Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Ned Lamont Will Match Contributions

I just received the latest fundraising e-mail from the Lamont campaign. Lamont has pledged to match every dollar contributed between now and the primary.

With less than three weeks to go, I am going to make a pledge: From here on out, I promise to match, dollar for dollar, every contribution made online to our campaign through the primary. You've put this campaign on your back from day one, help carry us over the finish line today.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. Lamont was going to funnel more personal funds into his campaign anyway right? Matching funds isn't an uncommon way to raise money, but I've never seen it in politics. Has any other self-financed or partially self-financed candidate ever done this?

Lamont, Ned. Official Campaign Fundraising Letter. 7/19/06


bluecoat said...

cgg: sounds like an innovative way for the cable guy to find out what kind of support he has out there; I have never considered the he was buying the job by putting up his own money; it's usually the other way around - that people who give money are buying the candidite - or access to the candididate as it is often said.

Anonymous said...

Not sure of your point, but Perot & Huffington (CA - Senate) come to mind for significant self-financing.

Anonymous said...

Not sure of your point, but Perot & Huffington (CA - Senate) come to mind for significant self-financing.

TrueBlueCT said...

Okay CGG,

Depending on how you look at it, I guess you could call it a gimmick. Me, personally, I've always like matching funds. Kind of makes the little guy feel like he has more power than he would otherwise.

What's the deal with the local media that they'll gladly describe Ned's donors as 70% out of state, but they keep entirely quiet about Joe's 80% out of state money? Also, it would be swell if they did a profile of some of the big contributors to Joe, from all over the country. They sure aren't the same folks giving Ned $50 contributions over the internet. fwiw.

cgg said...

TrueBlue, I like matching funds too. It's a great way to raise money. I've never seen a candidate attempt to raise money this way though.

Really, what bothers me is that Lamont is going to have to pledge his own money anyway. The question I have is if he'll continue to put money in beyond the matched dollars. The letter doesn't define any perameters. That's what makes me uneasy.

And I'm not saying this is a bad tactic, only that I'm not sure if it's the best way to approach raising funds.

BRubenstein said...

Its not illegal to match funds.At least Ned isnt whoring from the corporations or wealthy and influential folks.

tparty said...

A few things:

1) Lieberman will outspend Lamont in this race, probably by a factor of 2-to-1. Ned is simply not going to kick in Corzine-like money here, or anything approaching it.

2) The Lamont campaign challenged Lieberman to cap spending at $7 million two months ago. Lieberman refused.

3) The Lamont campaign needs to get a large amount of financial support from the grassroots and small donors, since he hasn't accepted and won't accept any money from Washington lobbyists. Unlike the Lieberman campaign which is relying in great part on that type of suspect money for its likely $10 million+ campaign.

This seems to me to be an innovative and hopefully very successful way of encouraging the type of small donations that Lamont absolutely needs if he is going to win.

BRubenstein said...

My 82 year old mother in law ( and halocaust surviver) voted for Lamont today by AB,,,she was very pleased to do so...

Anonymous said...

Ned Lamont strikes again... he is just buying his way in First he gets the Left Wingers like Soros and Striesand to send him cash Now he has to buy peoples votes to win.

Ned Lamont Wrong for US Senate..
Wrong For Connecticut...

Send this anti war buffoon back to his Greenwich Empire.

6 more years for joe Lieberman... Bye Bye to that Anti War DFA Group started by The Dean Bros.

FatGuyinMiddleSeat said...

Why would Ned be asking for money for himself at all? Ned and his wife have money to burn.

What would really impress me is if he pledged to give matching funds to the DNC- or or another PAC.

I think I see what Ned is trying to do- he's trying to get people to put in a symbolic investment to his race. Investment = participation = tie-in.

Self-financed guys tend not to win if they are not the prohibitive favorite. Perot, Huffington. Clayton Williams (Texas Gov.) were not. Corzine was, twice. There are exceptions to this- but I think it's a general rule.

Will he match Rosie O'Donnell's donation, or did that come in the door before the matching program? Also, if you donate now, he'll throw in a Ned Lamont tote-bag, coffee mug and you will be entered to win his pass to the Greenwich Public Beaches.

Quarterly Prophet said...

It's a silly gimmick. A much better gimmick would be if the two candidates promised to match the other one's donor contributions for one day, with a cap of 50 or 100 dollars per person. So if Ned got $15,000 dollars on a day, Joe and Friends of Joe Lieberman would match that, and vice versa. :D

no said...

This appears to just add credence to mine, and many others', claims that Ned Lamont is trying to buy a seat in the U.S. Senate.

Anonymous said...

Ned Lamont better not sing karaoke anymore on his commercials. All the dogs in my neighborhood heard the Commercial and are howling.

Countdown to DFA's Fadeout:19 days

Ding Dong DFA soon will be dead on arrival.

Anonymous said...

DFA-18 days until you disappear this probably will not get printed Because this is Connecticut Liberal Politics.

BTW -Lamont & Swan Still suck