Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Love Makes a Family PAC Endorses DeStefano

From the Press Release:

“Mayor DeStefano supports full equality for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. He supports marriage equality for same-sex couples because he understands that Connecticut should treat all its citizens fairly and equally,” said Executive Director, Anne Stanback. “He has been a leader in supporting the LGBT community as mayor of New Haven, and we know he will be an active leader and supporter as Governor of Connecticut. For that reason we are proud to endorse him today.”

“I am honored to be the first gubernatorial candidate ever endorsed by Love Makes a Family,” said DeStefano. “I believe that all Americans deserve equal rights and the politics of division practiced by the national Republican Party is destructive to our democracy and is frankly, un-American. We need a governor who is going to stand-up to President Bush and his agenda, not support him. Whether it’s supporting ultra-conservative anti-choice and anti-gay candidates for the state legislature, benefiting from fundraisers with President Bush, or helping the President maintain control of congress, Gov. Rell stands on the wrong side.”

Is gay marriage even an issue in this race? Civil Unions haven't received much attention since they passed, and while it isn't gay marriage Rell did sign the bill. I'm not sure if the general population cares one way or the other. Worse still, I'm not sure that the public would make a distinction between Rell's view and DeStefano's.

Stanback, Anne. "Love Makes a Family Political Action Committee Endorses Mayor DeStefano". Press Release. 9/27/06


Anonymous said...

How many laborites sit on Love Makes a Family's board? LMF was silent in the primary race, despite Malloy's position on gay rights and marriage having been far more positive and explicit. Is there anyplace a good liberal can go in CT without having to placate public employee unions?

Anonymous said...

I heard Sam Caligiuri and Ed Pocock on 1360 talking about this. Their opponents will proably get the LMF endorsement, then try to pass Gay Marriage in the next session.

bluecoat said...

cgg: your closing observation is absolutley right and JDS is nuts to keep trying to link Rell's philosophy of governance with Bush's - there is no link because whether folks like it or not, Bush is about his principles without rgard to what folks might think of him, while Jodi is about compromise without principle (e.g. CFR) and doing what's popular (e.g.civil unions and mandating fertilty treatments in a individual and small business health insurance policies) so that she might remain popular with the majority of the public.

Bobby McGee said...

Bluecoat. I don't think Bush is totally principled. Many people close to him say he wasn't very against stem cell research, but vetoed the bill to energize the Republican base.

Also, JDS would be completely off the wall to try and make this at all a campaign issue. The Governor is pretty moderate to progressive on this issue. The vast majority of people (myself included) don't see much distinction between civil unions and marriages. "Values" issues just don't play in CT.

Anonymous said...

Maybe DeStefano should run an ad that says: if you are opposed to the war in Iraq and don't like President Bush, then vote for me.

JDS has no chance, so he might as well try it.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that LMF goes for DeStefano here rather than Jodi Rell.

Jodi touts her support of civil unions as one of her "moderate" proponents. Yet, she lost the NARAL endorsement because of her Fedele pick. Is this the same case - or maybe after three elections of John Rowland and Jodi Rell being "okay" for Democrats to vote for, nobody's going to fall for it anymore?

Anonymous said...


Does the campaign have a clue?

bluecoat said...

looks like the Orchulli guy got a new gig at 5:18.

ken krayeske said...

Since Cliff Thornton supports civil marriage and full equity and civil rights for all citizens of the state of Connecticut, Thornton for Governor lobbied LMAF to consider splitting its endorsement.

In the name of building new parties, we asked LMAF to support us partially, to fraction its endorsement 75-25 or 90-10.

I was saddened to hear of the decision, while I understand its purpose.

Yet I would implore Connecticut institutions to utilize this campaign, with its seemingly foregone conclusion, to experiment with multi-party issues.

If we Nutmeggers are serious about campaign finance reform and leveling the playing field, I would respectfully ask that more endorsers consider splitting their votes.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell us how the party building is going? I'd be very interested to hear about the Green Party's enrollment figures. Are your numbers increasing or decreasing?

MikeCT said...

DeStefano supports full marriage equality. Rell opposes it. Hence the Love Makes a Family endorsement. Marriage equality has always been the focus of LMF. They never endorsed civil unions, which offer second class partnerships for gay people.

In 2004, 80% LMF-endorsed candidates won. That's a good record to start with.

CTRevolution said...

There's a difference between merely accepting civil unions for political advantage (Rell) and standing up for equal rights because it's the right thing to do (DeStefano). I find most of the previous comments are simply attacks on DeStefano that don't even mention the initial post. When Republicans are attempting to write discrimination into the constitution, it's nice to see a politician stand for moral values on an issue that isn't likely to win him many votes.

ken krayeske said...


The Green party is growing slowly. The Green Party added more than 50 new registered voters during our ballot access drive. We are up to something like 2,800 or so.

But keep in mind that Connecticut's lousy minor party laws turned hundreds of Greens into unaffiliateds after David Cobb garnered some 3-4,000 votes in 2004. Because the Greens didn't make one percent presidentially, they lost their party status in CT, and registrars unenrolled Greens.

We have recruited at least two dozen new volunteers statewide since I came on board. We had more than 80 people out collecting signatures, and another 60 or so have picked up volunteering here and there since petitioning ended. Many people don't like petitioning, and it is easier to hand out literature than it is to ask for a signature. So I told the League of Women Voters we were hovering around 150 volunteers statewide.

So, am I happy with the growth? Ehh. I'd like more. But shoot, considering the infrastructure I inherited...

Let's put it this way: when I first came on in June, before I had a solid look at the party's status, my goal was to have 2,000 people to pollstanding on Nov. 7. I don't think I will make my goal, but I keep repeating it and repeating it, because it helps me focus on where the Greens need to be in four years, if they are to be taken seriously on an electoral level.

An honest appraisal of the volunteer numbers could lead a more rational man to despair. But I am more concerned about using this campaign for promoting ideas and changing how people see the Green Party.

All this translates into one ultimate goal: 20,000 votes on Nov. 7. We will have handed out some 60,000 pieces of literature, gotten tons of press and campaigned at hundreds of events - enough, I hope, to garner 2.0 percent of the vote.

I'd like to beat Nader's total of 1.9 percent from 2000, but, I don't know. Ya gotta dream.

I hope that answers your questions.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ken, too bad all that energy wasn't going towards getting a lefty elected. (or towards reforming the Democratic party.)

Anonymous said...

The people of Ct and this country do not support Gay Marriage. It has lost EVERYWHERE where the people get to decide. In fact it would lose handily if the cowardly politicians were to let the people vote on it here in CT.

Another nail in JDS'c coffin.

Anonymous said...

Another nail in JDS' coffin? Not hardly. Gay marriage just isn't an issue in Connecticut, one way or the other. In case you haven't noticed, the FIC-types have less political power here than the green party (see spammers above). Is support for gay marriage going to help JDS? It might raise him a bit of cash from LGBT issue groups, but it probably won't have an effect either way. But you're deluding yourself if you think this is going to mobilize the Republican base here. A base that nominates people as socially un-conservative as Johnson, Rell and Shays isn't going to give a rat's ass about gay marriage.