Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Lamont and Lieberman Again

According to the NYT this morning calls for Lieberman to step down have emboldened him.

But today Mr. Lieberman appears to be in the race to stay, running as a retooled independent candidate who is taking on both political parties, and Connecticut is already seeing a full-throated re-enactment of the menÂ’s blistering primary battle.

Far from sulking in defeat, Senator Lieberman has fired most of his senior aides, energized his broad base of donors from his campaigns for president and vice president, produced a new television advertisement explaining his political intentions, and attacked Mr. Lamont over the London terror plot.
In a state where Republican and independent voters make up a majority of the electorate, Mr. Lieberman is still developing a message about bipartisanship, but his aides say it will involve adopting positions from both parties and being willing to criticize Democrats as well as Republicans.

Lamont has plans too, and the Democratic Party has plans for him.

As the newly proclaimed Democratic nominee, Mr. Lamont is moving to adopt a general election strategy that attracts more moderate voters, who are crucial to victory in Connecticut elections. He is also seeking at least two experienced fund-raising aides to tap more donors in Connecticut and nationwide, particularly those who are excited by the antiwar message.
Some Lamont allies have privately expressed disdain for the idea of bringing on any outside consultants, noting that most big-name Democratic consultants had shown little willingness to help Mr. Lamont when he was an obscure businessman running a long-shot campaign.

“I don't want to hire any of those big-fee consultant types from Washington who just want to come in and make money off of Ned, Mr. Swan said. We won the primary on NedÂ’s message; we can win the general in a similar way.

The sudden role reversal is interesting. I have to wonder how well both candidates will deal with being in the opposite situation as they were in the primary.

Healy, Patrick & Confessore Nicholas. "New Lieberman Retooling Race as Independent". New York Times. 8/16/06


Anonymous said...

DeStefano can beat Rell but it's going to take some money.

I know there is a lot of money in legislative PACS. We already have solid majorities in both the House & Senate.

We need the Governors seat!

Can anybdoy list the PACS that are cash rich? Hopefully they can get the DeStefano campaign back on their feet in a hurry.

GMR said...

Ned Lamont says he's a fiscal conservative in today's WSJ.

Derby Conservative said...

My favorite quote from this story:

“There isn’t a Republicans for Lamont group yet, but I’m confident that we’ll have the message to organize one pretty quickly,” Mr. Swan said.

Swannie needs to come down off his post election glow and back into the real world. Any Republican who organizes or joins any effort for Nedly Lamont should have his party card revoked. I have no problem with someone breaking with their party on a few issues or candidates, but Lamont is so totally out to left field that no actual Republican could support him in good conscience.

The True Gentleman said...

Very true, DC. And special thanks to GMR for the link to the WSJ opinion article. Here's my favorite part: "But in the final analysis, the results of this election say less about me, and more about the people of Connecticut. -- Ned Lamont

Apparently, Mr. Lamont still believes that he is already the Senator of Connecticut and that the 43% of registered Dems who voted in the Dem Primary reflects the entire population of the State.

Billy said...

Joe will do fine, he started a bit more centrist in the primary, all he has to do is keep that up. Lamont is the only one who is screwed here, he went 100% for that 40+ % of the lunatic dems, burning all the moderates and indys in the process. He will score his base of nutters in the general election, but not much else.

Hopewellian_Magi said...

If the calls to ask Lieberman to step down have embolden Lieberman to rip the Democratic Party, who can take his committee seats away, then all I have to say about this is what the Greeks say about pompous blowhards like Lieberman -- The gods first fill with pride those that they want to destroy.

Lamont's WSJ op ed was excellent. He needs to publish op eds in CT papers too.

Lamont spent about half of what Lieberman spent to win the Democratic primary. Lamont's frugal habits and entreprenueral sense are what is needed in the US Senate.

Lieberman is a vain and vindictive man. The general election will highlight that more. Lieberman started showing his true colors in the Dem Primary, but now backed by Republican money and operatives, we'll see the Dem-hating Lieberman out in force. Lieberman is a fool and only fools will vote for him.

Anonymous said...

Caucus Pac's are not going to help DeStefano. Individual legislator controlled pac’s can but only if they think it's a good investment.

Find the pac’s that are controlled by people in leadership or Chairs of good committee's. Check Kevin Sullivan, Looney, Williams, Ciotto, McDonald, Amann etal

Amann may have already committed his personal pac money to Lieberman. OUCH!

Should find loads of available cash there. It's just a matter of who knows how to get it.

disgruntled_republican said...

From Swanny in the post,

"“I don't want to hire any of those big-fee consultant types from Washington who just want to come in and make money off of Ned, Mr. Swan said. We won the primary on Ned'’s message; we can win the general in a similar way."

Umm, well no, actually you can't.

cgg said...

