Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday Night Open Thread

  • Melissa Bailey at the New Haven Independent has an article up about Lieberman's appearance at SCSU.

  • General Wesley Clark appeared at a rally with Ned Lamont today. Lamont's campaign blog has a recap of the event with video.

  • And just in time for Halloween, Lamont also has a new ad, which Hitchcock fans will appreciate

  • Finally, here's an article from today's Courant suggesting that the ever growing Foley scandal will benefit female Democratic candidates like Connecticut's own Diane Farrell.

What else is going on?


MikeCT said...

Chris Murphy breaks a fundraising record:

Chris Murphy, the Democrat running for Congress in the Fifth District, today announced that his campaign has raised more than twice as much in the third quarter of 2006 as any other Democrat in the District has ever raised in a single quarter.

Murphy raised over $700,000 this quarter, bringing his total raised to approximately $1.9 million. Complete information regarding Murphy’s fundraising this quarter will be available when reports are filed with the Federal Election Commission on October 15.

“Nancy Johnson has gotten her support from the same Washington crowd for years, and you can be sure that this quarter will bring more of the same – donors like Exxon Mobil, the big pharmaceutical companies, Washington lobbyists, NRCC Chairman Tom Reynolds and Speaker Dennis Hastert. They need Nancy Johnson in Washington, and they will spend every last penny they have to keep a staunch ally like her around,” said Kristen Bossi, Murphy’s communications director.

CT Progressive summarizes Murphy's internal poll that shows a tied race, with more Johnson supporters willing to change their mind. (And where the heck is Quinnipiac on the Congressional races?)

Even the Financial Times says, "Mrs Johnson is locked in an unexpectedly tough contest."

Anonymous said...

I was expecting Ned to go after the woman with a chainsaw in his ad....isn;t his campaign macabre enough?

Anonymous said...

Releasing internal poll results is an old trick to raise money and appear competetive. Considering Westhill Consulting is on Murphy's payroll, they'll do anthing including make numbers up.

Anonymous said...

where did he hire them, from the Stamford HS with the same name?

Should Johnson hire Staples Research to show her 25 points head?

CT Bob said...

What else is going on?

Joe is lying about his statement on Hastert.

Click on Lieberman on Hastert

Anonymous said...

I think with a war going on we have better things to worry about than bed check at the page dorm..unless you live in the backcountry

The Caretaker said...

As the race focuses on the middle class, Lieberman revealed four higher education proposals to defray rising tuition costs. Private tuition in Connecticut has gone up 22 percent, and state tuition costs have gone up 32 percent, in the past five years, he said.

He'd triple the $4,000 tax deduction for college tuition; support a refundable tax credit for low- and middle-income families; and raise the cap on federal Pell Grants from $4,000 to $11,600. He'd also support setting a national formula for student loan borrowers so that their loan payments would correlate with how much money they're making after college.
- Melissa Bailey, New Haven Independent

Lieberman's education proposals are cynical games. He would reverse Pell grants from what Bush has reduced them to back to what they were. In other words, smoke and mirrors and zero sum politics.

Oh, and he would index student loan payments to student incomes. What will that do for students paying astronomical interest rates on their loans - prolong the agony to a lifetime of debt?

Lieberman should just shut up about education. He's a poster child for dysfunctional government.

Frank Krasicki

Anonymous said...

Frank, maybe make investment bankers buy just one yacht, not two

Anonymous said...

Lieberfool is just talking out of his butttt........Even Yale graduates such as Joe Lieberman can't sell a straight story. VOTE LAMONT......

Anonymous said...

Where does Joe get off saying this garbage. I have a bachelor's degree in economics and I can tell you from my EXPERIENCE clearly Lieberman has NO IDEA about policy issues facing the middle class.

This is my analysis of the article about his fake mission to fight for the middle class. His educational policy is all gerjitation from economic handouts who would get in a college public policy class. OR It's like answering a economics question worth 20 points and only getting 5 points for trying. For a senator with all this touted experience throwing out these recycled ideas.....shows me your experience was a waste..

Also, how do you bash lamont for throwing a couple of millions of bucks into the race when you are campaigning with a BILLIONAIRE. JOE loves to contradict himself. George Bush would call that a FLIP-FLOP.

Anonymous said...

Why is Lieberman ahead in the polls?

I thought we were smart in CT!

Anonymous said...

State Senate President Pro Tem Don Williams was embarassed by candidate Chris Jones (21st District) in Shelton this week.

According to the New Haven Register, "Jones initially called a press conference and was flanked by State Senate President Don Williams....but by the time the media arrived on the site, Debicella (Jones' Republican opponent) was in attendance along with State Rep Lawrence Miller and State Senator John McKinney."

So Jones calls a press conference and invites his leader. Somehow his campaign leaks this information and his opponent shows up and steals the spotlight from him. Don Williams looks like a fool in this article for allowing this to happen-- and I can only imagine the Jones campaign is in the dog house for their incompetence right now.

