Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Open Forum

  • According to the Courant CT's voting machines are vulnerable to tampering.

  • What do you do when the paper of record doesn't endorse your candidate? If you're Dan Gerstein you write anangry letter. T-Party over at LamontBlog has a nice run-down of the letter's contents.

  • The NYT Empire Zone blog has taken an interest in Lieberman's field staff problems, and explores whether it's part of a larger problem.

  • Reporter Andy Bromage questions whether Jodi Rell truly understands the upcoming rate hikes in store for us next year.

  • And finally, Colin McEnroe praises our own Genghis Conn on his blog, saying that he may be one of the "very few independent thinkers out there in the world".

I'm off to greet trick or treaters. Happy Halloween everyone.


Anonymous said...

from the NHR on the New Haven crime stat issue that Malloy whined about.

bluecoat said...

Anything is vulnerable to tampering with sloppy rules. If the folks running the election follow the procedures recommended by the UCONN folks and agreed to by Susan B. then the optical scan is quite good and safe. The old lever machines are vulnerable too but proper safegaurds have been developed over the year.

Anonymous said...

Dan Debicella is his own worst enemy. Again he got bad press today
for filming for a commercial in Shelton Town Hall without asking
for permission first. All he had to do was be polite and ask and
I am sure he would have been granted permission by the Town Clerk.
What is up with him? All in all it is not a big deal but he
appears to have poor judgement.

Am I to worry as a voter there will be something more serious
to be concerned with before I consider voting for Debicella?

Chirs Jones is looking better every day I must admit.

Anonymous said...

Scary article on the Governor's understanding of the coming hike in electrical rates. State government is in shambles and it will only get worse.

Fuzzy Turtle said...

from Andy Bromage's article : "“It seems like the [Connecticut Business and Industry Association] is talking about a 50 percent increase [in UI rates],” Rell was asked. “Where’s that coming from?”

“Oh my goodness,” Rell replied. “I don’t know. I don’t know.”"

I'm not surprised. That woman is dumb as a brick.

Say it aint so Joe said...

The vulnerabilities in the voting systems is a real concern. This year, CT is the hotbed of national politics. This means thousands of people, staffer, etc. will be brought in. Both republicans, democrats, and citizens for lieberman will be trying anything to win this election. I would not put it past anyone to attempt to mess with the machines to win. Combine that with the naive governor and Lieberman's campaign antics and it should be a wild election day.

Stratford Dem said...

Anon 6:18-- (C'mon, we all know it's you Chris...why not just post your name, or at least a handle!)

You looked a bit silly in the paper today. I thought you did a great job exploiting Debicella's forcing himself on the police for an ad. That did some real damage to his campaign.

But this thing today? Not asking permission to use city hall? That sounds really petty.

What's next? We only have seven days left and Debicella is still in the lead. When are you going on TV or radio like him?

You might be able to pull this off, but time is rapidly slipping away.

Gabe said...

Above, the Empire Zone Blog link actually links back to CLP.

Here is the correct link.

Anonymous said...

The cities and towns that will use optical scan voting machines on November 7.

Anonymous said...

Stratford Dem I think you should be more
concerned with Stratford's future like
Chris Jones is. You sound like you want
to be the next State Rep from Stratford
or something I dunno.....Mayor is not
an option is it???

Anonymous said...

Dave- you always give yourself away because for some reason you type shortened sentences.

Anonymous said...

Stratford Dem is awake all night
dreaming of becoming the next Terry
Backer. No way, no how!

Anonymous said...

Stratford Dem you must be about 27 years
old and an active Democrat. Keep the
faith young man but never ever attack
a fellow Dem.

Anonymous said...

Common people it is an unspoken rule to
not use anyone's suspected name!

Anonymous said...

ummm excuse me. Debicella is going to lose we can all agree on that I hope.

Stratford Dem said...

Oh my God Chris. If I weren't a loyal Democrat I wouldn't be voting for you. Try not to insult your constituents, ok? But it will be a cold day in hell when I vote for a Republican.

You just posted five posts in a row insulting me. Do you think people think they aren't all you? They are all typed in the same style!

I am not the next Terry Backer or Dave Mooney. But I guarantee you both of them will get elected.

And I wish you all the luck in the world with your election. I just don't understand why you are writing on this blog instead of raising money to get on TV or radio or send more than one mailing out attacking Debicella.

And I think it is pretty plain to everyone that Terry Backer would have been a better choice for us-- he just didn't want to run.

So go ahead and attack me on the blog instead of campaigning. Not a winning election strategy.

Anonymous said...

ct post sank Dan Debicella today. He cannot recover. It is all over. What a comeback for Mr. Jones will be the
story of this campaign.

Stratford Dem said...

OK Chris-- now this is just sad.

You posted AGAIN at 9:55....what is going on? Why do you feel the need to convince the people on this blog that you are going to win? How about ACTUALLY GOING TO DO SOME CAMPAIGNING?

My frustration is real. If you tank hard in Stratford (which you may do if you keep this up), you could hurt Dave Mooney. (Terry Backer is safe no matter what).

Today's CT Post story will not "tank the Debicella campaign". (I personally think the "thumbs down" Debicella got for forcing himself onto the police for a TV ad was much worse).

