Saturday, August 26, 2006

Shays Shakes Things Up

I don't have much in the way of commentary. Mostly I'm curious about how Shays' new view will affect the 4th district and other races around the state.


TrueBlueCT said...

If Joe is wobbling on Iraq, it's just a sign of how increasingly desperate he's growing. His internal polling must be showing what's obvious, --his ship is sinking.

On a lighter note, did everyone see this article in the Newtown Bee. It seems that Chris McArdle of Newtown invited Joe to march with Newtown Dems in the big Labor Day parade. However, the Newtown DTC and First Selectman Herb Rosenthal balked, and have made it abundantly clear to Joe that he's not welcome. At least not to march alongside them, and other prominent Democrats.

What do people think, will Joe Lieberman have the courage to show up? Or will he skip the threatened choruses of, "Loser-man, Loser-man, Loser-man!"

Boy, do I love this kind of drama. What would we do if Joe Loserman actually came to his senses and dropped out? No way can Murphy/Johnson or Farrell/Shays match this kind of excitement.

ProgCT said...

Flip floppers.

Anonymous said...

Did Chris McArdle send out these invites before or after he was thrown off the Newtown DTC.

Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

As a sitting US Senator Joe Lieberman should be invited to the Newtown parade. Being a regular at the parade, I will tell you that often the Governor & Sen. Dodd, when they go, walk in front with the First Selectman and other elected officials and not with their respective parties where paople carry campaign signs. I hope Joe goes.

Chris MC said...

There is no disagreement on our Town Committee that Ned has earned the support of his Party, and we are looking forward to welcoming him and our other nominees and elected officials to Newtown.

We were being respectful and polite to Senator Lieberman, nothing more. By the same token, we declined to have "The Kiss" float in our parade. It just isn't that kind of day.

It was not we who've attempted to make this into an issue.

Anonymous said...

If you're a Democrat and not supporting the party endorsed candidate than you should leave and join the Joe Lieberman party.

Bobby McGee said...

Lieberman's trying to distract everybody from Iraq desperately. He doesn't want to change his position, because he'll lose if he does, and he'll probably lose if he doesn't. That's why he's challenging Lamont to a Katrina debate (is there enough to debate?).

With Hillary abandoning him and giving support to Lamont I think the handwriting's on the wall.

Anonymous said...

so whatever happened to the malloy staff? has anyone picked the good staff? we've got a few pretty hotly contested races here... seems like Malloy must have had some good people working for him.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but, At an event in waterbury yesterday the Governor thanked Alan Schlesinger for running for senate, and appeared to support his candidacy. Oddly enough the Senate candidate did not arrive until about halfway through the speeches, and it seemed as though he wasn't expected.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Anonymous said...
the Governor thanked Alan Schlesinger for running for senate,

After everyone else ignored the poor guy for 20 minutes or so.

... it seemed as though he wasn't expected.

And got about the same reception as a vampire would in church.

Anyone with a heart has got to feel for the poor guy.

He's a nice guy, and a pretty bright guy too.

Never-the-less more people seem to be frightened of Lamont than in love with Schlesinger.

Personally I'd much rather see him in the senate than either of the others.

Anonymous said...

I would rather see Alan Schlesinger or Joe Lieberman over the goody two shoes named Ned Lamont from Greenwich(a Lowell Weicker Production and Prodigy).

Schlesinger is forging ahead despite low poll numbers and GOP support and Lieberman is doing what he has to do.

Either one is a better and acceptable choice than the left wing anti war Liberal Endorsed Candidate Ned Lamont who is a poor choice picked by extremists and loopy looneys mostly downstate.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the maps, Malloy seems to have done best in the fifth/fourth districts. Have his fifth district staff been gobbled up by Murphy/Farrell?

Malloy should have done well in Stamford/Fairfield, but it seems that having done well in the CD5 was probably largely due to good staff, and of course Glassman. But her name didn't carry him anywhere else... so his strength in CD5 must have had something to do with his staff... I would think?

Anonymous said...

5th CD votes more for DLC types than panderers to labor unions like JDS