Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Last night's debate wasn't about issues, but character. How do you react when the unexpected happens? What do you do when someone is trying to shut down your forum? As much as I loathe the actions of the LaRouche crowd their stunt did allow us to see the true colors of each candidate.

Joe Lieberman is already familiar with the LaRouche crowd. They pulled similar stunts during a primary debate when he was running for president. He should have at least had an idea of who these people were, but why let facts get in the way of a good story? The Senator took the opportunity to blame Lamont. When the singing started Joe looked over at Ned and said: "Do you support this?"

Lamont was the first of the three candidates to ask the protesters to stop. He tried to reason with them, which was of course ineffective. Did Joe appreciate the support? Of course not. He came out with: "Your candidate, Ned Lamont has asked you to stop."

The glee club didn't't stop, and neither did the Senator. During his final statement the song started again. The entire audience was livid, and the situation was quickly spiraling out of control. Alan Schlesinger stood up and shouted: "Show some respect for Senator Lieberman. Leave this audience now!"

It worked. Schlesinger's outburst actually got them to stop for a minute. The police escorted them out of the theater and closing statements could continue. How did Joe Lieberman react to being defended again by his other opponent? He made a crack at Schlesinger's expense. "Thank you Alan. I'm real glad you came out from that bus you said you were under."

Lieberman likes to frame his political career as one of convictions and character. Last night voters in Connecticut saw those convictions in action. The LaRouche protesters attempts to silence the debate were vile. Lamont and Schlesinger's first instinct was to stand up for civil discourse. Joe Lieberman was only interested in scoring political hits against his opponents, both of whom had just stood up for him and his right to be heard.


Anonymous said...

I didn't watch the debate, but did Lamont ask them to stop? It sounds to me as if they only made noise when Lieberman talked.

MikeCT said...

Here's the video of WFSB TV reporting that the hecklers were Lamont supporters. It also contains WTIC AM's false story, which is still on their Web site. Please contact the stations to politely request an on-air apology and retraction.

MikeCT said...

Yes, Lamont asked them to stop, as even WTIC AM acknowledged. He also denounced the hecklers in his closing statement.

Genghis Conn said...

Lamont did ask them to stop.

disgruntled_republican said...

I don't think your characterization of Lieberman is completely fair. My main issue is with the Schlesinger comment. Alan has joked mightyly at Lieberman's expense in these debates, Joe took one of Alan's comment and made a chuckle, even for Alan, out of it. No foul there.

Also, Do we know that Joe knew those were LaRouche folks in the audience? I don't know the answer to that and I highly doubt you do either. Anyone who has been on stages like last night's can tell you it is impossible to the audience because of the lights. Unless he knew it prior to getting on stage, which is unlikely since Joe has been entering from the back as of late, how would he know it was LaRouche folks and not Lamont folks, who, to be frank, have been quite rude at times as well.

Sick of the Spin said...

Good post.

With that said, I disagree with your take on Sen. Lieberman's response.

His question to Lamont about supporting the outburst is fair. We have the luxury of hindsight, but during the singing no one knew who they were and it seems appropriate to assume that they were either Lamont or Schlesinger supporters. Lamont responded appropriately and Lieberman left it alone.

In between that outburst and the outburst that came during the closing arguments, Mr. Schlesinger referred to himself being under the bus. His condemnation of the singing was commendable, and Lieberman shook his hand and said thank you quietly and then made a play on Schlesinger's own words.

I think that Lieberman's poor attempt at humor is questionable, but his character at the debate is no more in question than either Ned's or Alan's. The debate was fair, and aside from the hecklers, was clean. They showed emotion, I don't find that to be a bad thing.

brickbat said...

The damage was done, though. Even I assumed they were Lamont supporters (and I support him myself) -- although I never thought his campaign had anything to do with it.

Anonymous said...

and therefore since Joe didn't know whose supporters they were he was in the right to peg it on Lamont from the outset. Yeah right!

disgruntled_republican said...

Anon 1056 -

I did not say it was right, I am just pointing out that it isn't a reach to think it was them, as brickbat even points out...perception is reality in politics...many people perceive the Lamont supporters as rude combative wackos thus, in politics, they are.

Case and point - was the "kiss" float there?

CaptCT said...

Remember, folks, it was LIEBERMAN who HIRED thugs to go to Ned's events and cause trouble during the primary.

Lamont had nothing to do with this, and yet Joe falsely claims they did.

This was a great post. Points directly at Lieberman's character -- or rather lack of character. He's so sad and a disgrace to Connecticut.

Vote for change.

anonymous said...

Case and point - was the "kiss" float there?

eighty six US service members have been killed in Iraq since October 1, bring the total, I believe, to over 2,800. The news doesn't mention the number of permanently wounded.

