Thursday, September 21, 2006


This piece from GQ piece has been burning up the liberal blogosphere, but I thought it was worth discussion here as well. Usually I don't enjoy reading national reporting about the Senate race, but Kenneth Cain really gets it. This isn't the pre-packaged, cookie cutter narrative I've become accustomed to seeing from the national press.

On the differences between the Lieberman and Lamont campaigns:

The first human within reach is Derosier. Joe grabs his hand and embraces him in a full-on man-clench for the cameras, as though Derosier were a faithful supporter who drove out to the mouth of the Norwalk River just because he's eager to hear more about Joe'’s support for bike trails. I turn to the young staffer next to me and say, "“Wait, thatÂ’s his driver he just embraced!"” She shrugs like, No shit, you idiot, that'’s how this works. And she's right. This event might as well be taking place on a soundstage. All that matters is that the manufactured support looks real on the evening news tonight and in the paper tomorrow.

Lamont'’s events, by contrast, have been full of genuine enthusiasm and unpaid supporters but informal and amateurish from a media-war point of view. Standing there in the oppressive sun watching the fake Lieberman event, I wonder whether Ned, with all the attendant populist hopes that have been projected onto him —can withstand the weight of the Big Dog's rally and then a ten-day onslaught of expensive stage management. Welcome to the big leagues, selectman.

And here is the only acknowledgement of the African American vote and the rolw it played in the primary that I've seen. Lieberman supporters love to make an issue of Sharpton and Jackson's presence in CT, but I wonder how they'd feel if Sharpton and Jackson had been out stumping for Lieberman.

Ned Lamont is white. I mean, really white. Prep school at Exeter, undergrad at Harvard (where one of the libraries carries his family name), grad school at Yale. He comes from old money (his great-grandfather was a chairman at J. P. Morgan), his wife made lots more, he made more himself. He doesnÂ’t exactly exude street cred. Ned volunteer-teaches in tough schools in Bridgeport, which everyone respects, but still, thereÂ’s a wall of privilege around him. But in the closing days of this race itÂ’s clear that Ned will win in affluent, white suburbs and that Joe will win in ethnic blue-collar towns, so it comes down to this: If Ned can mobilize disaffected blacks, heÂ’ll win the biggest upset in a generation. If not, he wonÂ’t.


Cain, Kenneth. "THE KISS OF DEATH". GQ October 2006


Anonymous said...

Here's a thought--I can't wait for this f-ing race to be over.

Anonymous said...

Forget the national media, Cain's outclassed our local media coverage with his insights. Embracing your driver, before or after the handicapped parking outing, is as phoney as it gets.

disgruntled_republican said...

This is a top notch most in GQ are.

Anonymous said...

Don't believe everything you read. I've seen Joe in action. He's the real deal.

ctkeith said...

Cain came to CT with the idea of writing about "The Lamont Bloggers" but the Lamont Bloggers all pointed out the story was Joe and Ned not themselves.
Their unselfishness and demand that the spotlight be kept on the candidates instead of themselves resulted in the best and most accurate peice to date on the primary.

Cain got a firsthand look at how phoney Joe Lieberman the Man and Joe Liebermans campaign were and are and simply reported it.

Most of the other press on that bus just went along with Liebermans script thinking that was there job and thats the crime.All the TV shots of Liebermand Bus Tour were Staged but not one TV reporter told their audience that.One camera shot from 20 ft away would have showed the entire story of how staged it was but the TV news crews never took that shot because getting their story on air is always more important then the truth.

Concerned Democrat said...

Ken Cain wrote an excellent article. I also believe that Lieberman called Sharpton for support. However, 21% of American white males identify themselves as Democrats. For the same reason, I believe Lamont unfortunately will lose a close election on Tuesday and the deciding factor will be the primary night picture with Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Maxine Waters. The only other well known anti-semite that didn't get on stage was Mel Gibson.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Concerned Democrat,

Joe Lieberman is the only candidate going after the Bigot Vote and you just helped him.

The Lieberman backed Neocon agenda has done more harm to Israels chances of long term survival than any 5 million black leaders ever could.

Anonymous said...

I don't read GQ that much, but it's political profile pieces seem to pretty great. Their piece on Joe Biden a few months ago was fantastic:

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Joe's fake bus tour, I remember the Seymour stop, at an Ice Cream store. (Sweets n' Eats, I think).

Well there was this nice 12yr old kid there, who I met while waiting for the Tomorrow-land bus to arrive. Of course I presumed it was a local, and we chatted. He asked me why I didn't like Lieberman, and I told him how I used to, but that Joe had changed, and how bad this war was.

Little did I know that the kid had been pre-positioned there expressly for this photo-op.

The Liebermans arrive, and when they finally make their way to the ice cream window, up comes the kid, exactly on cue. Joe gives him a hug, and buys him an ice cream.

Immediately after the cameras are down, the kid goes up to Marion Steinfels, Joe's Press Secretary, and hands her the un-touched ice cream. Turns out "the kid" was Marion's little brother.

The local press knew how phony all these staged events were, and except for Paul Bass of the NH Independent, to a one, they all played along. And people wonder why our democracy is flailing!

Anonymous said...

