Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Memo

It's Officially a criminal inquiry now.

The state's top prosecutor opened a criminal inquiry Friday into whether the governor's chief of staff, M. Lisa Moody, lied May 16 when she testified at a legislative hearing that she didn't read an ethics memo that it turned out she had edited.

Chief State's Attorney Christopher L. Morano sent letters Friday afternoon to legislators in both parties, seeking any information "relative to possible criminal violations" mentioned in "recent published media reports."

Morano didn't mention Moody specifically in his letter, but when asked about it after it surfaced at the Capitol, Morano said his office was "conducting a preliminary review and gathering some facts to see if an in-depth investigation" was warranted in areas including "the chief of staff's testimony before the committee."

Rell has to ask for her resignation now right? Can Lisa Moody even perform her job effectively now?

Lender, DJon. "State Opens Perjury Inquiry". Hartford Courant 7/8/2006


bluecoat said...

any bets on when and how he closes the investigation after bringing no criminal charges? He do so with malloy after a friendly phone call from judiciary committee co-chair McDonald; paraded 300 wits in front of Judge patrick Carroll as grand jury who found rowland committed no crimes in this state; went to a judge who found a flimsy and uneducated reason to refuse to sign his arrest warrant for Rowland violating the state's revolving door law, found some lame excuse for not bringing charges against his co-workers, the 13 Moodygate Commissioners and then lectured the GAE about their laws;.......

Anonymous said...

From the way the democrats are acting, i.e. tightlipped, it seems like the know more than they are saying. Morano should interview all the democratic leaders and GAE committee members to see if they were threatened or promised anything to drop the inquiry, and who said things to them. This could be the beginning of the end of Rell...... It started this way with Rowland... maybe Jodi's husband has a Bastille Day poem he can recite at some gathering next week blaming everyone except Lisa and MJR

bluecoat said...

Morano is covering his butt; he hasn't even been asked to investigate yet by the GAE; the investigaion will be closed without charges; Jodi ain't Rowland

Anonymous said...

Why should Lisa Moody gets a free pass She lied to State Legislators and must resign as a result of her guilt.

This is just another of The Continuing Saga of Rowland/Rell That is why we are called Corrupticut!!!

Let Jodi Rell find someone else to run her office obviously Moody cant.

Anonymous said...

Conducting an ivestigation of Moody might be the best thing Morano could do to guarantee his job. Can you imagine the fallout if Rell were to basically fire him during or shortly after an inquiry of her best friend (regardless of the outcome)? That coudl be just the issue DM/JDS are looking for.

Anonymous said...

Last time I checked, there was still the presumption of innocence. Moody hasn't been charged with anything.
I think this whole thing is a ploy by the Rell campaign to keep the Hartford Courant and the Democrats focused on stuff the public doesn't care about.

ctblogger said...

Moody-gate: the most under-reported story of the year (and it's only July).

The media should be ashamed of themselves!