Tuesday, October 24, 2006

More About Petty Cash

Yesterday I spoke with someone from the FEC's media office. She couldn't comment on the specific filing but did say that $387,561 was an unusually large amount for petty cash.

Meanwhile the Lieberman campaign still hasn't provided a journal, or any documentation as to how the $387,561 was spent.

From the NYT's Empire Zone Blog:

The Lieberman campaign is steadfastly refusing to allow reporters to inspect documents related to a $387,000 disbursement of petty cash before the primary election. By law, the campaign is required to keep a petty cash journal.

According to the Federal Elections Commission, a campaign can make payments of under $100 through "“petty cash"” as the campaign said it did with "volunteersÂ" in the field during the days leading up to the primary, paying them between $50 and $100 a day.

But the F.E.C. does not require the campaign to release such a report to journalists or the public, only show it to the commission on request. And since the Lamont campaign has filed a complaint with the F.E.C., that could happen.

TParty at LamontBlog also has a handy timeline of the Lieberman campaign's statements about those same records.

This isn't going to go away until they explain where all that money went.


Anonymous said...

Someone should call Sean Smith. Honestly, as campaign manager both he and Lynn Fusco are most responsible for these lapses.

Mu understanding is that there is a $600 limit to casual payments to workers. Above that, employers are required to withhold taxes.

Clearly many of Lieberman's field workers were employed for several weeks, and received more than the $600 threshhold.

This puts the Lieberman outside the law, and I hope the State of CT will investigate.

LiebermanForLieberman said...

My, the Lieberman campaign is strangely reticent on this issue, aren't they?

$32,000 a day spent in cash, every day, for the 12 days before the primary.

That's a whole lot of cash, my friends.

If Lieberman were a drug dealer or a gun runner, the FBI/DEA would be all over him. As would be the reporters.

Bobby McGee said...

Of course they aren't releasing anything. In two weeks whatever comes out is irrelevant, unless it's overtly criminal.

justavoter said...

Its important that Lieberman people release the journal if they have nothing to hide.
If they don't Lieberman loses even more voter trust.
What is in that journal what is the campaign hiding?

gchaucer2 said...

Colin, you're at the Courant. Is anyone actually looking into this issue or does it require too much digging? Hiding the journal -- if indeed it exists -- only adds fuel to the fire.