One of the biggest revelations in the article:

Lieberman and Gerstein are LYING about Al Sharpton

Dan Gerstein, on behalf of the Lieberman campaign, said in no uncertain terms as recently as last week (on Colin McEnroe) that they never asked Sharpton to come to Connecticut to campaign for Lieberman. And yet, Al Sharpton said this to Kenneth Cain in August, right before the primary:

"Lieberman called me personally to come to Connecticut. Probably the biggest irony of this whole campaign to me is Joe `DLC' Lieberman calls me for support. How do you criticize Al Sharpton for being in Connecticut when Lieberman called and asked me to come? And I did come. I just didn't come for him. So it's kinda odd to make a pariah outta somebody you asked to help you."

It's absolutely outrageous that Lieberman has been lying to us about this. It's just plain RIDICULOUS, and I'm pissed.

Anonymous said...

Joe's going after the bigot vote???

Sorry, I dislike racist people such as Sharpton, Jackson and Waters no matter the race. The fact that they are all African-American does not make me a bigot.

Anonymous said...

Could you maybe share with us in what way you believe Maxine Waters is a racist? Thanks.

What is it with Republicans that they think they can throw out there unsubstantiated stuff like, "Maxine Waters is a racist", or "Susie Bysiewicz is an awful SOS". How about a shred of explanation, please.

(I hear Jodi Rell is gay, btw.)

Anonymous said...

Nice Ned puff piece.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if this is the proper thread for this comment, but Lieberman's new "Person-in-the-Street" spot features positive comments from woman who bears more than a passing resemblance to Jodi Rell.

Genghis Conn said...

I noticed that, too, A9:58. Weird.

Anonymous said...

The GQ piece reminds me of Twain's comment after reading a Henry James novel: "Once you put it down, you can't pick it up again." Of course its great to have all the snarkyness -- gathered from Colin McEnore's site, DailyKos and -- in one place. And this is journalism?

Archie Bunker said...

I am voting for Lieberman Because Ned Lamont is a meathead like my son in law.Also I talked to George Jefferson and he is voting for Joe too So bite me you commie wack jobs.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 8:06pm - Please explain to me how it is that you reach the conclusion that Al Sharpton is telling the truth and Joe Lieberman (or Dan Gerstein) is lying (other than the fact that you just hate Lieberman)?

In my opinion, when it comes down to deciding between 2 versions of a typical "he said, she said" controvercy, I like to look at someone's tack record. Here is what I know about Al Sharpton: he had a young girl rolled in feces and then paraded her before the NY and national media claiming that she was abused by the NYC police. It was, of course, all a hoax. It was a despicable act by any measure. How can you give him any credibility at all?

Anon. 8:52pm - Nice comment loser. Grow up!

Anon. 9:58 - The woman does look like a young Jodi Rell; it just jumps out at you. It had to be intentional. Smart move by Liberman's ad people who have been getting the better of Ned's as of late in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:26am - How about the fact that Lieberman admitted it?

Also, I would love to hear someone explain why Maxine Waters is getting called a racist...

Anonymous said...

Could it be that the biased "reporter" from the girly-man fashion mag. was planted by Lamonsters? I'm surprised that we wern't give an update on how Joe was dressed. This fellow should write for Penthouse.

Anonymous said...

Cain killed Able, but this Cain could only sneak up and take cheap shots at Lieberman, a decent man, in a magazine whose readership is typically too vain to vote anyway.

bluecoat said...

the truth about old Joe's show must hurt.

Jim said...

Anonymous said...
Could it be that the biased "reporter" from the girly-man fashion mag. was planted by Lamonsters? I'm surprised that we wern't give an update on how Joe was dressed. This fellow should write for Penthouse.
10:51 AM, September 22, 2006
Anonymous said...
Cain killed Able, but this Cain could only sneak up and take cheap shots at Lieberman, a decent man, in a magazine whose readership is typically too vain to vote anyway.
11:22 AM, September 22, 2006

which side is it that's mean-spirited and specializes in "cheap shots" again?

ctblogger said...

A9:58 and GC,

That Rell-look alike in Joe's new ad is there for a reason without question.

In following Joe's campaign around for the last 8 months, I can tell you that 100 percent of what Joe does is calculated (which probably explains why his campaign imploded weeks before the primary).

Besides Paul Bass, the media (namely Mark Davis and Sue Haigh) drank the Lieberman kool-aid knowing that most of the garbage they were fed was lies (i.e. Haliburton, people Joe planted throughout his fake bus tour). The last straw for me was the episode in Meriden when Richard Goodstein basically verbally attacked Lamont (Cain was there and covered this episode well in the GQ piece), the race-baiting flyers Lieberman circulated throughout the African-American communities. Those two disgusting episodes went almost totally unnoticed by the mainstream media that it took bloggers to point this out until the media actually gave a damn.

Ken cain told the truth and I have hours of video and hundreds of photographs to back anything he said in his piece because I was there. Anyone who covered the Lamont-Lieberman race know that the GQ article is 100 percent honest.

Anonymous said...

Liars usually call others liars.

And they also tend to forget very easily.

And the worst liars are those that ignore evidence even when confronted with it.

Most of Joe's supporters here just don't get it; and they'll never cause the truth hurts too much - to their ego. Or they are just bought so truth to them have a price. Maybe that's why I think Joe is too cheap - he will not pay enough to get more "genuine" supporters instead of paid plants on Joe's Liar-liar-on-fire tour.