Monday, August 21, 2006

Iraq Again

This article in the Norwalk hour discusses the war as a midterm election issue.

Faced with these two basic and conflicting public sentiments, both political parties are struggling to develop a winning campaign message on Iraq.
Two-thirds of Republicans say they approve of Bush's handling of Iraq, according to AP-Ipsos polling in August. Nine of 10 Democrats disapprove and two-thirds of independents disapprove.

"We should leave Iraq now, there's nothing more we can do," said Joey Yovino-Young, a construction worker from Oakland, Calif., who leans Democratic. "We've done our damage. We should give them humanitarian assistance."

About two-thirds of Democrats favor leaving as soon as possible, according to Pew Research Center polling. More than two-thirds of Republicans favor keeping troops in Iraq until the situation is stabilized.

Politicians in both parties may not want to talk about Iraq, but it's not going to go away. We've already seen it's effects in the primary. When Connecticut goes to the polls again in November, what will it's effects be?

Associated Press. "Politicians must navigate minefield of Iraq public opinion". Norwalk Advocate. 8/21/06


ctkeith said...

What will its affects be?

A Lamont win in the Senate a Dem Sweep in the Congressional races and if JDS starts bashing Lieberman tomorrow he's even got a decent shot.

06 is all about C-H-A-N-G-E!!

TrueBlueCT said...

I think the "we can't leave now" crowd had better provide the populace with answers. Like "When should we expect things to start getting better in Iraq?"

Even now I watching TV hearing John Fund of the Wall Street Journal talking about how poorly things are going.

Republican strategist says the killing will continue, regardless, and suggests the only answer might be to partition Iraq into Sunni and Shi'a territories.

no said...

On a related note, check out the results of the newest Quinnipiac poll:

Anonymous said...

so folks, all gung ho for the Great New Haven Purge of 2006!!!!

"Critics asked a New Haven election official to remove Sen. Joe Lieberman from the Democratic Party on Monday, a request which could potentially lead to a hearing in which the longtime Democrat would have to argue that he still adheres to the principles of the party"

There once was a party that publicly purged members who were ideologically unreliable. I do not believe it was in this country...workers of the world unite, perhaps?

justavoter said...

Its simple Joe has got to go he nolong is a Democrat but a puppet on strings for Dick Cheney and Bush and all of his friends in the Republican U.S.Senate.

When Dick talks Lieberman walks those puppet strings really work.

Anonymous said...

Destefano Sucks he will be lucky to get any votes in Litchfield County we hate him up here.

Anonymous said...

If Lamont wins he will not be able to stop the Traveling War Show-This will last for another 15-20 years with stops in Lebanon,Israel,Iran and North Korea.

Ned may stop one problem but then another one will rise up This is a never ending situation.

We will be lucky if we are all here with all these goofy terrorists around in another two years.