Thursday, October 19, 2006

Farrell To Deliver Democratic Response to President's Weekly Radio Address

From the Release:

At the request of Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Diane Farrell will deliver the Democratic Response to the President’s radio address on Saturday Oct. 21. Farrell’s recording of the response will be open to the press. Excerpts will be available by 12 noon Oct. 20.


Speaking of the 4th district, Lorraine Gengo of Fairfield County weekly has a great piece about the tone of Farrell and Shays multiple debates.

From the article:

The message isn’t always in the words you hear. The body language in the Chris Shays v. Diane Farrell debates is far more eloquent and telling than all the rhetoric being spouted. Shays, the Republican incumbent with 19 years under his beltway, has the aura of the underdog about him in recent bouts with his Democratic challenger. It’s a weird place for Shays to find himself, given his track record of landslide re-elections up until two years ago, when Farrell first ran against him and lost by only 4 percentage points.

Diane Farrell has a real momentum going.


Gengo, Lorraine. "Debated to Death". Fairfield County Weekly. 10/19/08


Genghis Conn said...

Both she and Murphy will have given the response, then. Interesting.

Which would be a lot better for her if anyone actually listened to the president's radio message or the Democratic response.

disgruntled_republican said...

I'll save you the time....

"George Bush is wrong. Chris Shays is wrong."

Doesn't matter what the issue, that is the repsonse. Oh, and she will offer no new ideas, only critism of the existing policy.

Anonymous said...

Farrell has called for Rumsfeld's ouster and benchmarks for progress in Iraq to be established to dictate tropp withdrawl. Shays has recently called for Rumsfeld's ouster and a timeline without regard to benchmarlks for progreess to dictate troop withdrawl. If the Democratic response is to be about Iraq then Shays should be giving it not farrell.

GMR said...

Does Farrell take any position that runs counter to the standard Democratic talking points? Shays seems to stray quite a bit from the normal Republican points.

bluecoat said...

Shays knows that he screwed up and the Fairfield County Weekly captured his situation quite well.

Anonymous said...

Not sure where Farrell is on the federal minimum wage. Shays like Simmons and Johnson wanted to raise it but it would still be less than the one already established locally by the state. Republicans beleive in state's rights except when they pander to the left of center with an illusion.

Anonymous said...

Hey bluecoat, you're back! Where have you been?

bluecoat said...