A US soldier is believed to have been kidnapped in Baghdad. What do you think is happening to him now?

You'll forgive me if I don't weep for the fact that "rude combative wackos" are making fun of Joe Lieberman.

I saw a story on MSNBC this morning about how Iraq is not a big issue among many Connecticut voters. Too bad we can't restart the draft on a state-by-state basis. I'd recommend CT and Arizona.

Anonymous said...

The last debate proves how ineffective Ned is. He did not use his time wisely, cowered like a little boy when the shenanigans started, and gave the same old tired talking points. Alan was good-very good. Joe was Joe--very Senatorial.

Ned lost big time last night.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of character, Rick Giordano is the man to beat McDonald. This text appeared in the Stamford Advocate LTE's on his behalf if you want to check it out:

I wish to draw special attention to the Republican candidate for state Senate, Rick Giordano.

He is set to defend the traditional moral family values as handed down from the founding fathers of this great nation -- that is, to hold to the universal (Catholic) standard of a family consisting of father and mother (husband and wife), male and female, joined in one flesh, as ordained by God from the beginning of the creation of the race of mankind, and as set out for us in the pattern of Isaac and Rebecca.

for example, same-gender unions -- is a turning away from God, in whom we trust on every coin and paper bill. It is turning to satan himself -- the god and prince of this world who is actively trying to influence people's minds to a liberal way of thinking that is away and apart from God our savior and his beloved son Jesus Christ, the savior of the world.

Support Rick Giordano for state senator. He is a man of sterling values.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of character...Has anyone seen the newly released Johnson ad with an actor portraying Chris? The most tasteless ad of the season...I saw it during MNF last night and was hoping to find it on the web. It's ridiculous. Anyone know where to find it?

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to know that my vote for Giordano's opponent will be a vote against Jesus and a vote that will send me straight to hell upon my death.

Paul said...

I called WFSB at 11:10 last night immediately after they reported that it Lamont supporters were responsible for the disruption at the denbate. I refered them to the New London Day website whisch had already posted the story and stated the singers weren't Lamont people. I watched the rest of newscast and they didn't correct themselves. Besides the bad reporting what really bothered me was the particular relish with which Dennis House reported that it was Lamont supporters.

Anti McDonald said...

I'm a strong supporter of Rick Giordano but I am disappointed that he lets himself be tied to Jesus just to get some support from the moderates. Don't lower yourself Rick. Where was Jesus on the issue of homosexuality? He had the stage to make a great statemetn but instead he spent most of his time on earth expressing concern and compassion for the poor and sick, preaching humility, demonstrating love and respect among people. Great politician maybe but he ducked the difficult and important issues like homosexuality. Thank god (figuratively) that the Catholic Church is finally stepping forward. Rick - don't latch yourself to Jesus for a few cheap votes. Be consistent and the righteous will follow you.

Anonymous said...

Of course, by now Lieberman has apologized to Lamont for the baselees remark?

The sorry part of these debates is how ill informed the questioners are. Lieberman's actions have favored his corporate contributors and they are returning to support his campaign along with favored lobbyists.

CaptCT said...

This is why mainstream media will eventually become irrelevant. Subscriptions will continue to dwindle at newspapers; viewership will continue to decline; and the producers and publishers will wonder "What happened?"

Good reporting is a very labor-intensive, methodical sort of thing, and MSM doesn't like to make the investment in time and money that good reporting requires.

After a while, viewers and readers, especially the YouTube/My Space generation, will turn to other sources. MSM needs to wake up to the fact that the Internet can revolutionize their product by allowing them to report hard-hitting stories that affect people's lives with greater ease and accuracy and with more responsiveness to their audiences.

The stations and newspapers that realize this first, will prosper. Those that don't will die.

Anonymous said...

Jesus said that we should respect everybody except homosexuals? Didn't know that and apparently the local Episcopal Bishop didn't either. If he checks out this blog he will soon repent I am sure.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1247 -

Lets try to reference articles that are relevant, in, I don't know, the last 3 years? Pulling something out from 2002 is absurd.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, let's not talk about Lieberman's record since he's running on it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, lets talk about it, lets just make sure we talk about all of it then. Even the parts that you suppported 6 years ago. Or 12 or 18...whenever.

Anonymous said...

Just for jollies, let's just limit the comment to relevant issuses in his last term, 2000-2006.

How was his attendance in the term?
Was invading Iraq a mistake?

Anonymous said...

Joe is running on his eighteen years as US Senator. It would be unfair to Joe and everyone else not to talk about all eighteen years in their entirety even if Joe says only look at certain stuff in his record.