Thursday, July 27, 2006

Joe (Finally) Takes His Show on the Road

Joe Lieberman is going on tour.
From his official press release:

Hartford, CT - The Lieberman campaign today announced
that Sen. Joe Lieberman will embark tomorrow on a
ten-day tour of the state. "Joe's Tomorrow Tour,"
which will visit six cities across Connecticut on the
first day, will make stops in Meriden, Naugatuck,
Seymour, Ansonia, Shelton and Orange.

Over at MLN Spazeboy has Joe's public schedule for tomorrow posted. In addition to a stop at his campaign headquarters Lieberman will make appearances in Meriden, Naugatuck, Seymour, Ansonia, Shelton, New Haven, and Orange.

Meanwhile according to the Courant Ned Lamont will hold a press conference with Michael Schiavo, widower of Terry Schiavo tomorrow. I get what Lamont is trying to do, but appearing with Schiavo is a bizarre move.

Then again what about the Senate primary hasn't been.

"JOE'S TOMORROW TOUR". Official Campaign Press Release. 7/27/06

Pazniokas, Mark. "Important As All Get-Out". Hartford Courant. 7/27/06


Gabe said...

I wish I could go to something, but I have a week left of work for the summer!

ctkeith said...

There's nothing Bizzarre at all about standing Next to someone who is now the symbol for Leaving Medical decisions in the hands of Families instead of Government or even congressional action.

My Wife,her mother and her brother with help and support from their spouses made the choice to put a DNR on my Father in- Law make him comortable with morphine and Extibate him last Thursday morning after a long battle with Parkinsons and after he suffered a major Bleed and was rushed by ambulance to the hospital.

Without going into any more detail I'll Tell you we buried him yesterday,All his medical decisions were made by his wife and children without Government interference and thats how it's suppose to be.

Joe Lieberman Threatens that and Thats why Ned Lamont must stand next to him tomorrow.

cgg said...

Lamont's view isn't bizarre, but bringing Michael Schiavo up to CT is.

FatGuyinMiddleSeat said...

Right or wrong, Schiavo will be an oddity- a distraction. Bad move, Ned- keep your eye on the ball.

Where Joe goes means nothing. Voters know him, have their own views about his views.

Joe is going to fight a ground war through 8/8- armies of organized turn-out. Ned can't build that or even buy it- so he plays a different game.

If we are in an 8/9 3-way scenario- Joe will go air and ground. Air for the Republicans and indies, ground for the Union guys- if they stick with him.

Anonymous said...

Absolute bull. The government intervention into the Schiavo's family decisions is something that could happen here, there, and everywhere.

If Senator Lieberman was so indecent as to side with the Republicans in their political "ploy", well --every last family member in Connecticut should be aware of it.

Lieberman wasn't a ring-leader. But he sure was an appeaser. Let him wear his dishonorous badge.

Anonymous said...


WOW! Tomorrow! Joe's schedule just hit the blogs.

Can you imagine if regular Joes started showing up, and asked Lord Lieberman some real questions?

My bet is that Joe can't handle a truly public forum. He sure hasn't held one yet. Can you imagine if he had to start answering questions, like if the Bush Doctrine of pre-emption should be applied to Iran?

Or if he believes his wife's job as a corporate lobbyist is a conflict of interest? Or if he regrets never having worn our country's uniform? (How many deferments, Senator, sir?).

What if people asked him if he regreted his unusual vote for the Bush/Cheney Energy Bill, what in light of the record high gas prices?

Or if he thinks Israel is more or less safe since we invaded Iraq?

What if he had to defend his differences with Chris Dodd on the Bolton appointment? Or his controversial vote to confirm Atty General Alberto, "Torture is Legal" Gonzales?

Of if he had to account to women's groups for his rolling over on the Alito filibuster, and his "short taxi cab ride" comment?

Not to mention his decision to risk a safe Dem Senate seat via his selfish "CT for Lieberman" play.

Or to be asked once again if he would send his sons off to War in Iraq. Oops! My mistake. Has he ever been asked that question? One can only dream....

FatGuyinMiddleSeat said...

If we go to 8/9, do you think Lieberman's message that he puts policy over party- and policy over partisanship will play well with the 50% of the electorate that is UNAFFILIATED?

cgg said...

What bull? I agree with Michael Schiavo, always have. But I think Lamont's having him come takes the focus away from where it needs to be. Terry Schiavno isn't supposed to be the story. Ned Lamont is.

ExitPollster said...

No stop in Willington? I guess the DTC created such an unwelcome environment that Joe must now cede Willington to Lamont in the primary. My computer model shows that if Joe loses Willington by 60%, he will have to win 50.073% of the vote in the rest of the state- a pretty tough burden. Which explains why Joe has chosen a schedule that keeps him far from Willington- and frankly, into territory like Seymour where Willingtonians are fairly unpopular. (Like Californians in Seattle.)

