Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday Open Forum

  • Governor Rell is seeking federal funds for damage caused by Ernesto.

  • Alan Schlesinger, ever this eternal optimist, still thinks he can win the Senate race.

  • Joe 2.0 takes a break from it's usual inanity and actually posts something about the campaign.

  • Finally CT Bob has a post up about CT's new optical scanning machines including a nifty video demonstration about how to use them.

  • What else is going on?

    Associated Press. "Rell Seeks Federal Aid For Storm Damage". Hartford Courant 9/8/06

    Mason, Melvin. "Schlesinger likens race to 1970 Senate campaign". Connecticut Post. 9/8/06


    Anonymous said...

    Maybe we can discuss what kind of hair coloring Ned uses. That seems like a good Friday Open Forum discussion thread.

    Anonymous said...

    Can't believe NOBODY is talking about Malloy's $$$ Woes?? GC, no thread? I do not know how to implant links so...

    bluecoat said...

    I guees Malloy can't go to Hartford or DC to bail himself out on this one there 1;05; as to how to implant links go to the HELP button provided by GC above.

    Anonymous said...

    Why can't Malloy go to Hartford or DC for money bluecoat, just out of curiosity?

    Let's be honest, however, and state that he does not even need to leave the City of Stamford to raise that kind of money. Remember, he is still the Mayor and there are still a lot of people who are doing or who want to do business with Stamford. Afterall, that is how he raised most of his money in the first place.

    TrueBlueCT said...

    (I heard that Rell is going to thank Malloy for the "DeStefano in drag" ad by sending a cool 1/4 of a million Dan's way.)

    Is there any kind of website that monitors outstanding political debts this way. Would the Bank of Stamford insist upon collateral for such a sizable loan? What happens if it goes unpaid? At what point would it be written off?

    Mr. Reality said...

    I see Bill Clinton wants this 9-11 miniseries pulled from ABC. And here I thought the Democratic party was all about free speech. I guess since they are no longer considered the "big-tent" party they don't belive in free speech either.

    Also I saw Chris Murphy's commercial. Why aren't the Democrats all upset? He indicated that he was going to put the people over his party. Isn't that why Democrats HATE Lieberman because he won't vote with Democrats 100% of the time? He only does it 95% of the time.

    And why does the media suddenly have no interest in the Valerie Plame/Joe Wilson Story? I want to know when is Karl Rove going to be indicted? Can anyone help here?

    bluecoat said...

    1:52; I was talking about how he relied on the state and federal coffers to fund Stamford; more power to him but that's how he did what he did.

    Anonymous said...

    Alvin O'Neil of Stratford will not run for dog catcher next time around. He is the guy who got into the fight with the cop and made a big to do over nuttin.

    FrankS said...

    A political hurricane is bearing down on the the Insurance Commissioner over storm shudders, as reported in the The Day

    "Andover Companies' new practice of canceling insurance for homeowners who fail to install storm shutters will be put on hold.
    Andover has agreed to a three-month suspension while state Insurance Commissioner Susan Cogswell studies the issue. Cogswell intends to conduct a public forum Sept. 21 in the New London area at a time and place to be announced.

    State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who has launched an antitrust probe into possible collusion among insurers and re-insurers, criticized Cogswell for not rescinding the Andover decision and starting from scratch.

    “This temporary respite offers no reliable, permanent relief from a completely unreasonable policy,” Blumenthal said. “My separate antitrust investigation will continue vigorously and aggressively.”

    Cogswell had approved changes to Andover's underwriting guidelines this summer, but lawmakers and Blumenthal quickly called Cogswell to account, saying the change could lead to similar steps by other insurers.

    At least six other similar requests are pending. Those requests also will be put on hold, said Amy Lazzaro, Cogswell's chief of staff.

    Gov. M. Jodi Rell had directed Cogswell to reverse or suspend the Andover requirement.