But please Chris, stop posting sixteen times in three hours and go raise some money, meet some voters, or do SOMETHING!

Anonymous said...

Statford Dem you suddenly became anonymous. Interesting. You are not Dave and no one ever said you
were Terry but I said that you wanted to replace Terry one day. Face it your buddy Debicella is gonna
lose. He is out of control man.

Anonymous said...

You know what I think Debicella is posting all of this crap. He has taken vaca to do it.

Anonymous said...

Stratford Dem it is obvious you are a Republican operative. You like to stay up all night do you.
Debicella is so obsessed with this campaign perhaps it it Debicella himself acting like Stratford Dem

Anonymous said...

Okay, I don't know what's going on with Stratford and Dave and whoever but to get back to the thread about Rell and energy costs. Her comments are pretty telling...And, frankly, this gets to the whole issue the Courant pointed to in its endorsement of Destefano - that Rell lacks the gray matter to actually make the decisions needed to address big, real problems facing this state, such as energy costs, smart growth, job growth and health care costs. She is the Eisenhower of Connecticut but the timing is wrong. We need more than a caretaker Governor. I just wish I could have voted for Dannel Malloy.

Anonymous said...

It is funny how Stratford Dem believes Jones has the time to post on this. Debicella has plenty of time.

Anonymous said...

Scary article on Rell and Energy but also scary letter to the editor by Gerstein. It is so hostile it will probably tip certain undecideds in the other direction (Lamont or Schlesinger). Seems like that is the tenor of the entire campaign - hostile or indifferent to voters that question the positions or idealogy of the senator. I have been a longtime Lieberman supporter. I remembered when he glowed with the support and promise of a nation as he pursued the Vice Presidency and then the Presidency. You could see it in his bearing and presence. But now when I see him, he is gray and distant and cold. I kept thinking if I waited through the debates, the insufferable ads, etc. that Joe Lieberman would emerge. He hasn't. I honestly don't know who I will vote for now.

GMR said...

Can someone point to a succinct, non-biased explanation of why the electric rates in Connecticut, and the whole northeast for that matter, are so high?

Deregulation has been cited, but was the deregulation really deregulation, or just other sorts of regulation from what we had previously? Ideally, for deregulation to work, there'd have to several sellers of power, and these sellers could compete against one another.

In July 2006, Connecticut residents paid 16.36 cents per kwh. Massachusetts residents paid 16.53, Rhode Islanders paid 15.04 and New Yorkers paid 17.26 cents. On the other side of the equation, Idaho residents paid only 6.28 cents, Washington state residents paid 6.78 cents and Oregonians paid 7.48 cents. These states all paid less than half of what Connecticut residents paid. Wyoming paid 8.31 cents, Kentucky 7.05, Tennessee 7.87. West Virginia paid 6.31.

In addition to the northeast, expensive states include California at 16.66 cents, Hawaii at 24.62 cents and Alaska at 15.86 cents. Texas is surprisingly high at 13.16 cents.

My guess is that Idaho and the other NW states are cheap because of abundant hydroelectric plants. Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia are probably cheap due to their proximity to coal mines.

As for expensive states, California is very anti-growth and has prevented new power plants. It also has a really messed up regulation scheme. Alaska and Hawaii are of course not connected to our grids. (There are three grids in the continental US: eastern US, western US and Texas. Texas is probably expensive because of this, as there's no place else to buy power from).

Anyway, high electric prices seem to be a New England phenomenon, and not just a Connecticut phenomenon. My guess would be that this is because it's next to impossible to add to generation capacity here compared to the other states I mentioned.

Also, doesn't the price of electricity in one state that is as small as we are more or less have to be the same as surrounding states? If Connecticut power was so much cheaper, then wouldn't the surrounding states just buy it (since they are ultimately on the same interconnected grid as we are). And on the contrary, if Connecticut were much more expensive, then wouldn't the utilities buy the power from out of state producers? (This assumes the difference in the states isn't due to taxes or delivery issues).

Stratford Dem said...


You have my advice-- calling names on a message board is just sad. Get going with the campaign instead of trying to hurl insults at me.

Anonymous said...

Q Poll is in . Rell up 24. Lieberman is up 12. Expect more lefties calling Doug Schwartz a zionist tool after these results


Also, apart from the horrendous poll number the Courant reports JDS is cancelling prebooked TV ad time on the verge of having to submit checks. I think I hear Bill Curry "John, what DID you do with all that money?"

Anonymous said...

Stratford Dem I know you want to believe
this is Chris but get real. Anyway nobody is insulting you.

Anonymous said...

GMR: it's 1)because of the way the distrubution companies and power generators are allowed to price the product and 2)becasue of the state fees like the energy conservation fee that goes into the general fund and 3) some other convoluted stuff that Rell doesn't understand but DeStefano does and he wants to fix it.

Shadow said...

CGG - Yesterday morning I wrote a detailed reply in this thread that was never posted for some reason.

If you don't want to post it here, that's fine with me, but could you please e-mail it back to me at shadow@neca.com?

It is one of the better political posts I've written, and it took me a while to write, plus I don't have it saved anywhere, so if you don't post it here or send it to me it will be lost forever. Thanks, I really appreciate it.