Friday, July 07, 2006

JDS on Transportation

John Destefano unveiled his transportation agenda in Fairfield County today. Considering the location he chose, I'm surprised that the plan mentions so little about the transportation problems that Fairfield County faces. I do like the idea of a bi-state authority for CT and MA airports though. No mention about how he plans to pay for anything, but I've come to expect that from press releases.

Here are the plan's highlights:

- Creation a new state agency to manage the state's public transit system. (According to the Connecticut Commuter Council, Connecticut is the only state in the nation to run its commuter rail operations out of its department of transportation).

- Create a bi-state Connecticut-Massachusetts Airport and Development Authority. It would aggressively manage the airport and market Connecticut and western Massachusetts.

- Widen I-95 from Branford to the Rhode Island border.

- Audit of all bridges should be completed with a financing plan and timetable to address the state's needs prioritizing safety and usage.

- Immediately invest in commuter rail between service between New Haven and Springfield and pursue commuter rail along I-84.

- Improve freight rail access to Connecticut. Rail options for freight should be expanded using Connecticut's north-south connections to the CSX facilities in Massachusetts.

- Work with New York State to re-establish rail freight movement across the Hudson River and New York Harbor.

- Increase parking, lighting and safety at Metro-North stops in Fairfield County.

- Create a true Port of Connecticut capable of supporting all three ports with financial resources, expanded bonding capacity, planning assistance, and marketing capacity.

- Develop the Port of New London and I-395 into a commercial corridor.

- Immediately seek proposals for high speed ferry service to each of the state's ports with connections to Long Island and New York City.

Tomorrow JDS is hosting meeting a with bloggers. I'm sure there will be a few questions related to transportation.

I have to confess that I saw this on Connecticut Blog before the release made it into my inbox. Thanks to CTBlogger for making me aware of this.

Slap, Derek. "DeStefano Announces Bold Transportation Policy". Official Campaign Pres Release 7//7/2006


Anonymous said...

For God's sake, hasn't anyone in a position of power or influence ever tried to drive across the Commodore Hull Bridge on Route 8 during rush hour? Because of the massive building of office complexes in Shelton, Trumbull, Stratford, etc., far more commuting between Fairfield County jobs and Naugatuck Valley houses and no expansion or improvement of the highway (or introduction of alternative transportation), this stretch has deteriorated to a daily standstill (except during July and August). It's a problem so unsung it doesn't even get mentioned among the empty promises politicians make during their campaigns.

Anonymous said...

Widen I-95 from Branford to the Rhode Island border.

I really wanted to continue reading after this one, but it's hard to read when you're laughing hysterically. I mean is he serious? Our grandchildren would inherit that little "project".

ctblogger said...

No problem. Lord knows I've posted stuff after you've gotten the scoop on me over the last year :-)

Wrath of Conn said...

In this entire plan, is there one mention of cost, or of how he plans on paying that cost?

It's really easy to set goals like this when you don't explain at all how you plan on achieving them. He should have just promised free BMW's for everyone to fix the transportation crisis.

Anonymous said...

Checking DeStefano's website, the plan is given in greater deal than the press release He addresses public transit issues with some specificity:

DeStefano would complete the bus-way from New Britain to Hartford, which has been talked about for years but has languished due to a lack of leadership. Also, a minimum of 4,200 seats (40 coaches) must be added to the Metro-North fleet. Inter-modal hubs in Bridgeport, Stamford and New Haven should be expanded and the parking capacity in Bridgeport and New Haven should be increased by 400 and 900 spaces, respectively. The platforms at 14 Metro-North stations should be lengthened to accommodate longer trains and improvements must be made to the stations in Clinton, Guilford and Branford.

Zack said...

"Checking DeStefano's website, the plan is given in greater deal than the press release He addresses public transit issues with some specificity:"


Mmmm Jodi Rell said...

I don't see why he has to explain how he's going to pay for it. Dan Malloy never does. He even said in the Courant that he didn't have a way to pay for some of his plans.

I think everyone can agree a greater investment needs to be made into some of Connecticut's infrastructure?

AB said...

Its simple. He hasnt a clue nor does Malloy how they would pay for all the proposed programs and projects. Oh, wait I know...thast right, taxes, taxes,taxes....

Please......neither of these two guys has a clue.....

bluecoat said...

Except for the widening of I-95 from Branford to RI< I don't see a whole lot of new state spending; I do see a better focus on getting things done - better than Malloy's idea of turning metro North into a subway and Rell's idea of supporting more overdevelopment with state grants like Malloy did in Stamford....and while JDS has assimilated a lot of ideas that have been around for awhile, he has neverhteless done it..

bluecoat said...

without commentary by yours truly here is Ferry service proposal gets a boostand DeStefano rolls out transit plan while riding the rails

turfgrrl said...

bluecoat-- so your position is that increasing the number of cars on metro north is enough as opposed to adding cars and jiggering the schedule so that there are more frequent trains, more stops etc?

Zengerite said...

I thought we were gonna double deck the Turnpike and run a monorail over it.

Senator-elect Lamont will use his vast pull with President Bush and future majority leader Mitch McConnell to get Big Dig Dollars over here.

It's all coming together.

dumbruss said...

Agreed with the comment that this plan does nothing for Fairfield county. Its amazing how badly 95 and the Merritt back up everyday, and it ends up clogging all of the backroads (such as Rte 8) as well.

Speaking of Lieberman and his "I bring home the bacon speech" during the debate. Umm... dude, we are getting screwed on transportation financing, and as a result we have roads that can't support the traffic that they need to.