I agree with Swan on the consultants. Why hire the same people who keep losing elections for Dems? Everyone said Lamont couldn't win the primary and he did. I'll keep my hopes up for the general.

The True Gentleman said...

cgg, I think that is too narrow a view to take. Mr. Lamont has electability issues in this State because he does not appeal to all voters. An outside consulting firm would help him appeal to more of the independent voters who still are undecided. That could be the difference.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 9:32 - I do not think that federal election law allows federal candidates to take money from state PACs; thus, Amann can't give his PAC money to Lieberman. More importantly, Amann would NEVER do that. You should know better.

Anonymous said...

GMR put up the following post earlier: "Ned Lamont says he's a fiscal conservative in today's WSJ."

Right. Maxine Waters, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have a long history of supporting fiscal conservatives. Not.

Seems to me that now that the primary is over, Ned is trying to move to the center. So I guess the question that needs to be answered is: Will the REAL Ned Lamont please stand up?

Anonymous said...

You all forget one big advantage that Lamont has...its ROY O...who is 0 for 6...I was in the JDS office when the announcement went public that both Malloy and Lieberman hired him as chief strategist...literally people were dancing in the aisles in JDS headquarters.

FatGuyinMiddleSeat said...

Lieberman is a fool and only fools will vote for him.

Yes, all of the Dems who swept him into office in 1994, 2000 (on two lines) are fools. Including all of you who did so in the past.

Ned's move to the center will be a true test of how badly they want to win. They should ditch Sharpton and friends- I don't think the troika really helped them much in the cities anyway.

FatGuyinMiddleSeat said...

You know. The theory of this race is actually linked to the Left's theory of terrorism.

By striking at Lieberman, you've only emboldened him! You can't defeat him! You should have tried to understand the root causes of his behavior and accommodated him.

FatGuyinMiddleSeat said...

Anon 1:02,

What you're saying about Roy O is one of those classic things- something that is true until isn't true anymore.

You would have laughed when Harris Wofford hired James Carville in 1991- Carville was one of life's losers until that race. He was an o-fer. Then he managed to hook in with some obscure guy from some obscure Southern state...

Don't let your Roy O joy come back and get you. This isn't Bill Curry- it's Joe Lieberman. He's got a good horse this time.

Chris MC said...

Only someone who is a political moron or has some personal ax to grind (or both) would keep putting up that crap about Occhiogrosso.

He and Cooney took a candidate from practicaly a standing start to within less than a point of taking the nomination. If not for the fluke of having nominated the LG candidate on voice vote (requiring a separate vote for LG on Primary Day) - that is, if Glassman had shared the lever with Malloy - Malloy/Glassman probably would have won. In other words, the campaign made exactly the right decision and the vote that Glassman received bears that out.

Without diminishing the fact that DeStefano was the victor by just over 4,000 votes, the argument that Roy is a loser just doesn't stand the test of this race.

If in fact people in New Haven were jumping with joy when Malloy announced hiring Roy, they sure weren't almost every day after that.

Unless you've got something to talk about, "Anonymous", something that isn't about twenty years old (and, btw, nobody is jumping in to corroborate you), why don't you move on to something else, like who is going to win next year's Stanley Cup.

Your comments on that subject would be worth about as much.

disgruntled_republican said...


Kinda like this, "the RedSox almost won the world series last year so its all good", right?

Last time I checked you run races to win, not almost win. Sorry.

Chris MC said...

As I said, the result is the result. But anybody looking past the W/L column knows the difference between a Series lost due to a bad bounce or a single error, and a manager who just isn't up to the job.

disgruntled_republican said...

But dude, the result is the only thing that matters!

Mr X said...

Lieberman is going to win in November Because of one Reason The ignorance of some Ned's Supporters inability to get the Democrats who are Conservative to come over and they will not join the Red Ned Army Because there are certain people who have been mentioned here that are such babies that they have turned off voters that would support Ned because of their hatred and venom I will not put the two names Because there are certain bloggers here who protect these two individuals like they are VIP's.

If these Democrats would grow up and embrace all Democrats whether they are conservative or liberal the world would be a better place.

Chris MC said...

No "dude", not when someone is Anonymously smearing another's professional reputation.

And if we just wanna call it another heated debate about the minutiae of the sport amongst a bunch of geeks (all of us), fine. Then the discussion of whether or not Joe Torre is as good a manager as his record suggests versus whomever who has never won the Series because he's been managing B-listers without enough $$ to compete (pretty good analogy) is right on the mark, too.

Especially since the guy is still in the big leagues with a key role the highest profile contest in the entire country this cycle!


The True Gentleman said...

ChrisMC, my heart tells me the Philadelphia brain tells me someone else...

Chris MC said...

That's the spirit, TG.

Go Whalers.

disgruntled_republican said...

Chris -

So is Terry Francona but I think he's an idiot too.