Wednesday, September 06, 2006

4th CD Debates

Rep. Chris Shays and challenger Diane Farrell have agreed to participate in a total of 11 debates during the month of October.

Dates from the CT Post's Election Blog.

The schedule calls for the first debate to take place Oct. 4 before the Business Council of Fairfield County in Stamford.

Also planned are debates before the League of Women Voters from the district's southern communities Oct. 5 in Norwalk; the World Affairs Forum at the University of Connecticut in Stamford on Oct. 8; the Bridgeport Regional Business Council on Oct. 10; and the Jewish Center for Community Services in Bridgeport on Oct. 11.

In addition, the candidates are expected to face off in debates at Temple Israel in Westport on Oct. 15; the AARP in Bridgeport on Oct. 16; Fairfield University on Oct. 16; the League of Women Voters from the district's northern communities in Wilton on Oct. 17; the Stamford Chamber of Commerce on Oct. 18; and the Greater Norwalk Chamber of Commerce/News 12 on Oct. 19.

Silver, Susan. "Shays, Farrell agree to 11 debates in Oct.". Election '06 Blog. Connecticut Post. 9/6/06


CT Progressive said...

Good to see that Shays and Farrell will be debating a lot. The voters deserve to hear from each candidate. In the 5th, it looks like Nancy Johnson is too scared to debate Chris Murphy.

Bobby McGee said...

Great. The real winners of debates are voters.

Are we going to see any debates for Governor? Senator? I find it unlikely Rell would agree to one as she has nothing to gain but everything to lose.

Genghis Conn said...

There are negotiations ongoing between the Rell, DeStefano and Thornton camps for debates. Rell has insisted that Thornton (Green Party) be allowed to join the debate, which I think is great.

Anonymous said...

That's great news. Voters deserve the opportunity to compare how candidates stand on issues.

Here in the in the 5th district Chris Murphy continues to wait has Nancy Johnson to agree to a debate schedule. This race is a toss-up, and people deserve to hear directly from her where she stands on various issues. I know some folks who are undecided and I think when they compare the two candidates they will want a change.

Nancy where are you?

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that the "rule of thumb" for candidates in an election is that the incumbent wants few if any debates why the challenger wants as many as possible. That is why Shays deserves credit here. But this is not new, as he has always held more debates than most incumbents.

I agree that Johnson needs to agree to a healthy debate schedule. But I hope the posters here will remember this - as an incumbent state senator Murphy did not always give his challengers as many debates as he now wants. So while I agree that they should debate, I think the Murphy camp should pipe down. On this one he is too much of a hypocrit.

Anonymous said...

Got this off Political Wire-

A new Public Opinion Strategies (R) poll finds Ned Lamont (D) trailing Sen. Joe Lieberman (I), 51% to 35%, in the Connecticut U.S. Senate race. Republican Alan Schlesinger receives 4% of the vote, while 10% remain undecided.

Key finding: When asked which candidate is running a negative campaign, 40% say Lamont compared to 19% for Lieberman.

Uh oh!