Sunday, August 06, 2006

Lieberman Switches Focus from GOTV to Media

My guess is that the GOTV army they wanted never materialized.

From the article:

But in the waning hours of the most closely watched Democratic primary in the nation, Mr. Lieberman, a three-term incumbent, appears to be ceding some tactical ground to his opponent in favor of running new advertisements emphasizing his message that voters should see him for more than his vote to authorize the war in Iraq.

People affiliated with the campaign said it had dropped plans for a far-reaching — and expensive — get-out-the-vote effort that would have added as many as 4,000 new workers and volunteers to the campaign in its final days.

NICHOLAS CONFESSORE, ANNE E. KORNBLUT and JENNIFER MEDINA. "Lieberman Reduces Effort to Get Out Vote". New York Times. 8/5/06


Patricia Rice said...

Connecticut Democrats will decide if our party is going in the direction of Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton or the direction of Bill Clinton & Chris Dodd.

This primary is for the heart and soul of our party and if the extreme liberal wing is allowed to hi-jack the party this will be the beginning of the end for Connecticut's Democratic party. It also sets us up for a big Democratic loss in November at the hands of the Republicans.

I am a Democrat and will always be a Democrat but if the Connecticut Democrats are going to identify more with Sharpton than Clinton I will hold my nose and vote Republican in November as a protest vote and DON"T THINK I'M ALONE!!!!!!

I would rather see a Republican majority instead of Democrats who are much worse. Let's elect Senator Lieberman and keep our party going in the right direction!

cgg said...

Both Sharpton and Jackson have campaigned for Clinton in the past. Why you and other Lieberfolk think they aren't on the same side is beyond me. A life long Democrat should be paying much closer attention.

As for the extreme liberal wing, come on. Lamont is ahead. Are you saying that most Democrats in CT are extreme liberals?

And if you're truly more comfortable voting for Republicans than liberal Democrats then I would suggest that you're in the wrong party.

Patricia Rice said...

cgg: Nationally, I'm in the right party but in connectciut you may be right...maybe I am in the wrong party. I sure don't feel like a Connecticut Democrat anymore.

cgg said...

I have to disagree with you there as well Patricia. I grew up in the Midwest and South. Democrats there aren't that much different than those in the North East. There are just less of them in comparison to Republicans. And they're following this race closely for a reason.

Anonymous said...

Oh please Patricia, save the melodrama. If Ned wins it won't be because of any conspiracy. It will be because the Democratic voters voices, for once, will actually be represented.

And frankly, you've shown your true colors. Who's the one dividing the party now. Ned or Joe?

Anonymous said...

More spinning from the Lieberman campaign. An obvious attempt to make Lamont supporters relax. Kornblut is a republican apologist. Don't be fooled by this story!

Anonymous said...

Patricia comments mirror almost exactly the comments from the DC lobbyist Lieberman hired who accosed Ned.

Anonymous said...

The NY Times are "Republican apologists"?????

What IS in your kool-aid, anyway?

matt said...

I hope you aren't the ordinary caliber of Lieberman supporters, Patricia. I don't know any Lamont supporter who would vote for Alan Gold over Joe Lieberman if the Lieb were to somehow pull this thing out on Tuesday. Not because of any great affection, but because he is, at the end of the day, another vote for Harry Reid and having sensible people in charge of Senate committees.

Anonymous said...

i thought I remembered Patricia asking Lamont people if they'd support the winner...what happened to that plan?

Gabe said...

Anon 12:37 - I am shocked, SHOCKED, at the hypocracy...


GMR said...

I'm a Republican who can't make up his mind if it's better to have Lamont or Lieberman win the primary (and if Lieberman loses the primary, to run as an Indy).

If Lieberman loses and runs independent, this will make it hard for downticket candidates to get much funds or volunteers, but they'll have great Get Out the Vote efforts from 2 Democratic Senate campaigns. If Joementum wins on Tuesday (unlikely), this will depress votes among the core Democrats (especially with a strong Rell), which would help downticket Republicans. But Lieberman winning would free up those who are volunteering for Ned to work on other races.

So what's better for Republicans? I dunno. Well, if Republicans want an optimal event (and don't think that Alan Gold has a prayer), here's what Republicans should pray for: Lamont wins the primary. This race gets mucho attention. Democrat party looks split, with some Dems supporting Lieberman and others supporting Lamont. Downticket Dems have a hard time finding volunteers or funding, and no one talks about their races. Then, on October 29th, Ned Lamont flees the country hours before relevations of Enronesque stock fraud. Dems are really dejected and don't show up to the polls. Lieberman wins, but Schlesinger still comes in third. But downticket Republicans do really well, having a good volunteer network and then having the Dems get out the vote effort crumble.

[OK, for those without a sense of humor, I'm not saying Lamont has ever done anything fraudulent. I'm just trying to think of something that would combine the benefits of Lamont winning with the benefits of Lamont losing, and this was the best I could come up with...]

Anonymous said...

A Lamont win helps the Democrats in the governor's race, because it will keep Lieberman in it and, as a result, ensure higher Dem turnout than if Lieberman wins on Tuesday.

Of course, the governor's primary race has split the party, IMO, 10x worse than the Lieberman-Lamont race has. It's much more vicious. And, of course, neither has a very good shot of winning in November.

Anonymous said...

Patricia youre right, dont be dismayed, this site is crawling with those form the lunatic left. The CT Dems have been moving more and more left over the years, to them anyone in the center, like you or me looks like a right winger. Essentially, if they win it will mean the middle class blue collar working man gets the shaft from the Dems once again in favor of minority rights, what they dont know though is that the people who elect presidents are not minorities, its families. moms and dads with kids. And those people dont tend to vote for gay marrige, or bussing suburban kids into bridgeport or other such sillyness. They vote for whats best for thier families. The Dems used to reflect that, not anymore though. This race is about shedding that last vestage of being for the blue collar family. Once that happens the Dems will never win another Presidential election again.

cgg said...

Wow Anon 9:03. Who knew that minorities didn't have families? And there are no blue collar minorities either? Amazing. Thanks so much for the enlightenment!

Jill said...

Hi. I grew up in West Haven and Woodbridge, lived and worked in New Haven through 1988 before moving to Ohio, yes Ohio - that's for another post. :)

My family's been liberal since forever, including fundraising back to Bruce Morrison, Blumenthal, the SOS whose name I can never spell, and yes, Lieberman. My brother interned for Dodd, I interned for Morrison bla bla bla.

My father is convinced he'll go for Lamont but, as a blogger who follows the political blogs very closely, and as a writer and lawyer and social worker and Jew, I have to tell you - if I lived in CT, I'd vote for Lieberman. I don't know that I'd like doing it, but as a realist, as a practical person, as someone who needs to know who is in her government and cannot accept sending someone as green as Lamont - who also just doesn't feel "of the people" - I couldn't pull the lever for him.

Honestly, the Courant's endorsement and Gergen's piece this weekend put me over. Those two pieces voiced all the reasons I would vote for Lieberman and wouldn't be able to vote for Lamont.

I love Connecticut. It's a great state. I think Lieberman is still the right person for the state.

Good luck to you all.