Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Norwalk DTC Takes Aim at Lieberman

The Norwalk DTC has passed a harshly worded resolution demanding that Lieberman support whomever wins the primary.

From the resolution:

Whereas Joe Lieberman nevertheless continues to ask for unqualified support of his candidacy from Democratic Party institutions, including the Norwalk Democratic Town Committee,

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Norwalk Democratic Town and City Committee hereby expresses its abhorrence of the intended action by Joe Lieberman to run against the Democratic nominee for United States Senator, if that nominee is not Joe Lieberman,and

FURTHERMORE, THAT it urges each enrolled member of the Democratic Party in Norwalk to contact Joe Lieberman and demand that he either withdraw from the Democratic primary contestforthwith or accept in advance and without qualification the democratically expressed wishes of the Democratic Party which has supported his long and successful political career.

More information available via the Norwalk Advocate.

I'd like to see more DTC's follow Norwalk's lead, but it's probably to late for that. Most DTC's have already had their July meetings and won't meet again until after the primary. It will be interesting to see what happens if Joe loses the primary and does in fact run as an Independent.

"Resolution". The Norwalk Democrats. 7/17/06

Chamoff, Lisa. "Norwalk Dems urge Lieberman against independent run". Norwalk Advocate. 7/19/06


Genghis Conn said...

A new development on this reported on MLN... apparently the Lieberman campaign has yet to rule out running as a Republican, should they lose in August.

Probably nothing. But might be something, too.

bluecoat said...

it's nice to see people stand up to Joe; he think he's entitled to the job and he's not but he'll work the system to the end.

BRubenstein said... not convinced he will actually go the distance...he may well send the SOTS a letter resigning from the primary on like 8/6...

Internal campaign polls are showing Lieberman losing the primary

TrueBlueCT said...

If Lieberman were smart, he'd just go quietly into the night. If he loses the primary, the media barrage against him will get worse and worse. And I suspect we'll see some of the Dem big guns come into CT to campaign for Lamont.

Honestly, if Joe leaves now, he leaves with some respect left. It's simple, for the next twenty years he can just say that he found himself on the wrong side of a very big issue, --the Iraq War.

But if Joe selfishly hangs around this fall, --shredding the Connecticut Democratic Party in the process--, this could end on a very bad note. It would take my many years to forgive Joe, and any of his Liebercrat backers.

An American tragedy is in the works here. And if there weren't so many American families getting wrecked by this idiotic war, I'd probably feel sorry for Joe. sigh.

Anonymous said...

Interesting sidebar ... The Vermont Democratic party is trying to keep DEMOCRATS off the Democratic line for Senate, so an Indepdent, Bernie Sanders, can run. Poor Joe, maybe he should move to VT!

Patricia Rice said...

If Lieberman ever ran as a Republican it would be a sorry day for Democrats as he would draw a lot of votes to the top line. Rell,Shays,Johnson,Simmons and other Republican's would be dancing with joy.

BRubenstein said...

and Pat Rice would move to the Republican Party with Joe

ProgCT said...

To 5:16:

I think the VT alliance with the Progressives is really helpful to the VT Democratic party. The only way that Republicans get elected in Vermont is splitting the Liberal vote between the Progressives and Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Ned Lamont and Tom Swan in Washington DC What kind of Scandals will follow......

Anonymous said...

Yeah, like the "Great Granola Heist" or renaming Veggie Burgers "Freedom Burgers."

MikeCT said...

Another similar unanimous resolution from the Hampton DTC! (Hat tip to JJinCT_2 on MLN.)

Whereas: Senator Lieberman intends to run as an Independent should he lose the Democratic primary in August,

And Whereas: Such a move would split the Democratic vote and increase the chance of a Republican victory in the November election,

And Whereas: This one seat might make a difference as to which party organizes the Senate with dire consequences to America's future,

And Whereas: Senator Lieberman's action amounts to political blackmail by threatening Democrats that should they vote against him in the primary he will take actions that increase the chance of a Republican victory in the November election,

Now Therefore: The Hampton Democratic Town Committee urges Senator Lieberman to retract his threat to split the party by running as an Independent should he lose the primary election and, instead, to support the candidate elected by Democrats.

Interesting to note that the Advocate article also says:

The move follows a resolution passed by Greenwich Democrats asking Lamont and Lieberman to back the winner of the Aug. 8 primary.

Much like the resolutions criticizing Lieberman's position on the war, this could be part of a movement that ensures Dems side with Lamont post-primary.

MikeCT said...

Also in an earlier article from the J-I:

The longest-serving Democratic town chairman in Connecticut said today that he will continue to support Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman's bid for the Democratic nomination for re-election in next month's primary - but won't support the senator if he runs as an independent in November's general election.

"I'll keep my word. After that I'm sticking with what the Democrats decide in the Aug. 8 primary," said Manchester Democratic Chairman Ted Cummings.

Cummings said today that he will vote for Lieberman in the primary because he promised to do so. But he said he has decided not to set up a phone bank to help Lieberman, which he had been considering before Monday's announcement.

"He's a Democrat on Monday, and he changes his label on Tuesday," Cummings said, adding that Lieberman hasn't listened to what Democrats have to say.
After Aug. 8, Cummings said, "I'm not supporting him if he runs as an independent. I think it smacks too much of a Lieberman party rather than a Democrat party, and I'm not joining that party."

Anonymous said...

The Norwalk DTC is run by crazy people now. The current leadership has managed to do nothing but lose council seats and mangle last year's mayor's campaign so much that a popular incumbent Democrat lost by less than 200 votes.

Anonymous said...

I will be voting for Joe wether he is a Demo or an I, he is a good senator, and I am happy that he doesnt blow over when the lunatic left stamps thier feet. He is solid with labor, and with core American values. He is not a socialist, and he sees the need to defend the United States from the rising tide of Militant Islam. He is a good man.

Ned Lamont is just a rich prissy boy who is trying to win on 1 issue and his personal fortune. Not only that Lamont is pro amnesty. He is what we call a weasel.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:39- Well Stated I totally agree with your statement It is nice to know there are others who arent riding The Lamont Express and trying to push the Lefty Liberal position down our throats.