Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday Open Forum

This is the first day of a predicted heat wave...Get those A/C's running and hope for no brown-outs!

Republican US Senate Candidate Alan Schlesinger says he is staying in the race despite his gambling "issues" and Governor Jodi Rell's request, on more than one occasion, that he drop out. I am waiting to see how this pans out but I think for the good of the Republican party, at this point he should probably step aside.

According to an AP poll cited in today's Hartford Courant the majority of Americans want to see Democrats take overall control of Congress. It may be the majority's opinion but this American doesn't want to see that happen.

Hartford lawyer and magistrate for the state judicial branch James Aspell was arrested in Amherst MA yesterday on charges of engaging in sexual conduct for a fee. You can read about it here .

On the lighter side of the news, 2 escaped EMU, yes I said Emu, have been spotted in Simsbury and Middletown. The birds, which cannot fly and are originally from Australia, apparently escaped the farm they live on in Simsbury.

So besides the Senate, the heat and the Emu, what else is going on today?


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bluecoat said...

taming the wild west through the civil courts when the criminal justic sytem won't do it in a Norwalk Courtroom inConvict in courtroom fracas sues prosecutor

cgg said...

CTBlogger has a clip from last night's Colbert Report, where Colbert's signature segment is devoted to our own Democratic primary.

Gio said...

Schlesinger has been all over the radio proclaiming the silliness of the charge---which it is. Oh well, it makes a crazy race even crazier. As for the magistrate, if he didn't offer $$$ would he be charged? I'm just glad that the cops are busy reading Craigslist, cause you know, it's not like we have crime problems in the cities or anything.....

Mr. Reality said...

The media coverage over this whole Alan Schlesinger thing is quite interesting. Considering they barely covered this guy's candidacy when he announced it is puzzling to me as to why they would spend so much time covering his calls to get out of the race.

GMR said...

The only place in CT that I think is at risk of brownouts is lower Fairfield County.

And it's doubtful that a brownout would happen over the weekend, as many office buildings automatically reset the thermostats to the high 70s.

In order to make the primary more interest, suppose a heat wave started on the Sunday before the primary, and went into effect on primary day! That would certainly make a memorable Senate race even more memorable!

bluecoat said...

lard ass Rell probably never liked Schlesinger and now that she sees there is going to be a real horse race she wants to overturn the votes of the 1500 delegates that went for AS and put hers in. Fifteen years ago her kid stole a jet ski; fifteen years ago a state cop got a little puffy with AS but couldn't do anything about it because he was wrong; the Wampum card is a contract between AS and Mohegan Sun - they knew exactly who he was - who is kidding whom??

cgg said...

Mr. Reality, I don't think it's all bad for Republicans. At least now the press realizes that a Republican is running.

BRubenstein said...

Disgruntled...are the Emu's registered Republicans they gamble at Blackjack?

disgruntled_republican said...

BR -

Of coarse they are Republicans!

I am not sure if they play blackjack but I will make some calls to find out.

I am a republican blackjack player by the way. My favorite thing to do at the casino besides eat!

CTKnows said...

Liberal Assault on Joe Could Hurt Democrats in Other Senate Races

Liberal Assault on Joe Could Hurt Democrats in Other Senate Races
July 14, 2006

Some Democrats are nervous that if Senator Joseph Lieberman loses his primary to an antiwar challenger, thousands of hawkish Jewish Democrats who see the Connecticut lawmaker as their standard-bearer will either abandon the party or sit out the November election.

That, say several political observers, could make the difference in some hard-fought Senate races — including contests in Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania — that Democrats must win in order to have any hope of taking back the Senate this year....

Paul Vance said...

I went to concert a week or two ago at Mohegan (Jimmy Buffett) and lost a few quarters in the slots while walking through. I thought I should confess, just in case I decided to run for office sometime.

This fake Wampum card was from 1992? Why does this matter in 2006?

Paul Vance said...

This Schlesinger 'controversy' is a perfect example of why people don't run for office- and mind you, I don't even support the guy. This whole issue takes away from the real issues that affect our lives!

This is one of the dumbest controversies that I have ever seen.

Genghis Conn said...

See, if it came out on its own, it probably wouldn't matter at all. But it's a story now because Gallo and Rell publicly called for him to withdraw, which suggests that it's only a big deal because they want it to be.

I don't think ordinary voters care much. I certainly don't.

Paul Vance said...

The clip from Colbert is really funny. Thanks, cgg.

Vote Joe.

Anonymous said...

Lamont is d-u-n done. And you can thank Israel for it. The escalation of mideast troubles has now sealed Joe's role as a prophet and made the Iraq War more acceptable to the public. If this continues, we will be fighting Syria and Iran as well, and Joe will be facing Rellian 80% approval raings.

Anonymous said...

Lamont was done a long time ago. His UnAmerican stance on The iraq War is what did him in.

Joe Lieberman, a true American, A US Senator who stands up for what he believes in will win the primary.

I want to thank Ned Lamont for the anti war crap he caused in the Town of Washington which is causing a lot of yahoos (anti war idiots) to come out of the woodwork at least one of The Two Democratic Selectman has a brain and voted with the GOP Selectman to stop this crap They wanted to impeach BUSH.But of course those yahoos are threatening To bring in The ACLU and cause more bitterness in a town that supports its troops well at least most of us do.
These anti war clowns calling themselves Patriots when they had their UNTOWN Meeting What a joke

I also blame Dumb Freakin Airheads what I call Democracy for America also for this Unamerican Behavior.

GO Lieberman,Malloy/Glassman on August 8th!!!!!

Goodbye to Soprano DeStefano,Scotty to Hotty Slifka and Ned "My political career is over" Lamont

Anonymous said...

