Thursday, July 06, 2006

Live Open Forum Tonight

Just an FYI I'm going to have a thread up where anyone can comment on the debate as it happens. I'll open it up around 6:30.

While we're at it, feel free to post any pre-debate predictions here.

See you there!


Genghis Conn said...

[And FYI, I will take comment moderation off for the duration of the debate, so comments will appear in real time. So be nice.]

Anonymous said...

MY PREDICTION - My grass will get mowed between 7 & 8 PM tonight!

And the Don Imus show promises to be very good Friday morning. said...

How does one judge a debate?

ProgCT said...

I expect Lieberman to be highly polished and use GOP talking points on Iraq.

Zengerite said...

It's always a risk to put predictions in print. But I think Nedley will start off with some sweaty palms, then find his stride- pulling the answers back to the 3 issues that former CT Republican party chair Tom D'Amore likely recommended he focus on: 1) Joe's Disloyalty to the Democrats, 2) Iraq, 3) Nedley the New Guy

Lieberman will be weak- he was lousy against Cheney. His counterattacks will be clumsy and half-hearted. Nonetheless, he has wisely eliminated the ultimatum question from the deck of cards by announcing that he will gather signatures.

Joe's camp is telling him that this debate is not about winning the Democratic primary- it's about setting up the general by pushing Ned way to the left. You'll see Joe appeal to the broader electorate- let's see if there's solid execution.

We'll also see very quickly if Ned is the left's answer to Brooks Johnson.

cgg said...

I'll never forget that debate against Cheney. It was just painful to watch.

Genghis Conn said...

I remember the media reaction to that one was something like "Gosh. What nice, pleasant old men they are." Someone dragged out the old saw that the tickets should have reversed order, that the wrong guys were running at the top, etc. Sheesh.

Genghis Conn said...

(oh, and comment moderation is now off. Be nice.)

Anonymous said...

I cannot find a way to figure out whether all those years on the floor, plus a vice-presidential run are going to stand Joe in good stead or if Lamont is going to just blow everyone away because we have somewhat low expectations - either way I think it is going to be interesting

Genghis Conn said...

Lieberman will start off shaky and recover. Lamont's charisma won't translate so well to live TV, but he'll make a couple of big points that will get a lot of play. Lieberman will counter Lamont effectively, but the media will give it to Lamont for holding his own against a veteran like Lieberman.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said... said...

"How does one judge a debate?"

Glad you asked.

I'm afraid most casual observers will find themselves unaware of the offical rules, but won't admit it. So for your and their help, here they are:

Offical Leiberman / Lamont Debate Rules

No wrestling or hugging allowed.

The rounds to be of three minutes duration, and one minute's time between rounds.

A man hanging on the ropes in a helpless state, with his toes off the ground, shall be considered down.

No seconds or any other person to be allowed in the ring during the rounds.

Should the contest be stopped by any unavoidable interference, the referee to name the time and place as soon as possible for finishing the contest.

No shoes or boots with springs allowed

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Zengerite said... "Lieberman will be weak- he was lousy against Cheney"

You knew this was coming didn't you?

Ned Lamont is no Dick Cheney.