Friday, August 25, 2006

Lamont Meets with Senator Clinton

Ned Lamont met with Senator Hillary Clinton at her home in Chappaqua, NY today to discuss how she can aid his campaign. According to Lamont campaign manager Tom Swan, who was present at the meeting, Senator Clinton and Mr. Lamont also discussed issues that both Connecticut and New York shared including security.

Swan said that Clinton was "genuinely impressed" with Ned Lamont and pledged her full support to his campaign. In addition to raising funds Clinton is lending advisor Howard Wolfson to Lamont's campaign.

Ms. Clinton may campaign for Lamont in Connecticut but as of yet nothing has been set up. The Lamont campaign said that the ball was in their court and that Clinton would be happy to come for any event they might plan.


Anonymous said...

Apparently, Sen. Clinton, by lending Lamont the help of Howard Wolfson, is not the only Democratic Senator to lend Lamont some help.

This was posted by Kos today:

"Today, Hillary Clinton lent Ned Lamont one of her top consultants, Howard Wolfson.

But two weeks ago, under the radar, Harry Reid did the same. Stephanie Cutter, a key member of Reid's vaunted war room, has been in Connecticut for the last week and plans on helping out through November."

Here is the funny part of all of this - in 2004 Kos wrote this about Cutter: "She is a moron to the nth degree."

Crunchy Conservative said...

Kos is a moron. Isn't it amazing how far being a loudmouth gets some people in life?

TrueBlueCT said...

Yeah, Crunchy. You conservatives were far better off before the time when any random blogger could speak truth to power via some stupid website like DailyKos.

The fact that you "fear and loathe" Kos speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...

Cut & Run Chris? We all know that Chris Shays is a political prostitute. He was first out of the block to support Joe Lieberman and didn't care who his party would put up. Joe made him look like a real idiot when he said thanks stupid but I support Diane Farrell.

Now, Chris wants to reverse his position on the war and NOW wants to consider a time table. The only thing I know is Chris Shays will say and do what ever it takes to stay in power. He should start the Connecticut for Chris party and campaign with Joe. Only problem is Joe still supports his opponent.

Don Pesci said...

Wonder what the body language was like there. If only bodies could speak.

bluecoat said...

Senator rips state agencies
By:Don Michak, Journal Inquirer

and a Democrat is doing it, too!!!

Ending corporate welfare as we know it anyone????

bluecoat said...

Interesting story in the New London day; definiely heartfelt:Simmons Tells Story Of Homelessness
Former Viet Vet Explains Sensitivity To Homeless Issue

FatGuyinMiddleSeat said...

Joe's revenge:

He will be the first U.S. Senator to endorse Hillary for President.

Classic innoculation against the left. How far will she really go? This might be as far.

Why raise money for Ned in a serious way when other races (see Missouri, for example) need it more?

Anonymous said...

Bluecoat said: "Ending corporate welfare as we know it anyone????"

Bluecoat, we have had this discussion on previous posts and I am still at a loss as to what your position is on this issue. If a company wants to leave CT and take hundreds if not thousands of jobs with it because another state has offered it a package of financial incentives, what should we do? Should we let them go, or should we try to keep the company and the jobs here by offering our own package? The sate has made some bad investments, for sure, but it has also made some great ones. The UBS deal in Stamford was about $100 million in tax credits, but it has yielded hindreds of millions in positive revenue. A great deal by any measure.

With respect to Sen. Gaffey, he is mad because his town is losing jobs and they are going to Hartford. Check and see, however, if Sen. Gaffey voted for the state's $20 million deal that moved Diageo from Stamford to Norwalk. If he did, then he should be quiet.

Anonymous said...

Come on Connecticut! You can do it! Remember the plan.

After winning in November Lieberman is planning to resign to take the position of Secretary of Defense. Afterwards the republican Connecticut governor would appoint a republican to replace Lieberman in the senate.

For us it's WIN-WIN.

GMR said...

The UBS deal in Stamford was about $100 million in tax credits, but it has yielded hindreds of millions in positive revenue. A great deal by any measure.

I think that the UBS deal, and all other forms of targeted corporate welfare for that matter, was horrible. Even if the state made money on the deal.

Small companies aren't eligible. Only big companies like UBS. If 100 small companies located in Stamford, they couldn't get tax breaks. But if one big company decides to locate in Stamford, they get tax breaks. This is just completely unfair.

Second, if no municipality offered targeted tax breaks like this, UBS would still have located SOMEWHERE. Maybe not Stamford, but somewhere. However, it can now play local municipalities off against each other in search of a good deal, to the detriment of other businesses and residents in the winning community.

I would have absolutely no problem if Stamford lowered the taxes for every company in town. This is how towns should compete. Not with these targeted breaks that only the connected companies can win.

In a free market system, the government has to provide a level playing field: it cannot subsidize some businesses at the expense of others.

UBS AG got a subsidy. It may not be called a subsidy, but at the end of the day, that's exactly what it is. If UBS AG were to pay the same property tax as everyone else, but the city at the end of the year sent them a check for the amount that they are currently underpaying, everyone would call that a subsidy. But the cash flows in that scenario are exactly the same as the cash flows now.

Governments should not play favorites. They should keep the taxes the same for all businesses (unless there is a legitimate reason not to, like a special sewer district, extra trash generation, etc).

I'm a conservative Republican. I believe in free markets. This UBS deal, and the deal for the news sports store in East Hartford, and Diageo, and everything else that this states does to provide subsidies to large corporations (Rowland also tried it with the NE Patriots) are ridiculous, and are complete distortions of the market economy. There's no reason that municipalities should be competing to give targeted tax breaks to companies.

Make the playing field level. Give the tax breaks to everyone. Or to no one. But if you give a tax break to some, but not all, then you are effectively taking from one group of people and giving it to another.

justavoter said...

Lamont needs to watch that Clinton does not advise him to support the war like she has.
Clinton has someone running against her in the Democratic Party who like Lamont is an Progressive Democrat and against the Bush War.
Maybe Clinton can learn something from Lamont about listening to the voters.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Ned Lamont told her not to run for President Because she will lose like he is going to in November.

bluecoat said...

6:41: GMR has summed it up quite well - and the truth is you have no idea what the economic impact of UBS was; many would tell you it's been negative on the region with all costs considered but few in CT govt. seem to worry about the cost side of the equation because their goal is to make govt. bigger since govt. is the answer to everything for them.

CT needs to end corporate welfare as we know it - and cut the damn cost of state govt. operations too instead of always looking for more ways and things to tax to make govt. bigger.

Anonymous said...

Hillary is such a lamo I would never vote for her now after what she did to Lieberman and support Lamont.

Hillary Clinton and Left Said Ned Lamont two reasons to either register Unaffiliated or Republican.

Billy said...


Last I recall it was the liberal media that dominated free thought in the country, not conservatives. We had to find alternate means of getting our message out while you guys controlled the presses.