Saturday, October 28, 2006

Millionaires and Billionaires

From the beginning Joe Lieberman's campaign has made an issue of Ned Lamont's wealth, and the fact that he's donated money to his own campaign. Lieberman's website even has a colorful graphic detailing how much of Lamont's own money has gone into his own campaign. From Joe's website you get the impression that he does not approve of self-financing.

Considering Lieberman's stance I was surprised to read GC's post about Lieberman getting so much assistance from NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg. In 2001 Bloomberg spend $74 million of his own money to win the election. The Lieberman campaign can't seem to mention Lamont without referring to him as a multi-millionaire. Will they refer to their new political patron as Billionaire Mike Bloomberg?

The Lieberman campaign has accused Ned Lamont of trying to buy the Senate seat, and now their chief ally is someone who literally did buy their way into office. According to Joe's graphic Ned Lamont has donated over $12 million to his own campaign. That's in addition to donations from supporters. It's also less than 25% of what Bloomberg spent.

If Lieberman wants to ally himself with Mike Bloomberg it's time to remove that graphic from his site, and erase the phrase Greenwich multi-millionaire from his campaign's vocabulary.

Meanwhile a week has passed and we still haven't received an explanation on Lieberman's $387,561 petty cash fund. As a means of comparison Matt Brower Hamlin over at MLN has his own graph posted comparing Lieberman's petty cash fund to the funds of others currently running for Senate.


Saul, Michael. "OUTSIDER? NO, JUST AN OUTSPENDER". New York Daily News. 5/22/05


Anonymous said...

Bloomberg's a real entrepeneur, not some bored WASP trust fund poseur like Lamont

Jim said...

Didn't one of Principled Joe's principles also used to be that he didn't like outsiders meddling in CT politics? Also kind of surprising that Lieberman would want to be associated with a guy who jumped parties because he saw a temporary political advantage for himself. Well, maybe not.

Bobby McGee said...

74 million!!!

Anonymous said...

Lieberman has raised more than $13million from out-of-state donors,-- mainly corporate honchos.

Just whose interests does Lieberman represent? (Hint: the Bush Energy Bill and the Bankruptcy Bill weren't in your average nutmeggers' interest.)

Because of his millions, Ned is one of a few politicians that might put people first. That's why I'm voting for him.

Anonymous said...

Joe is being disengenuous with this argument. I didn't hear it when Corzine bought a seat.

Who cares, though, Joe's gonna win big.

chance said...

Does CGG ever post anything else but Lamont camp talking points? At least Bobby posts original stuff.

cgg said...

Chance I try to be a mouthpiece for the Farrell and DeStefano campaigns too. :)

Kidding of course.

turfgrrl said...

New York City is better with Michael Bloomberg as its mayor. You can knock him for being a billionaire, but Bloomberg News revolutionized financial news services and shows what a hard working, smart business leader can do in government. I wish more people like Bloomberg dedicated some portion of their careers in government service. Being able to make tough decisions against the grain of public opinion is what characterizes a strong leader from a weak one.

Anonymous said...

Because of his millions, Ned is one of a few politicians that might put people first.


That is a pretty big might there pal, my guess is if Ned was elected he would blow in any direction the DNC indicated.

Fuzzy Turtle said...

"I wish more people like Bloomberg dedicated some portion of their careers in government service. " You mean people like Lamont..??

I also have alot of respect for Bloomberg. As a displaced NYer (I'm in CT now) I see he's done alot of good for the city and seems to be a true independent.. but buying Lieberman? not cool. I think less of Big Mike after that stunt.

Anonymous said...

Blommberg supports the neo-con agenda and ergo he supports Liberman; it's that simple!!!!