    In a prepared statement, Cogswell, who is out of the office until Sept. 18, said she will carefully study the issue with an eye to ensuring adequate coverage throughout the state's coastal marketplace.

    “I am trying to balance the needs of policyholders with the industry's responsibility to adequately plan for the financial exposure companies face by insuring coastal communities,” she said.

    “She's basically going to take a look at what's out there in terms of availability” and her approach will be “global,” Lazzaro said.

    Lazzaro and state Sen. Cathy Cook, R-Mystic, countered Blumenthal, saying that an outright reversal of the Andover decision could prompt Andover and other insurers to flee the Connecticut market altogether, a situation that would leave homeowners with even fewer options.

    “People in this state have to understand that some of these companies have pulled out of certain states completely, and we don't want that to happen here,” Cook said. “They've pulled out of Cape Cod, the Gulf region. It is a delicate balance.”

    Insurance agent Mary Beth Calasante of Smith Insurance Inc. in Niantic said she believes many customers will be relieved — “at least temporarily.”

    “It's been very hectic obviously and this puts this thing on hold for us,” she said. “It makes for a lot less work. It's been a lot of work in a very short period of time.”

    Since the Andover requirement to install storm shutters will not be implemented for the next three months, Lazzaro said, Andover will convey that message to insurance agents by rescinding the notices they sent out and will not send any further notices.

    “If somebody needs to be renewed, it's my understanding that the guidelines in place prior to this most recent filing would be applicable,” she said.

    The decision does not affect rates, which are determined independently.

    Andover declined comment.

    Cogswell has taken other steps to ensure fair trade practices, including issuing a notice to insurers last month not to advise agencies not to sell policies to homeowners living on the coast.

    Lawmakers praised Cogswell's decision to step back and gain perspective on the implications of the Andover decision.

    “I am very pleased that the commissioner is looking at this issue with a keen eye toward the ramifications of her decision, and I want to thank her for that,” said state Sen. Andrea Stillman, D-Waterford.

    Others, like state Rep. Lenny Winkler, R-Groton, were more critical.

    “I still think we need to do something more long term to prohibit this sort of thing from re-occurring,” Winkler, a candidate for the 18th Senate District seat, said. “I don't have a lot of faith in the insurance commissioner. It's not the first time she has done things like this, and she has not been responsive in the past. I look forward to the forum on the 21st. I've gotten calls from constituents who are beside themselves over this.”

    Like many Andover customers, Lil and Ray Erb of Noank were informed about a week ago that, since they lived within three-fourths of a mile of the water, they would have to show proof that they would put potentially costly storm shutters on all their windows, doors and openings within 45 days of getting the company's letter, or lose their policy.

    The Erbs live close to the water but on a hill, where flood insurance has never been required.

    “That certainly is good news,” said Lil Erb of the insurance commissioner's decision. “What happened is a good thing, so it pays to speak up,” she said."

    104th Voter said...

    Speaking of campaigns in the red, Rep. Linda Gentile finished her 2004 campaign in debt and has still not raised the money needed to close the campaign with SOTS. In spite of the fact that her campaign had no money, Ms. Gentile's treasurer still continued to write checks to the Ansonia and Derby Democratic Town Committees. How is it possible for a campaign to bounce checks? The State Elections Enforcement Commission should be having a hearing on the matter very soon.

    Anonymous said...

    Good point JR.

    bluecoat said...

    State work still assigned to firm under investigation
    Gregory B. Hladky, NHR Capitol Bureau Chief September 08, 20

    sounds like everything is better in the ethics arena for sure..

    bluecoat said...

    Sep 8, 1:57 PM EDT
    Senate: No Prewar Saddam-al-Qaida Ties
    Associated Press Writer

    Senate panel finds no prewar Iraq-Qaeda link
    Fri Sep 8, 2006 1:33pm ET REUTERS

    Anonymous said...

    Hey, any liberals for freedom of the press, or are the Clinton adminstration exempt from criticism?