishment after he loses.

Brian said...

Lieberman's light bulb ad sure looks retarded after the ad ned just released today. Every time I see a political ad from most candidates its always about policy change. For once a ad about the people who make it work. It's time for Lieberman to go home and take out the trash.

Anonymous said...

excuse me, besides hosting a rally ot two what does the Lamont ad say?..."I hate Bush",,, that's gotten a tad bit old

Blue Turned Red said...

This ad really highlights how the two candidates differ - Liberman running as a "non-partisan" who can reach across the aisle to get things done, and Ned saying I will go to Washington to oppose, oppose and oppose Bush and anyone remotely close to him. Is that really what the people of CT want? I doubt it. I'm sure the hard core Bush haters would love nothing more, but they do not make up a majority of the electorate and that is why Ned will lose.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad "the base" loves this ad since it tells me that it will not have the mass appeal to independents and undecided voters that Ned needs to reach. It looks like he is still in primary mode. Maybe Lamont should wake up and realize that Democrats aren't the only ones who vote in this state. On the other hand I hope he doesn't and keeps running more ads like this that preach to the choir

Billy said...

Ned Lament: I am going to challenge Bush where I can thats my platform!

Person: But if youre elected Bush will only be in office another year or so realistically.

Ned Lament: He kised Joe Liberman! Are you a nazi?!

Anonymous said...

Too bad CSPAN doesn't allow their clips to be used in political ads, huh Ned?

Anonymous said...

So this ad is better than the turn coat ads, so what? Those 2 ads were terrible and cost Lamont momentum.

I do like, however, that this "powerful message for change" starts out with Ned shaking the hand of his campaign manager Tom Swan, also known as a registered lobbyist in Hartford.

Wow, that's change!

Too bad that this ad only plays to the people who supported Ned in the primary. The rest of the voters - the undecideds who will decide this election - need more, much more.

Let's be honest. Lamont still remains the anti-war, I'll stand up to George Bush candidate. He needs more, and this ad does not do it.

bluecoat said...

Iraq: Trying to spin the unspinnable I am confused; Zogby - despite the dissing - has Lamont witin four points of Liberman in the general according to their last poll. Lamont has yet to resonate with me but he's resonating with the voters. And for those who still diss Zogby::Step into the future

Blue Turned Red said...

Keep believing Zogby. Take a break. Don't work so hard.

bluecoat said...

The Wall Street Jouranl commissioned the Zogby poll; it only makes sense they'd spin for Lamont since he's a rich guy with a wife who does investment banking.

justavoter said...

Anonymous says Ned Lamont is an Anti War one issue candidate

Get your head out the sand.

Ned Lamont has alot of solutions and his platform on the issues is clear as day on his website top page issues.

So you lie whe you say Ned is a
one issue candidate.

The war has cost us over a 1/2 trillion dollars of our Tax payers money we could have solved alot of domestic problems with that much money.

Connecticut Democrats and alot of other Independents voters will make the right choice in November and it won't be Lieberman.

Lamont is far from a one issue candidate and those that want you to think that do not know what they are talking about.

For many Connecticut voters the War is a major issue that eats into our money every day.

You want to know Lamonts position on Healthcare ,Education etc go to his website instead of writing lies saying he is a one issues candidate.

I am talking about isssue and your Lieberman is a turncoat he turned Red from Blue over 3 years ago and thats the truth which is also an issue with real Democrats here in Connecticut.

Lieberman and his Republican fund raiser guy Kuhn a former aid from Washington in the Republican Party is doing a $1000 plate dinner for Lieberman the writing on the Political wall.

Lieberman is a Republican and will soon come ou of that closet.

Bush will be very pleased and so will all the Bush Republicans.