Saturday, September 02, 2006

"Cross Endorsements" --UPDATED

This post has been updated to include the full list of WFP endorsed candidates.

Yesterday the CT Working Families Party announced their support for Chris Murphy and other candidates running in November. By cross endorsing Murphy and others, WFP assures that the candidate's name will appear on the November ballot multiple times. Murphy's endorsement is one of 32 already announced. WFP plans to nominate as many as 30 additional candidates at it's State convention on September 12.

From the Release:

ass and middle class voters," said Sal Luciano of AFSCME Council 4. "In a close election, which we believe this will be, the addition of Working Families voters can help provide a critical margin of victory for Chris Murphy" he added.

In New Work minor parties like Working Families and the Independence Party can have a big impact on elections. It's not unusual to see a candidate's name three or four times on the ballot. Rudy Giuliani's 1993 victory was due in part to his appearing on the ballot for both the Republican and Liberal parties. I like that the CT Working Families party is following suit.

I'm also curious about the Senate. Will they endorse Lieberman, Lamont, or stay out completely? And could an endorsement from WFP make an impact?

Complete List of WFP Endorsements

Chris Murphy
Representative in Congress 5 Cheshire

Joan Lewis
State Representative 8 Coventry

Geronimo Valdez
State Representative 9 East Hartford

Henry Genga
State Representative 10 East Hartford

Kathy Hale
State Representative 14 South Windsor

Sandy Nafis
State Representative 27 Newington

Joe Aresimowicz
State Representative 30 Berlin

Ernest Hewett
State Representative 39 New London

Steve Mikutel
State Representative 45 Griswold

Walter Pawelceiwicz
State Representative 49 Windham

Derek Donnelly
State Representative 61 Suffield

Mary Mushinsky
State Representative 85 Wallingford

Brendan Sharkey
State Representative 88 Hamden

Pat Dillon
State Representative 92 New Haven

Louis Esposito
State Representative 116 West Haven

Cheryl Bouchet
State Representative 123 Trumbull

Chris Caruso
State Representative 126 Bridgeport

Jack Hennessey
State Representative 127 Bridgeport

Andres Ayala
State Representative 128 Bridgeport

Robert Keeley
State Representative 129 Bridgeport

Felipe Reinoso
State Representative 130 Bridgeport

Thomas Drew
State Representative 132 Fairfield

Chris Perrone
State Representative 137 Norwalk

Gary LeBeau
State Senate 3 East Hartford

Mary Ann Handley
State Senate 4 Manchester

Jonathan Harris
State Senate 5 West Hartford

Donald DeFronzo
State Senate 6 New Britain

Steve Berry
State Senate 8 New Hartford

Chris Jones
State Senate 21 Shelton

Bob Duff State
Senate 25 Norwalk

Matthew Brennan
State Senate 30 Winsted

Anthony Guglielmo
State Senate 35 Stafford Springs

Green, Jon. "Working Families Party Announces 2006 Candidate Endorsements". WFP Press Release. 9/1/06


Anonymous said...

and now on Lite Rock 5th Distirct, that huge hit from the 70's

"Look for the Union Label" !!!

Anonymous said...

Who exactly did they endorse?

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

What a group masturbation session this convention must be ...

Wankers of the world unite ... You have nothing to lose but your franchise ...

GMR said...

The smaller NY parties have a long history, and they also do not always march in lockstep with the big parties: the conservative and Republican parties don't always endorse the same person.

This Connectict Working Families party looks like it's not that independent of the Democratic party. I can't imagine it'll have that large of an impact.

mccommas said...

Exactly Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

Endorsing Chris Murphy fits with this party's philosophy, I live in the 16th Senatorial District and have always found Chris to be supportive by basing decisions on the needs of every citizen. I hope this endorsement helps him win.

Lamont or Lieberman is more difficult to predict, but my guess is Lamont.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

I can certainly see why they call this a cross endorsement.

Heck, if I was a member of some group that endorsed Murphy I'd be pretty cross about it too.

Anonymous said...

Chris Murphy is so much better than that lamo Nancy Johnson.

24 years is just a power grab time for Nancy to be retired by the voters of the 5th CD.

She is holding up progress I am sure Brian Flaherty, Sean Williams and many GOP state Reps wouldnt mind running for the 5th CD and Nancy Johnson is just in it for Nancy Johnson she wants to sponge off the lobbyists some more and build up her retirement fund when she retires and she wants to screw over the citizens of the 5th CD by helping the Insurance Companies, The Oil Companies, The Pharmacutiecal Companies and Stanley get whatever they want and bleed us citizens dry.

Chris Murphy listens,he works hard and deserves to go to Congress.

Lets Give Nancy her walking papers on Election Day.

bluecoat said...

You're right GMR about the differnce between theWFP New York
and WFP-CT; it's much more of a front for the unions in CT than a force for things in NY where they have actually endorsed GOP candidiates.
I saw in the Norwalk Hour today that WFP-CT endorsed fellow commision earners at William Pitt Realtors and govt-can-do-it-all legislators Duff and Perrone; the boneheads mandated fertilization services on every healthcare policy in the state - unless opted out under ERISA, etc. - and fertilization docs jumped right on their new source of income with ads on the radio!! Connecticut is very competititive - and I am not anti-woman; if you want fertilaization services pay for them or buy a rider on your policy - it ain;t a disease to not be able to get pregnanat and it sure as hell isn't life threatening.

