Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sunday Open Forum

Yesterday my house was without power for over 12 hours. According to the CT Post Ernesto, combined with a high pressure system from Canada was the cause. Nearly 50,000 of us were without power for at least part of the day.

In other news the head of Connecticut's Selective Service program believes that the US should reenstate the draft.

From the CT Post:

The head of Connecticut's Selective Service program, believes the nation needs a military draft, but he does not expect Congress will institute it anytime soon. "I think it is going to be almost unavoidable if we continue heading down the path we are going on," said retired Brig. Gen. Nathan Agostinelli. "A lot of those in Congress know it is needed, but they also know they wouldn't get elected if they said so."If a draft were started, Agostinelli suspects the Iraq war would quickly end. "Parents wouldn't stand for it. They wouldn't accept this standstill," he says.

What else is going on?


"Ernesto downs trees, cuts power". Connecticut Post 9/3/06

Urban, Pete. "New Call for a draft to end war". Connecticut Post 9/3/06


Anonymous said...

Future Lt. Gov. Fedele get ready to put down your coloring book and crayons after election because
Rell is goin to throw in the towell baby. yah baby

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard anything from Scott MacLean, whose running against John Larson?

Didn't Authentic Connecticut Republican file a complaint about his address with the State Elections Enforcement Commission??

GMR said...

Sounds like an attention grabber to me.

According to Wikipedia, the US army in 2004 had 494,291 active duty soldiers, 342,918 in the Army national guard, and 204,134 in the Army reserver. So this is over 1 million soldiers in total.

Right now, we have 140,000 soldiers deployed in Iraq. According to the article, the Pentagon plans on keeping troops at this level for the next several months.

We also have about 20,000 soldiers in Afghanistan. (I can't find recent figures).

It doesn't appear that we are going to substantially increase the numbers of soldiers in either theater, so what this general doing is likely purely political and does not appear to have a basis in the anticipated deployments of soldiers in the two operating theaters.

MikeCT said...

Dick Blumenthal finally has a campaign Web site up. So does Republican Secy of State Richard Abbate ("Abbate for State").

You must check out the retro audio that accompanies Joe Toborsak's state rep campaign site. Here's a direct link to the mp3 audio.

The Architect said...

Where has Bruce been lately?

Anonymous said...

It must get Malloy upset to think a
fellow Stamfordite will be the next
LT Governor. Fedele ran a nasty campaign against Andrew McDonald for
the Senate a few years back. Fedele
thought by revealing Andrew as a
homosexual would help him out. Early
in that race he claimed McDonald was
corrupt which turned out to be utter
bullcrap. Fedele is smart and competent but wowsers if what you say is true about Rell quiting. Why would she do that?

Anonymous said...

I wonder many Republican friends of John legislators and appointee's would be out of a job if we knew the whole Tomasso story? To slide contracts to his rich friend he had to have more than Ellef & Ali working it. Oh, I forgot, let's talk about the future and not the past......Don't stop thinking about tomorrow fa la la la la....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:55 you said enough. CT does not know who they are electing. Just damn crazy if you ask me.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Anonymous said...
Has anyone heard anything from Scott MacLean, whose running against John Larson?

This is the last we've seen of him since the SEEC & IRS investigations began.

Anonymous said...


You don't honestly believe that the SEEC investigation will lead to anything?

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...
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Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Anonymous 11:58 AM said...
You don't honestly believe that the SEEC investigation will lead to anything?

Yes as a matter of fact I do.

He's apparently commited a felony and there's no question about it, it was not an "honest mistake.

Where is the 1st district Republican candidate for congress?

Herb Schmetlin said...

Is there any such thing as an honest Republican in this State?