Tuesday, October 24, 2006


This is a picture of the LaRouche Glee Club that I captured on my cell phone. It's the same people who kept interrupting the debate. When the debate was over they stood outside singing for the next 30 minutes or so. I tried talking to a few of them and asking what exactly they were protesting, but all they'd do was hand me their literature. They'd accomplished their goal of disrupting the debate and there was no need for them to say anything else.


MikeCT said...

Just watched the re-broadcast of the WFSB TV news. News anchor Dennis House said:

Lieberman was heckled by Lamont supporters, who disrupted the debate... Moderator George Stephanoplous tried to get the crowd to be quiet and Schlesinger came to Lieberman's rescue.

Then it cut to Schlesinger shouting at the heckler to show Lieberman some respect. I taped it on a VCR, but don't have a digital format to upload.

According to one blogger, "I just got off the phone with the news department of WFSB and they swore up and down that they did not claim the heckler was a Lamont supporter."

WFSB is wrong in their coverage and wrong in their denials. The Day and numerous other sources have reported that the hecklers were Lyndon LaRouche supporters. Here's a picture of them from the campaign blog. There is not now and never was evidence that they were Lamont supporters. WFSB has simply fabricated the story.

Call the News Department at 866-289-0333 and request an on-air apology and correction. You can also e-mail newsdesk3@wfsb.com. If the e-mail conventions are consistent across staff, the News Director Gary Brown should be at gary.brown@wfsb.com.

MikeCT said...

And it was a Lamont staff person who threw the heckler out of the hall.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that Lieberman paid for both the Larouche singers/disrupters, as well as the anti-Israel protestors.

We'll see how the MSM reports on these two incidents. But these morons weren't Lamont supporters.

With Karl Rove as one of his advisors, don't put anything beneath Joe Lieberman. My favorite was his "indignation" at Ned's supposed negative advertising. Hey Jokerman, did you go over the edge with your mailers during the primary, or was I hallucinating? And of course most political junkies credit Lieberman with the introduction of negative advertising to CT, way back in the 80's.

Basically, if Joe wants to dish it out, he should be man enough to take it in return. What a WATB!

Conservative Democrat said...

Two points.

First, the Waterbury Republican-American is also reporting the hecklers as Lamont supporters.

Second, to Anon422: exactly whose "rumor" is it that Lieberman paid for or hired the disruptors? Is that the story spreading among the Lamont camp just to make their candidate look all angelic? I'm not saying Lamont hired them, but give me the source of the rumors that Lieberman did before you start spreading lies.

Gabe said...

Every thing you need to know:

Lieberman appeared to call for more debates as he bemoaned the negative tone of the campaign.

Lamont said he would prefer a debate in every congressional district over a continuation of campaigning by 30-second commercials.

Schlesinger, faced with his last evening of free television, happily accepted their invitation.

But after the debate, Lieberman said he believed that three probably were enough.

From the Courant.

MikeCT said...

Conservative Dem,

the Waterbury Republican-American is also reporting the hecklers as Lamont supporters

Huh? There is no such reference in the online article.

WTIC AM is repeating Lieberman's bogus charge that they were Lamont supporters. Contact them at 860-677-6700 and wticnews@cbs.com. They should correct their reporting and drop the false story from their Web site.

The Courant got it right.

Police escorted at least one heckler from the theater. The man appeared to be part of a group supporting perennial presidential candidate and conspiracy theorist Lyndon LaRouche.

As did the Register:

Observers said those who kept singing several times as Lieberman tried to speak were from the Lyndon LaRouche Party. LaRouche is a perennial presidential candidate.

Nobody reported that the bouncer was a Lamont staff person. (And that security went AWOL.)

Shadow said...

Why couldn't these Larouche supporters have interrupted the last gubernatiorial debate, which actually could have used it? This Senate debate was already quite interesting enough with any help from pointless distractions.

Anonymous said...

The LaRouche Wackos are too blame for the Lieberman heckling not anyone with Lamont.

The Security @ Garde Arts Center really sucked and next time they should find a better and bigger place to have the debate.

The Larouche Morons make The Lamont Groupies look like choir boys.

Mr X said...

Mr X was at the debate last night. I dont think Lieberman, Lamont or Schlesinger had anything to do with those LaRouche Morons heckling Lieberman so lets stop trying to say it was a Lieberman or Lamont setup.

The Security sucked and This was not a fine moment for the City of New London.