Debicella continues to run circles around Jones....he is on TV, has hundreds of signs, and has had several mailings. Jones has one failed press conference and two signs.

cgg said...

Bob your latest Lieberman encounter is great!

MikeCT said...

Genghis finally gets some respect.

Anon (6:51),
So a political opponent showed up at a news conference. Gee, that never happens!

Shadow said...

> Anonymous said...
> I was expecting Ned to go after the woman with a chainsaw in his ad....isn;t
> his campaign macabre enough?

The humor in it cancels out the macabre element. In fact, humor is one of the best things Lamont has going for him in his ads. I always wondered in the past why politicians were so scared to appear anything but straight as an arrow in their ads, when humor does so much to appeal to the genuinity that political ads so often lack.

I think the risk with a macabre/humorous ad, if anything, is that it will go TOO far in the humerous direction, and just seem ridiculous. But Lamont's new campaign commercial hits it exactly right, showing the silliness and campiness in fearing everything, and how such reactions relate to political discourse today. It made me laugh, and I know it made a lot of other people do so as well, and laughter often crosses party lines where nothing else will. And certainly, anyone who was legitimately scared by this commercial has too low of an IQ to find a polling place on election day, and for that we should all be grateful.

Anonymous said...

Dan Decibella will raise your taxes. When he was
on the Board of Taxation in Shelton he voted to raise
taxes several times. Another bad policy is he wants to
eliminate the auto tax. If he were to get his way
with this the State will not fully reimburse
municipalities and your property taxes and rents
will go way up. Decibella also believes it was ok for
the State not to reimburse Stratford for the Police
overtime of almost a half million dollars as a result
of the Sikorsky Strike. Taxes in Stratford will rise
more because of this.

Well that is just great. So I am suppose to support a
guy just because he has more campaign signs up and he
is good at breaking up press conferences? His policies
are wrong but hey that is fine because he has more money?

There is this thing I still believe in called integrity.
I am not going to sell out my beliefs. Winning is important
but at what cost? Someone once said a clear conscience is
our only sure reward. Some of our politicians should take
heed of that advice.

Stratford Dem said...

Anon 10:35--

Are you Chris Jones? If so, good for you! Don't sell out your integrity! I can't believe the other guy came to your press conference. Not classy at all.

But please DO start campaigning. You might be right on all the issues, but no one knows who you are and what you stand for!

Decibella is way ahead right now on every front. You need to pick up the pace in the next few weeks or we are going to lose.

Anonymous said...

If I wanted someone with expertise in black humor in the senate, I'd vote for Stephen King, who is less creepy than Lamont is in that ad

Anonymous said...

so Shadow, should they put 9/11 reruns on Comedy Central if terrorism is such a humorous matter?

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

MikeCT said...
Genghis finally gets some respect.

Here's a link that'll hopefully work to the route site at any rate.

Interesting site; a half dozen stories about how evil Israel is.

Please don't tell me the left isn't loaded with anti-semites.

Shadow said...

That is ridiculous, you are implying no one can criticize Israel's morality under any circumstance without being labeled Anti-Semitic. With that kind of logic, theoretically if Israel were to enleash robot armies on civilians, no one could criticize them without being an Anti-Semite. What about twenty-five thousand Jews who have lived in Iran peacefully unoppressed for decades, such as Dr. Unes Hammai-Lalehzar who said "Zionism is a political party that enjoys Jewish symbols and ideals, but it's not the same thing; the law that is being enforced in Israel is not Jewish law, it's not religious, its anti-religious."? Is he an Anti-Semite? How about Iranian Jew David Zakaria, who said "I'm connected to Israel religiously, it's the Holy Land, but not politically."? Is he an Anti-Semite? Or does he understand something very basic that you don't seem to, that Israel as a political entity has serious moral questions, and that it's reprehensible for you to blame Jews as whole for that by equating criticizing Israel with Anti-Semitism.

(Source for those quotes:

And I have to say, it's really so repellant to watch a hard right Republican claim Anti-Semitism in the Democratic Party; you can see their jubilation. Finally, they think, after decades of us being the historical opponents of civil rights and the primary hotbed of hatred against blacks, gays, and yes, Jews, we can not only turn it around on Democrats, but simultaneously destroy any criticism of our support of Jewish and Christian hardliners; the very people who are providing the exact counterforce that has always breeded and festered the Islamoterrorism problem, and continues to ignite it further everyday. Never mind the fact that we can only win the war on terror if it is seen as civilization vs. anarchy, and we can only lose if it is cast as JudaoChristian vs. Muslim; never mind the fact that all Islamoterrorism has the original rallying cry of the Palestinian occupation, which is their main recruitment tool to this day, without which they would fall to pieces. No, we insist on defending our self-destructive neo-con policies, and smearing anyone who disagrees with us, because as long as we repeat that we're good on national security enough, we will be. If lots of American civilians and soldiers die, we can always blame the liberals for not standing by our President enough. Problem solved.