Anonymous said...

So, this is the Chris Murphy philosophy, right?

"for each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs"

Anonymous said...

This is pretty cool. The WFP are turning into the Democrats' secret weapon.

Richard Winger said...

The Working Families Party is not qualified for the statewide ballot; it is only qualified in certain US House, and state legislative, districts. Therefore Working Families can't participate in the US Senate race.

Genghis Conn said...

Cross-endorsements can make a huge difference if the race is close. This election result from 2004 is a good illustration of how. Hank Bielawa, as a Republican, got 32 fewer votes than Democrat Jason Bartlett, but the 219 votes he received from the Independent line allowed him to win the election. Remarkable.

Bobby McGee said...

This is a good idea, and had no clue that it was allowed.

Anonymous said...

WFP-CT had to endorse Chris Murphy- Nancy Johnson got an "F" on Congress at the Midterm: Their 2005 Middle-Class Record. Can't really endorse her when her congressional votes makes her a threat to the middle class.

I saw on WTNH last night Murphy called for an increase in the minimum wage- something he's supported in CT.

Anonymous said...

Richard Winger: What do you mean by certain districts. Can't WFP cross-endorse a candidate in any State House or State Senate districts they choose? Do they automatically have ballot access or do they need signatures to petition on to?

Anonymous said...

"24 years is just a power grab time for Nancy to be retired by the voters of the 5th CD."

When did Chris Murphy call on Dodd to resign? He's been in DC 32 years now!

Seems like there's a "Brezhnev doctrine" at work here. Senior Republicans are in the way, senior Democrats reflect the will of the voters

Jon Green said...

Winger is right about the election law. There is no such thing as a statewide minor party in Connecticut -- they qualify office by office, district by district. Even the Connecticut for Leiberman not-really-a-party party won't be qualified as a party after this year EXCEPT for the office of U.S. Senator.

As for the potential impact, just ask Rob Simmons. He would not have beaten Gjedenson if not for the cross-endorsement of the Independence Party, which gave him over 4,000 votes -- more than the margin of victory.

In NY, the last two Democratic congressional wins similarly came with the margin on the WF ballot line.

CT-5 is moving up the national charts of competetive races and if just 3% of the unaffiliateds and disillusioned Republicans vote Working Families it would mean big touble for Johnson.

bluecoat said...

I thought Liberman was to be on the ballot as a petioning candidate not a "CT for old Joe" party endorsed candidiate -

bluecoat said...

fyi cgg: the WF votes for the 132nd Fairfield last time around where they put up their own guy.

gengass chan said...

The WFP endorsing Chris Murphy is great news for those involved with CT Working Families. The opportunity to be a positive force for change in the 5th Congressional District was too good to pass up. To unseat a sitting incumbent in the US House is a huge task and we hope to be the difference. Ever try to remove gum off a seat that’s been sticking there 24 years? Think of us as “Goo Gone”. Nancy Johnson has hurt working families and seniors in this district with her pro-Bush policies. Her commercial touting her Medicare Part D plan takes a lot of gall, since seniors are now starting to hit their “donut hole”, as Nancy Johnson does her best to protect profits for the drug industry.

By voting “Working Families” for Chris Murphy voters will have another option, to vote for the candidate of their choice and at the same time send a message that they’re tired of the “status quo” and “politics as usual”. For those who may think we won’t have an impact, I’ll remind you that in the special election for 10th Dis. Rep. last January we drew 12 % of the vote for our candidate, which won. If we even come close to that number in Murphy – Johnson it’s “see ya, Nancy”.

Anonymous said...

Chris Murphy listens????? Yah right, my wife listens too!!! Then they both just do what they want anyway...

No doubt, 24 years is a long time for anyone from any party to be in office. In this case 26 years is a big exception.

CTKnows said...

I don't know much about the Working Families Party other than they seem to endorse quite a bit of Democrats. What positions do they differ from the Democratic Party? Republican Party?

Also in the unlikely event than any of the crossed endorsed candidates received the majority of their votes from WFP will they pledge to support the ideals of the WFP. For example, in a bizarre twist (remember Waterbury center of the universe is in the 5th) Murphy receives more WFP votes than Johnson and is elected. Is he a WFP Congressman who aligns with the D caucus? I know it will never happen, but hey, this is blog world….

Guess my point is if a candidate will accept a cross endorsement they should be prepared to support/commit to the party who crossed endorsed them. If not then they shouldn’t be allowed to gain the benefit. My two cents…

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Anonymous (1:02 PM) said...
Murphy called for an increase in the minimum wage- something he's supported in CT.

And we wonder where the jobs are going?

As of Jan 1 2007 CT will have the highest min wage in the US; we're 2nd or 3rd now.

MVD said...

What about Joe Courtney?