Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Lieberman's Field Staff Problem

Questions are being raised about one member of Joe Lieberman's outsourced GOTV army. Last year Prenzina Holloway was fined and barred from participating in activities related to absentee ballots for two years. This year she's working for Urban Voters, a company hired by the Lieberman campaign to do field work.

From the article:

But five people at a Vine Street housing complex for the elderly have told The Courant that Holloway and another person came to their doors to give them absentee ballot applications, and a security worker at another complex on Woodland Street said Holloway tried to get into the building to distribute applications there. Holloway was barred from the building after getting into a verbal altercation with the worker after he made supportive comments about Lieberman's main challenger, Ned Lamont.

Other sources at the building said she called back a week later to try to "sweet talk" her way into the facility.
Holloway committed absentee ballot fraud in the 2004 election when she voted on behalf of, and forged the signature of, at least one voter, according to the State Elections Enforcement Commission. The commission also found evidence that Holloway was in the same room with at least two other voters as they filled out absentee ballots, a violation of state election law.

Holloway was fined $10,000, but because of financial hardship was made to pay only $2,000. She also signed an agreement saying she would "refrain from distributing absentee ballot applications and shall not assist with absentee ballot applications for a period of two years," starting April 1, 2005.

In the agreement, the commission said it has historically treated absentee ballot abusers "very severely," adding that Holloway's violations in 2004 were serious enough to prosecute.

"If [Holloway] in the future is found to have committed violations of this nature again, she will be referred to the chief state's attorney for criminal prosecution, and the maximum criminal penalties shall be sought," the agreement said.

Meanwhile the $387,561 petty cash fund is still unaccounted for and those accusations of 'street money' and 'vote buying' are sounding less far-fetched.

Goren, Dale E. "Activist Denies Violating Ban On Ballot Work". Hartford Courant. 10/31/06


Anonymous said...

Vote buying? Vote buying? Until there is true campaigb finance reform, campaigns such as Ned Lamont's self funded 10 million dollar plus self-contribution- are vote buying.

CGG, stop pretending that Ned's campaign is so pure. He is a multi-millionare who has the ability to write a check to make himself a legit candidate.

And no, I am not an apologist for Joe's campaign or Nancy's or Chris' or Rob's ect., ect. Finance-wise they are all PIGS feeding from the trough of special interest cash.

justavoter said...

This is what Lieberman is all about
Lieberman should be throw out of this race if the Hartford Courant article is true everyone involved including Lieberman should be investigated.
I see Lieberman losing votes now big time.
Kick the bum out for good.

Anonymous said...

Let's see; Ned lamont is spending a lot of his own money and his own time to get his message out to the voaters. Joe Lieberman is spaending a lot of special interest money and his time while on the US Senate payroll getting his message out as well as hiring people to solicit absentee ballots for him who are prohibited from doing so. Got it; Joe is right and Ned is wrong becasue the laws are bad and Joe hasn't changed them.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:11 - Where in this post does it even mention Ned Lamont?

not anon 11:11 said...

at the end of the first referenced paragraph it mentions Lamont

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:35 - Welcome to the ball game, many on this blog bash Turfgirl, who is a Lieberman supporter every time she creates a thread. CGG is a Lamont supporter-and when she knocks Joe, it has political tones.

All I am saying is lets be honest about the problem that is money in politics. Yes, special interests have funded every congressional campaign in this state - but I am shocked that no Lamont supporter is bothered that their candidate can self-fund at that level. Instead of calling it as it appears, Ned is portrayed as a hero who will save us from the evil Joe money. How about Ned's money? Doesn't that have any improper influence. (His Wal-Mart investments?)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's obvious that WalMart is solidly behind Lamont who wants to pass anti-WalMart legislation on healthcare!!!!

ctblogger said...

Anon 11:49.

Joe Lieberman is hiring people to solicit absentee ballots for him who are prohibited from doing so.

Joe Lieberman spent 387,000 in petty cash in twelve days prior to the primary which alarmed several political analysis as well as a non-partisan watchdog group.

Joe Lieberman has outspent Ned Lamont and a majority of his cash has come from allies of the Bush Administration.

Unlike CCG, Turfgrrl had business relations with Lynn Fusco who plays a large role in Lieberman's campaign and to this date, she has not fully disclose her Repuiblican polical involvment in Norwalk or her association with the city's mayor Dick Moccia (who is also a Republican).

etc, etc, etc...

Shadow said...

> Anonymous 11:49 am: but I am shocked that no Lamont supporter is bothered that
> their candidate can self-fund at that level.

If you believe that, you haven't been reading our posts. I'm a Lamont supporter, and I wrote a response on this blog about a week and a half ago saying how unfortunate it is that we have a system where only a self-financed millionaire could possibly compete with special interest money. No more money in campaigns period; free elections = free country.

Anonymous said...

Maybe then Neddie will sell his Wal-Mart stock?

You are supposed to do the right thing when nobody is watching, not because you are running for office.

I hope Ned has time to ponder that on the golf course. Maybe he will play at a public course instead of his all white country club.

Gabe said...

Anon 11:49 -

I'm sorry you missed my and other Lamont supporters' comments regarding the need for public elections. They were fun to read and sparked some heated, yet respectful, debate.

cgg said...

I've never been thrilled about self-financing period. But the same people who complain about Lamont spending his own money, probably wouldn't support public financing of elections or even simply requiring network TV to give candidates free air time for commericals.

turfgrrl said...

ctblogger: Ya know how they say a broken (analog) clock is right at least twice a day? Well, it's too bad you're all digital in "little ctblogger land". Keep on repeating your conspiracy theories, it may just yet land you a job with FOX news.

Anonymous said...


What conspiracy theory? Every point ctblogger made has been made by the press and are facts, not suppositions.

Lieberman has not accounted for his hefty petty cash expenditure and is fact barring public access to the records; the Courant's article today made it clear that a member of his hired field staff is violating an order not to involve herself in absentee ballots and the bulk of Joe's funds raised have come from out of state, gop and special interests.

Like it or not, those are FACTS.

brickbat said...

Joe's bringing in mercenaries to do his field work.

Is it really such a shock that people who do this stuff for hire go bad every once in a while?

If Lamont manages to pull this one out it will be because he has a corps of committed volunteers. All Joe's got is the workers his special interest money can buy.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:18, don't get caught in the crossfire on this one. ctblogger has been attacking tufgirl here for weeks. while it's juvenile at least turfgirl supplies clever retorts once in awhile. cgg good post!

Anonymous said...

cgg and GC know how to separate the news and facts from their opinion and biases most of the time anyway/ Bobby McGee is transparent about his biases / the other three push their own agendas.

Anonymous said...

Lieberman has now ceded any claim to being a "principled" man.

The $387,561 Lieberman slush fund is Connecticut's scarlet letter. I hope that Lamont wraps that stupid slush fund around Lieberman's neck like the albatross that it is.

We should all be ashamed that this person is our senator. There's simply no excuse for this. I have not been a big fan of Lieberman, but even I never thought something like this was possible:

Lieberman has been preying upon senior citizens, using an appalling absentee ballot fraud scheme to cheat them out of their votes.

It's a dark day in Connecticut.

Wolcottboy said...

... just eats his popcorn and applaud's turrfgirl's remark....

Wolcottboy said...

Has anything been investigated on the petty cash issue? Or is it more than likely going to be resolved after election day. Thought so... (man.. if we can make campaign ads on a day's notice, wouldn't it be nice if someone in state Gov't could do an investigation in a timely manner?)