Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Here are the latest Rassmussen poll results via Branford Boy at MLN.

The latest polls shows that Lieberman has 45% to Lamont's 43%, with Schlessinger holding at 6%.

Margin of error + or - 4%, so a deadheat or maybe Lamont's ahead.
Jodi Rowland-Rell is beating DeStefano 61% to 31%, illustrating just how deleterious to Democratic hopes the Lieberman candidacy is.

How much do you think these numbers will change from now until November? Is there anyone left who hasn't made up their minds? Lieberman or Schlessinger could always drop out but that's looking less likely by the day.


justavoter said...

As I ma saying just watch and see by November Lieberman will truly be a loser and Bush and his news conference telling American we have to stay and finish the job in Iraq will cost Joe even more before November.

Joe the loserm Lieberman will be an official loser after the general elections.

Then he cannot contest the election it will be a done deal and the Connecticut voters will have spoken.

Anonymous said...

CGG (or whomever is moderating this post and one's prior) your comment moderation is over the top and ironfisted.

Now Mr. Schlesinger is a public figure and is an open target. I've invested some good-hard minutes in coming up with some comedic stylings that you've not posted. Whether it's to be fair to republicans or not, I don't know. And if this is you DR, then get off your high horse and stop protecting this scoundrel.

disgruntled_republican said...

anon 413 -

If you are the author that had a sexual comment in it, yes I deleted it. We were told to do so by Genghis Conn so I suggest take it up with him.

And for the record, I am voting CFL in November.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 4:13 - Why don't you tell us your real identity, have it verified and then let's see if you will submit the post that you are so upset got deleted?

Do you have the courage of your convictions anon. 4:13?

TrueBlueCT said...


By mid-September you won't have CFL to support and vote for anymore.

Lieberman is hanging on my a mere thread. The moment Lamont gets ahead of him in the polls, --(which will soon happen, despite the support from Republicans like yourself), -- anyway, the moment this happens Joe drops out.

No one likes a LOSER, and when it looks likely that Joe will lose, yet again, a big chunk of his remaining support will abandon him.

Anonymous said...

Republican Governor Rell is starting to lose points, a trend that should continue steadily until she's behind come end of October/early Nov. My bet is that Rell will not gain pts in polls the rest of the election. As soon as people see that Republican Rell has showed no leadership, has offered no solutions, and refuses to confront the problems of the state, they will jump off that bandwagon. My estimate is by the 3rd week of October. DeStefano is in the lead.

CTOctaneBlue said...

I was initially surprised to see that Lamont has already closed the gap, being stastically tied with Lieberman now. The primary was just TWO weeks ago. But then I remember those classic comments Lieberman made just after "halftime of the campaign" (I hope everyone saw that Daily Show clip)... it was something about "staying the course" and "freedom". Ahh.. Just typing that stuff makes me shudder!

I remember Lamont "haters" saying there was no way that Lamont could beat Lieberman- that the majority of CT voters are independent, and they are all voting for Lieberman. Well, looks like they are wrong! (For those of you out there with time on your hands, I challenge you to go back 2 weeks and find those posts- I know they are there somewhere). Looks like Lieberman is continuing to show "Joementum", and by that I mean a rapidly failing political campaign.

Also- DeStefano down by 30 percentage points? Yikes! Looks like some Dems must be deciding to go with Rell...

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>My estimate is by the 3rd week of October. DeStefano is in the lead.

You might want to check your meds for inter-reaction.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

Anon5:38 says, with touching faith if only a glancing association with reality: Republican Governor Rell is starting to lose points, a trend that should continue steadily until she's behind come end of October/early Nov.

Not to intrude on your delusions with actual math, but (discounting the 4 percent undecided in the 8/17 Q Poll) she'll have to lose more than two points a week between now and then for Red Johnny to bridge the current 32-point chasm.

Anon further predicts: My estimate is by the 3rd week of October. DeStefano is in the lead.

Care to associate your name with that prognostication? Maybe you helped Dan Malloy make his famous "It'll be 55-45 in mid-September" prediction. Or is that just TrueBlue/DeanFan, lurking Anonymously again?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Rel wil lose. I think that is fairly obvious. People need to wake up to the fact, and it is a fact, that Republican Gov. Rell is going down. Down, down to Chinatown. Facts are facts. There is a steady undercurrent of dissention going on. Soon that dissent will flam-up into full scale anger over a governor who does nothing and does even less.

I like the effort Republicans are putting into their papertigers. Rell is a republican paper tiger who is faced by a real democrat. I can't wait to see Granny get angry when Johnny takes her apple seeds.

CTRevolution said...

A Diff. Anon, attempts to paint Johnny as Red Johnny, is that all you got? Pretty pathetic if you ask me. If you don't have any real criticism, please refrain from the name calling.

I agree with the other posters that John Rowland's best buddy Rell is bound to lose points. She's definetly hit her peak in terms of popularity and I expect her support to decline greatly. Across the state, voters have yet to take a look at her critically and really analyze what she has done for them. Come reflection time, these voters will see Rell's failed administration for what it really is. And they will leave faster then you can say "Rell not Rowland". Hate to break it you Republican supporters, but you are in for a rough fall.

Anonymous said...

ANON 5:38pm

I nearly soiled myself reading your post.

"Rell may not gain points in th epolls before the election'... how can she? She is in the stratosphere....

The Dems are in such a mess.... (3 way Senate, split on Iraq, 50/50 Gov Primary, Destefano w/no money, switch in running mates, etc....) this is like a movie on SCi FI or Comedy Central -- you pick!