Someone get these incompetent, corrupt, self-destructive, security endangering jackasses out of power; you can't claim to care about national security and be an apologist for them.

JewishDem said...

A lot of the disagreement over Israel is about politics. Not religion.

Saying the left is loaded with anti-semites is like saying the right is loaded with seedy pedophiles.

Except, in this case, there is a documented case of a Republican pedophile, and a leadership that covered it up.

Anonymous said...

and had he been a Democrat, his party would have rewarded him with a committee chairmanship

Shadow said...

> Anonymous: so Shadow, should they put 9/11 reruns on Comedy Central
> if terrorism is such a humorous matter?

Terrorism is no laughing matter. It's even less funny when the people who are best at presenting a political campaign about national security are so incompetent in governance that they not only create more terrorists, but can't even admit their policies do so.

When you have those people using propoganda and fear-mongering so effectively that they've silenced all serious criticism, the only way to cut through is by lampooning them. It's odd that I should even need to type such an obvious sentence when Stephen Colbert proves this point on television every night.

Humor and satire have been a rich and essential tradition throughout the history of our democracy, and have provided not only entertainment but political direction, including the direst times of war. When all else fails, humor and satire are our last line of free speech against tyranny.

Anonymous said...

Stratford Dem this is anon 10:35.
No I am not Chris Jones but I appreciate your remarks. He is campaigning hard and we will see
what happens. I can tell you I am
an operative known across CT.

Take Care.

Anonymous said...

If terrorism is no laughing matter why do you approve of Lamont making it one?

I notice the issue is STILL AWOL from his web site.

Anonymous said...

Word on the Street is Feds have
been seen all over Shelton

Anonymous said...

Anon-10:35/ Chris Jones... you're campaign is a joke. You've been beaten every which way and its not even mid-Oct. You were caught at a strip bar during the campaign, and you're drug addict. If you're going to start throwing stones, you need to make sure that your house has no windows.

Shadow said...

I know my response wasn't a one sentence, short attention span friendly reply like yours, but please take the time to read the whole thing before you ask the exact same question I just answered. Read the second paragraph twice if need be.

Shadow said...

Furthermore, Lamont wasn't making terrorism a laughing matter as you like to put it; the commercial only showed the Bush administration's propagandic fear-mongering and laughed at it. And Lamont can't really be blamed if the Republican leadership's overuse of fear tactics have turned their credibility into a joke, or for pointing that obvious fact out and offering an alternative. After all, opposition parties in any democracy, whether you agree with their political views or not, are SUPPOSED to offer a real alternative; if they don't in a two party system, it is no longer democracy.

Shadow said...

> anonymous: I notice the issue is STILL AWOL from his web site.

Except for the section entitled Situation in the Middle East.

And the section about Iraq causing us to stand alone and pay a heavy price.

And the transcribed speech entitled Real Security in a Dangerous World.

Surely all those things are completely unrelated to terrorism.

Apparantely, you spent as much time paying attention to his website as you did my post.

SHadow said...

Although I suppose the fact that Lamont didn't use the word terrorism as one of the subject headers is your problem. It's understandable that the subject being adequately addressed isn't as important to you as the word being sufficiently highlighted; after all, you've grown accustomed to leaders who know nothing about preventing the expansion of terrorism except talking about terrorism.

Anonymous said...

9:27 I did not know it was throwing
stones to point out someone's policy positions. But it is
obvious you find it ok to slander someone. I know you
do not work directly for Debicella based on
statements you have made. You have
no first hand info on anything.
You do Jones, Debicella and yourself a great diservice.

Anonymous said...

my limited attention span reminds me Lamont missed votes in Greenwich on police issues. Let's face it. Public safety just isn't a big problem when you live in the backcountry. It's not he's shlepping to NY on Metro-North and has to worry aboit something oging "boom", let's treat this suhject with humor

Anonymous said...

Front page of CT Post says Stratford Mayor James Miron packs
heat while at Town Council meetings. What is up with that?
Stratford's image is being hurt more and more every day.

Anonymous said...

the front page also had a story on popular blogs in the state but no mention of this one.

Genghis Conn said...

I saw that. I wasn't even contacted for it--nor was anyone else from this site.

Didn't fit the mold of hyper-partisan anonymous bloggers, I guess. My name is on the "About" page.

Anonymous said...

Yah this is the site where it is all at. The Post missed the boat on the blogs. But
they would not be expected to get anything correct. Anyway, the papers, the public, shoot
even some people running have no clue about what is going on in politics. Yes, ohh yes I
am preaching to the Choir but it is frustrating.

It is a nice but lonely feeling to be in the position of being one of the few who knows the
truth. Well, I am going to take off my mask and cape and white gloves and take a nap
for a while.

Truly yours,
The Phantom of CT

Anonymous said...

30 more days and its bye bye Ned

Shadow said...

You know, it's a good thing for Lieberman that voting is anonymous in this democracy, as the majority of Lieberman voters here on this blog don't even want to admit their own name while endorsing him.