Monday, September 18, 2006

AFSCME Drops Lieberman for Lamont

From the Courant:

Sal Luciano, the executive director of Council 4, announced the endorsement Sunday, saying that the union wants to see a congressional delegation able to stand up to the Bush administration.

"Since the Aug. 8 primary, we paid close attention to the remarks of both men," Luciano said. "We saw Joe Lieberman moving closer and closer to Bush, while Ned Lamont held firm in his strong opposition to the direction Bush is taking us."

AFSCME is Connecticut's largest AFL-CIO affiliate with 35,000 members. Will the AFL-CIO follow their lead?

Pazniokas, Mark. "Major State Union Switches To Lamont". Hartford Courant. 9/18/06


Anonymous said...


I just talked to a friend who watched the taping of Face the State on Channel 3, which will air this Sunday morning. It was the first debate between John Larson and Scott MacLean. The sentiment seems to be that MacLean didn't just hold his own against Larson, but that he actually won the debate!

Anonymous said...

Is this ACR pulling our legs again?

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Anonymous said...
Is this ACR pulling our legs again?

Very funny.

I can't imagine giving MacLean air time for any reason at all.

Further - thanks to his website attacks on the GOP state party chair we have no reason to support or for that matter vote for him.

I'm voting for the more conservative candidate myself; in this case that'll be John Larson.

Never mind that I'd rather be drawn & quartered than ever vote for anyone that holds MacLeans views.

Brian said...

More solid backing for Lamont which will help him win the election in less than two months.

Anonymous said...

yeah, and we're supposed to take union endorsements seriously.

justavoter said...

Not if your a Bush Republican.
The Union will get out the cote for Ned and I bet some other Unions will follow suit soon just watch.

Anonymous said...

The unions almost always support the Democratic candidates. I would be suprised if the AFL-CIO does not switch to supporting Lamont before the election.

I think they need to wait to show some "loyalty" to Joe Lieberman. They need to look like they switched sides for a reason. But I think they will switch.