These LaRouche Wacko Nut Jobs make The Lamont Supporters seem tame. Luckily a riot didnt break out with the Audience and The LaRouche Wackos.

I think Ned and Joe did well and Schlesinger well he did fine except he was too busy trying to be David Letterman with the jokes.

Anonymous said...

I think it is absurd that you try to pass these people off as Lyndon Larouche supporters. They CERTAINLY were not Lieberman supporter, I doubt they are voting for Schlesinger, and Lyndon is not in this race, soooo that leads me to believe that they are supporting, suprise, suprise, NED LAMONT. FURTHERMORE, Ned Lamont just sat there!!! This reminds me of the Hank Parker incident when Lamont just sat next to him while he LIED about Joe Lieberman's record on civil rights. Lamont should have had the guts to stand up to these hecklers and not just sit there with a grin on his face.

Genghis Conn said...

Anonymous 8:56,

That is just not true. I was there, and Lamont was just as vocal as the other two candidates in asking for the protestors to stop.

And they were, in fact, LaRouche supporters. There is nothing to suggest that they weren't. The Lamont campaign and Lamont supporters had nothing to gain through these sorts of stupid protests.

Shadow said...

> anonymous - Lamont should have had the guts to stand up to these hecklers and not just sit there

Watch the debate again; the first time the hecklers wouldn't let Joe talk, Ned Lamont was the first to speak up. His exact words: "Everybody please stop." At that point, Lieberman cupped his hands and yelled to the audience: "Ned Lamont has asked you to stop!!!"

I'm surprised you managed to somehow miss all that, but since you're clearly a zealous Lieberman troll, maybe you need to watch the tape again to be able to comprehend the same sights and sounds that the rest of us did.

Genghis Conn said...

Actually, perhaps more interestingly, Lieberman cupped his hands and said "Your candidate has asked you to stop!"

Anonymous said...

Lieberman is such a tool.

I'm above partisan bickering says Leiberman. Then he apparently calls Lamont an SOB after the debate. (note the Hartford Courant story hints at this).

I'm above negative campaigning says Lieberman. Then he calls Lamont a liar on stage.

I'm for more debates and the democratic process says Lieberman. Then he is against it.

I'm for the war in Iraq when there's such progress going on (btw, when he was in Iraq, which was the basis for the infamous WSJ editorial, Saddam Hussein's trial had to be stopped because someone killed his attorney and 8 US soldiers died) says Lieberman. Now he is for... actually I don't really know what he's for, except no immediate pull out.

The man has no principles beyond that he will do anything to stay in power, and he's done nothing to deserve that power.

Chris MC said...

LaRouche Cult members were outside the Democratic State Convention as well, passing out flyers and pursuing Delegates around the parking lot with LaRouche's right-wing protectionist nonsense. As always, the fools hadn't the slightest idea what they were talking about.

Literally the same stuff that these half-wit political hare krishnas have been peddling outside post offices and in airports for thirty years. There is something mildly disturbing about this nut's ability to attract a new crop of true believers and significant monetary contributions year after year, even after doing time for "mail fraud, tax evasion and conspiracy" Source: Wikipedia

LaRouche is said to be a believer in the global Jewish conspiracy stuff. I can't be bothered to pay attention to him long enough to find out whether or not that is true, but I have no difficulty believing it. Nor is it difficult to believe that they showed up at the debate in some perverse sense of alliance with Lamont; nor is it difficult to believe that Lamont himself could tell them to shut up and be ignored. And it isn't hard to imagine (after the Kiss Float, the numerous incidents of public heckling, the in-your-face guerilla journalism and blogo-advocacy actively encouraged by Tim Tagaris, and so on) that in the heat of the moment Lieberman might assume - despite Ned's voiced complaint - that this was a calculated event and blame Ned personally for it.

Not that anybody is asking me, but the Lamont campaign might want to explicitly distance themselves from this incident, and put the matter to rest here on CTLP and in the MSM.

Shadow said...

> Genghis: Actually, perhaps more interestingly, Lieberman cupped his hands
> and said "Your candidate has asked you to stop!"

That's true, the full quote was "Your candidate, Ned Lamont, has asked you to stop!", which showed that Lieberman was blaming Lamont as a direct response to Lamont coming to his aid. Looks like no good deed goes unpunished. (The only reason I omitted this point in my above post was because I already said the exact same thing in the previous thread.)

Anonymous said...

So if the hecklers were not Lamont supporters why then were they ONLY harassing Lieberman and what is their position?