There may not be any other GOP wins, but Rell in a BLOWOUT!

FatGuyinMiddleSeat said...

When was the last time a guy sitting with a nominal lead dropped out of a race? You must be expecting people to learn something about Joe that they don't know already in order for him to crater. Pre-labor day polling will bounce around, as any pollster will tell you- but it is significant that Joe has led the last 3.

DeStefano will have trouble getting his name ID over 60% through the clutter of Nedrenaline and JoeMentum. Sorry. Really am. Four more years for M. Jodi.

As for Diane Farrell, she may be clueless and less-informed than Christopher, but since when are the former descriptions a bar to holding public office?

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

Even Rell's campaign predicts the race is ging to tighten -- but enough for Red Johnny to make it competitive?


DeStefano's going to get sh*thammered so hard it'll make Mike Dukakis wince.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:38 said: "Republican Governor Rell is starting to lose points."

Hate to break it to you, but Rasmussen had Rell 57% to 35% over JDS on 8.09; the latest has her 61% to 31%. Hate to do the math for you, but on 8.09 she was up 22%, now its 30%. At least with the nuns that taught me, 30 is still larger than 22!

Larry said...

It really is true. Dems are in serious trouble. What with the war in Iraq; the rising cost of fuel, housing, lending rates, medication, healthcare; official corruption, members being investigated or jailed; more war, the failure to subdue some and a propensity to start others; and, last but certainly not least, growing in number, members who decide to make racial slurs the language of diplomacy. What? I am sorry. My def and blind dog is drawing something. He says those are republicans.

Uh oh! Even a dog can see that the Republicans, not the Democrats are the ones in trouble. Especially because they have supporters like some of you on this site that choose to disengage their minds and spit out pointless dribble.

Rell maybe up but that is going to change. That is why there is a race. And, the trend is against her. She is losing ground to (Red Johnny). Red rell is losing to Red Johnny. Only a republican would fail to remember his/her own party color when hurling insults.

Good luck in Nov. There won't be enough Republican's to field an intramural baseball team. And that is too bad, because Rell will finally have a legitimate reason to sit around and bake cookies: Retirement.

You can have your numbers ADANR now. The Dems will have the last laugh: Ha!

Larry said...

I can't wait to see their debates. Here is a possible partial transcript:

Moderator: What are you running on? (For JDS and MJR)

JDS: I am running on Universal Healthcare, Property Tax Reform, Education Development, Transportation Improvement, and helping to shield Nutmegers from Bush/Cheney and insane, inane M. Rell.

MJR: I am not insane (psst! What does inane mean?). What am I running on? How are you going to pay for that JDS? You are playing a shell game. Where am I? It's cold in here and wolves are after me. Thank you.

You Cons. got a real live one in MJR.
What will she say next?

Anonymous said...

I find it remarkable the Dems are rallying around a poll from a firm that picked Bush in 2000 by 9 points.

It's a good thing Alan Schlesinger is running, though. He makes John DeStefano look popular.

MikeCT said...

Scarce has created some helpful trendline graphs of the various Lieberman Lamont polls.

bluecoat said...

Because of the way theWeston Forum is set up on-line, you have to scroll down to find Aug 16, 2006For Medicare Part D beneficiaries Entering the 'doughnut hole' is not so sweetby Kristan Zimmer and KIMBERLY DONNELLY but it's worth the scroll.

Anonymous said...

Can't anyone see that JDS has no legitimate chance to beat Rell???? Name recognition saved him in the primary to edge out Malloy, who in truth, might not have been doing much better in the polls in the exact same position. JDS is banking on the union vote...... Can anyone say Bill Curry?????

Maybe if there's a shooting in New Haven on election day as there was on primary day, maybe JDS will edge it out again.

Larry said...

It is funny that the only way a Republican can be popular is if they don't do or say anything. Don't get me wrong, if there must be a Conny every once in a great while, I guess it's best if that conny didn't do or say anything. However, there are things the Govt. of CT needs to do. 'Ole Granny Rell hasn't done anything; and, for that ladies and gentlemen, she must go.

Anonymous said...

Here's some math for you, Republican Governor/Rowland lackey Rell + Over 20 years in CT Government = No Leadership. Her failed years as Governor will soon come to an end. She has shown no promise and no leadership in her many years in Government. If I were her I'd quit while I'm ahead. She doesn't want to be like Mike Tyson and stay in so long that her retirement has no meaning. If I were her, I'd just resign. Because in two months she will be out of luck. And by the time this race is done, no one's going to want to eat this Granny's cookies. It's Tampioca time M. Rell, I bet some senior centers would enjoy your presence. The Bingo table is now open.

Anonymous said...

you know everything you say has no backing behind it.....

Sure, Rell is not the best choice. Yes, she's an elderly woman. Yes, she isn't a democrat with progressive ideas.

Anyone is better than Rowland, and most voters aren't intelligent enough to make a choice that's rational.

Rell isn't going to quit, she isn't ready to settle down in a senior home. That's just plain stupid.

Next time, please make a point that makes sense and is relatively realistic. Not just take shots at someone who atleast has ideas, regardless of whether they're good ones or not.

The Democrats DO NOT in my opinion have a legitimate shot at winning the governorship. The media will focus their attention on Lamont/Lieberman, drowning out any other race in the state. Malloy would have had a better shot, but marginally.

THINK before you post crap like that.