Lets run The Emu for Senator he has more brains than Lamont does!!!

Lamont is a joke ha ha ha!!!

Lieberman WILL WIN on August 8th

Vote for the Real US Senator joe Lieberman!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Look at me!

I can hide behind the Anonymous tag and support Lieberman by spouting off sanctimonius buzzwords too!

Patriotism! Leadership! Strength!

Who needs facts when you can yell anti-Americanism all day!

The True Gentleman said...

For some reason, I don't think that Anonymous 4:02 and Anonymous 4:55 are the same person.

MikeCT said...

In political humor news:

* It helps to be a Cole Porter fan, but everyone should get a kick out of Lieberman's new third party video! But which third party?!
* Stephen Colbert takes on the Lieberman-Lamont race and his word of the day
* Joe shares his insights on a new campaign blog!

Anonymous said...

I find it hilarious that the libs and lieber-dems are coming out in strong support of Schlesinger in this thing. Of course you would...god forbid the GOP replaces him with a candidate that may actually have a chance. Lieberman should key on this, as this seems to be the issue that libs and lieberman can agree on. Keep Alan In. Keep Alan In. Even Bruce & Colin are drumming the beat.

Anonymous said...

Schlesinger is only staying in the race because he sunk $10K of his own money into it. The cheap sh*t says that losing $50K at the casinos is chump change to him, but his $10K in the race, along with the figment that FELON FOLEY is feeding him that "you can win" is keeping him resolved. Alan, stop listening to Foley...he hasn't won a real race since--ever. He needs to keep the gravy train going and he'll keep you in until there's nothing left of you. Ask Rell what you can get if you leave tomorrow and take it. It's better than nothing.

Rell is going down said...

I know it's cool for Malloy supporters to throw out ethnically motivated phrases like 'thug' or 'Soprano DeStefano', but I'm telling you, that's not going to work in the most italian state in the country. First the world cup, then the governor's mansion. Paisans in '06!!!!!

Chris MC said...

ethnically motivated phrases like 'thug'?

Not that I am defending that very poor choice of words from Anon 3:46 (in fact, why even dignify it with a response), but where was RIGD when DeStefanites were calling Malloy supporters thugs? Oh wait, weren't you among them? (BTW, how is "thug" specifically any ethnic group?)

Let's all of us, starting with Malloy supporters, try to have a little more integrity and dignity, please?

Rell is going down said...

Ooooops Chris MC,

i have never called Malloy a thug. Go ahead and look around every post I've ever posted. I have called Malloy supporters out for bringing up made up events and facts (the Blondin trust and the Q-poll conspiracy), but I never call Malloy names. I don't dislike Malloy. How can anyone that calls themselves a Democrat come on here and call fellow democrat names with NO evidence? I have nothing wrong with anyone that shits on Fabrizi for being a coke-head, because he blows coke. It's proven. I won't defend him simply because he is a dem. But I get the strong sense here on this blog that Malloy supporters can't wait to dig up dirt on DeStefano. Why not stick to Malloy's record, or his policy plans?

Chris MC said...

A bit too strong a protest, RIGD.

Where is your righteous indignation when your fellow DeStefanites are engaging in the same sorts of name-calling? I don't recall a single post of yours calling on your cohort to provide some leadership in the way of integrity and dignity.

Nor an acknowledgement of efforts on my part to do so with mine.

Anonymous said...

It is alright for these DFA idiots to bash Lieberman until the cows come home though.

DeStefano and his Campaign have made some questionable choices which will ultimately cost him the primary to Malloy.

If he had played it straight with Audrey Blondin and told her she wasn't going to be his choice for Lt Governor that he was going with Slifka I think people in Litchfield County wouldnt be mad at him and he would of had the support there.

But he was not honest he tried to play both sides against the middle and now it is going to cost him the primary.

There are a lot of great people in Litchfield County who have toiled for years out here and get nowhere Because of places like West Hartford yet those people always seem to get all the State Jobs and jobs at the legislature etc... I just think The Western part of the State deserves a bit more respect then we get from the rest of the state.

I think Dan Malloy has a plan to include all of us at the table in his adminstration so that is why I am supporting him over DeStefano.

Anonymous said...

RIGD....I don't know why you don't like Audrey Blondin and always have to criticize her supporters.

Audrey has done a lot for the Democratic Party in Litchfield County which is GOP Country though there are a few towns who have Democratic First Selectman like Washington,Kent,Cornwall,Sharon.She keeps her fellow Democrats informed of the issues via email etc.

i just don't understand why you don't like when anyone mentions her I would like to know why??

Anonymous said...

The Only good thing DeStefano has said was the ad about making Walmart pay the health insurance bill.

Walmart is the absolute worst employer in The USA. I worked for them for less than two months. The Management in the store were slave drivers and remember when we had that big power outage a few years ago they made us stay and work in the dark with flashlights I worked on the Overnight stock crew.

I have to give DeStefano credit on that one.

but I am still voting for Malloy

JoeBob said...

There's nothing more nauseating than the vermin who support curbing freedom, security, and illegal government intrusion and then call themselves Real Americans. Fascism is not a real American value. You people disgust me.

Anonymous said...

You anti war people really make me sick.I am so glad I am a Real American and not like you Ned Lamont supporters & DFA Losers who want us to cut and run out of Iraq.

That is why I am supporting a Real American who supports the troops like Joe Lieberman does.I am so glad when Ned Lamont's attempt to buy the Senate Seat is over and DFA will become a thing of the past once Ned Loses the election.

I am proud of Joe Lieberman and all you Anti Americans who support Ned Lamont should be ashamed of yourself At Least you will have your buttons,bumper stickers and T Shirts to remind you of your losing Anti War, Anti American Cause to remind you of the error of your ways.