The Willington event has really started to be the unforeseen "event-shaper" that we've been waiting for.

Anonymous said...

As far as Michael Schiavo is concerned, you're both wrong. Lamont hasn't "brought" Schiavo anywhere. Schiavo and his TerriPAC has been endorsing all candidates who support a right to medical privacy. Lamont's just the latest in a group of politicians who respect a family's medical decisions.

Susan said...

You guys know absolutely nothing about the Schiavo case, that it was in reality an abuse of the right to privacy and civil rights of the profoundly disabled.

"Medical privacy"? Do you really believe that rot? An incompetent judge, the judge MICHAEL SCHIAVO wanted to "interefere" with his "private" decision, ruled in his favor based on perjurious statements by MS and his brother and sister-in-law while ignoring everybody else's. The appellate courts could do nothing to overturn the incompetent Judge Greer's decision.

Congress, meanwhile, was outraged enough by the injustice to try and allow the Schindlers a de novo review of the facts of the case, since the appellate courts could not review the case of "findings of fact." They didn't "interfere" any more than is the case with death penalty cases. This was a bi-partisan move, contrary to lies told by the so-called "left" blogosphere who swallowed the bioethics garbage that anybody who opposes medical killing is a religious wingnut.

There are SO many lies being told about this case, unfortunately from the left and the media such as the St. Petersburg Times and the AP, that it's little wonder people have a kneejerk reaction.

But little Mikey Schiavo is still trying to parlay his dubious fame for even more fame and money. He's laughing his rear end off at the stupidity of Democrats who think what he did (originally to get at his wife's trust account and later allowed to embezzle it to hire a lawyer to argue to have her murdered) is at all right. It isn't, and deep down all of you Schiavo supporters know it isn't.

But hey, since the public was conned about this case, the "left" thinks it has a wedge issue. Facts about their dubious hero, about the case, even about the autopsy report (which didn't support Michael Schiavo's lying contention) be damned. What's more important is defeating the "right," even if it means supporting a liar.

What this case is really about is that judicial system with regard to guardianship is broken, and it needs to be fixed to guarantee the civil rights of the cognitively disabled are guaranteed.

cgg said...

Thanks Susan and Anon 9:48. You guys have made my point exactly!

bluecoat said...

cognitively disabled??? Terry Schivo was brain dead in a persisitent vegetative state, largely as a result of medical malpractice BTW, and the autopsy confirmed it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Genghis Conn said...

Heeeere we go.

justavoter said...

ned Lamont is doing what he should be doing meeting with the voters in person .

Joe is on a 10 day tour ask him tough questions and I bet he walks the other way.

Leiberman can attack Lamont but in the end Lamont wins the primary and those that still support Lieberman that call themselves Democrats can now change parties and join the Conservative Party or the Republican Party

BRubenstein said...

Joe's " Fabricated Bus Tour" will not even pretend to replace " Ride the Majic Bus" by "The WHO"

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...


Is it just me, or do even politics junkies wish we could just flash forward through the last 7-10 days of campaigns like this ... or maybe Tivo them so we could, y'know, go back and pick up anything we missed and wanted to see but could skip crap like this?

Anonymous said...

Yes--Schiavo can also stump for the Abortion Rights of Minors Act. Cause the libs just can't get enough of doing away with little inconveniences.

Derby Conservative said...

Is Willington really a town in CT? I just looked it up in my Rand McNally Atlas and it does not even list it in the index of cities and towns.

Frankly, if Rand McNally doesn't bother to list it, then how do the fine people there expect anyone to find it, much less campaign there. I think that Sen. Lieberman's forray into the Naugatuck Valley Region is a preemptive strike at Alan Schlesinger's base. His HQ is in Shelton and he practices law there as well. He's looking past Looney Ned and rightfully so. He's got the primary in the bag...I predict a win for Joementum by 11% points. Brubenstein, I will bet you a trip to the pistol range on it.

Anonymous said...

Willington is a mythical place, akin to Camelot, where political empires are built, at the travel stop.

BRubenstein said... are on...

Anonymous said...

Michael Schaivo is a big fraud and a loser he just wants to get all this publicity to promote a book like the moron he is.

I am so glad Ned Lamont had that lamo support him shows how desperate you liberals are to get the pretty boy millionaire into power.

Vote for Lieberman...our Fighter in the Senate

Dont vote for Ned "Flanders" Lamont He is a liberal left winger

DFA is a dying organization it never went anywhere in Litchfield County and it is going down in flames everywhere else.It will be good to see Dummies for America gone with the wind in 10 days.

cgg said...

Derby Conservative said: Lieberman's forray into the Naugatuck Valley Region is a preemptive strike at Alan Schlesinger's base.

Alan Schlessinger has a base?

ExitPollster said...

AS has a base. All the people who take money from him in blackjack games. (9%, apparently)

Anonymous said...

Alan Schlesinger's base is Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun

Alan's favorite Quote-"Show me the Money"