Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunday Open Forum

Tom Gogola has an interesting take on last week's debate. Supporters of both Joe and Ned will appreciate this one. I have to quote this description of Lieberman though.

During the hour-long debate last Thursday, Lieberman came across like more than just a man bent on retaining his power and privilege at any cost, as many observers have noted. He came across like a vengeful, unhinged hyena who would stop at nothing to derail LamontÂ’s bid.

And the NYT Real Estate section has an article about development in Connecticut, and one group's suggestions on how to deal with the state's issues. The Governor's race and how the next Governor can affect development is mentioned. You have to register of course but is there if you'd rather not.

What else is going on?

Gogola, Tom. "Ned-Butting". Fairfield County Weekly. 7/13/06

Prevost, Lisa. "Confronting a Pattern of Warped Growth". New York Times. 7/16/06


Anonymous said...

Ned Lamont hasn't done anything to make me change my mind and I plan to support Senator Lieberman in The August 8th Primary.

Here is why I am NOT supporting Ned Lamont He has supports a cut and run policy for Iraq which is unamerican and anti war.

Just Because Senator Lieberman is supporting the troops that are there you anti war idiots are making it out to be that Lieberman is siding with President Bush Why dont you people get a life and stop being Anti war the 60's is over so get over yourselves.

Another Problem that has made Lamont a troublemaker and a antagonist is this group Called Democracy for America or DFA This group is a Liberal Democratic Group formed by Howard Dean and his brother to spit on everything Republican.

The Connecticut Chapter is an anti war group and all they do is galvanize these fruit loops and this is why The Democratic Party is in Shamble.

If Ned Lamont and these wackos in DFA get control of our party it would be a sad day in Connecticut Politics.

That is why I am hoping Lamont loses so these crazy people and The DFA will become a bad memory after August 8th.

MikeCT said...

The Courant reports on how Connecticut's Congressional elections are the new national battleground.

Nancy Johnson's poor civil rights record helps to explain her lone CT vote to strip voting rights from minority citizens.

Two third party U.S. Senate candidates pledge to withdraw if Lamont wins the primary.

I think "What's Going on Here?" (or is it called "Terry Cowgill?) is a link-worthy blog by a writer for the Lakeville Journal. A recent post reported on Chris Murphy's visit to the northwest corner.

Anonymous said...

The link claiming Mertens will drop out if lamont wins is false he said

"¨If Lieberman loses the Democratic primary, I´ll try to take votes away from him,¨ Mertens said.

But if the election goes south for Lamont, Merten said, ¨honestly, watch my dust.¨

He does not pledge to withdraw and support Lmaont

Anonymous said...

So, who is Mittens and who cares what he has to say?

MightyMouse1 said...

Terrible performance by Tom Swan on Fox 61 this morning, at least wear a tie.

Murphy had better have a good ground operation, because having a fundraiser with Barney Frank instead of going to Memorial Day parades really angers some vets (myself included).

Anonymous said...

The Rinker Buck story just trolled for Dem comment, labor comment and comment from former R's trying to promote books.

Besides, it said a "Bill DeNardis" lost in 1982.(no wonder no photo could be found!!) Great knowledge of CT political history on diaplay. Next time Rink, pick up a damm Blue Book before you write a feature article

Anonymous said...

When is Ned Lamont going to get it That this anti war message just doesnt play in Connecticut.

This is what Happens when an organization Like Democracy for America thinks they can galvanize a bunch of anti war activists to push out our Great US Senator Joe Lieberman.

I will continue to say that DFA will soon be DOA Because their message isnt playing except with the left wing liberals who send a bad message to the rest of the country and to send a rich millionaire who is anti war to the Senate is telling the rest of the country we have a bunch of losers in Connecticut.

Countdown to The End of DFA & Ned Left Said Lamont-22 days

Go Lieberman!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"I'm too sexy for Joe Lieberman," by Left Said Ned.

Apparently Tommy Swan was too sexy to wear a decent outfit.

I think the Lamont campaign may be too sexy for the average Connecticut voter.

Anonymous said...

What is Ned Lamont hiding from us in regards to why he will only release his 2005 Tax Return.

I think he is hiding something that he does not want us to know At least our US Senator Joe Lieberman did the right thing and released his tax returns to the public.

Is Ned Lamont the kind of US Senator we want in Washington DC he has to have George Soros back him along with Barbara Streisand and others of the left wing with financial support

Anyone who knows George Soros knows he wants something if he supports Lamont.

The Left Wing and The Rich want Ned Lamont as a mouthpiece along with the rest of the DFA.

If they think Ned Lamont can instantly wave a magic wand and end the Iraq War by cutting and running It is such a fairy tale.

I will not tell you my name Because you dont need to know it.It is none of your Business who I am.

I am supporting Joe,there are others who arent bloggers who support Joe and on August 8th Ned Lamont and those DFA losers will be finished once and for all.