Thursday, July 13, 2006

Farrell Raises Record Amount

The Farell campaign just released her fundraising numbers for the 2nd quarter. Farrell raised $787,736.90, the largest quarterly amount ever raised in the 4th Congressional District. This brings her total to 1.9 million. As a means of comparison: in 2004 Farell raised a total of $1.55 million.

No clue as to what Shays numbers are yet.


Siegel, Jan Ellen "DIANE FARRELL RAISES RECORD AMOUNT IN 4TH DISTRICT". Official Campaign Pres Release. 7/13/2006


Anonymous said...

so much for the Republicans being the rich party

Chris Shays said...


GMR said...

Stamford Advocate reports that Shays raised $638,000.

It also gave a breakdown of where the money came from:

Farrell has less than 50% from the district. 60% from state residents.

Shays has 65% from the district. 81% from the state.

So, let's run the numbers if these are the percentages for the last quarter, and assume that 45% (all I know is that it's less than 50%) of Diane Farrell's support came from the district:

In the District:

Farrell: $354,481
Shays: $414,700

Outside the district but in CT:

Farrell: $118,160
Shays: $102,080

Outside Connecticut:

Farrell: $315,094
Shays: $121,220

Shays is not that well liked by Republicans out of the district, so it's understandable that he has had a hard time raising money from around the country. The Democrats have made this race a priority.

Chris MC said...

Prediction: The Cook Political Report will report that CT04 has moved from toss-up to leans Democratic before Labor Day.

Dave Mooney said...

Aside from the huge dollars, the stand-out number for me was the number of contributors.

Farrell received contributions from 5,106 individuals from April 1 through June 30, with 4,312 contributing $100 or less.


Shays received contributions from 908 individuals.

Src: CT Post: 4th District foes raise $4.3m

MightyMouse1 said...

Chris mc,

I don't think so, the reason this will not happen is that all of the attention is focused on the Senate race, the Congressional races are the third option.

cgg said...

Thanks Bluecoat. When I wrote the post last night Shays hadn't yet released his numbers.

bluecoat said...

cgg: your welcome, I guess..I didn't post anything on Shays #' may have the wrong person.

cgg said...

Oops, you're right. It was GMR. Sorry about that, and thanks to GMR.

GMR said...

How accurate is the count of individuals? You don't have to report an individual's name, address, job title and place of employment unless they donate $200 or more to your campaign.

Is there a place on the form to list the # of donors? Because counting the # of donors won't yield reasonable results if Farrell names the small contributors and Shays chooses not to.

Chris MC said...

MM1 -
Most voters won't feel confused about Farrell=time for a change, anti-war, anti-Bush versus Shays=Republican Congress, pro-war, no check on Bush.

CT04 leaning D by Labor Day - we shall see....


bluecoat said...

Farrell supports Lieberman = Republican Senate, pro-war, no check on Bush because he is the president; Shays=Republican Congress,finish the job in Iraq with constant physocal and committee (albeit limited in reach) oversight on what's been going on in Iraq and frequently getting up Bush's ass about what's wrong without always putting out a press release; and I don't intend to vote for Shays but I know what he does. Pelosi isn't going to give Farrell the chairmanship of House Intel, Foreign Affairs or Armed Services...

Chris MC said...

Pelosi isn't going to give Farrell the chairmanship of House Intel, Foreign Affairs or Armed Services...

Nope, and she won't give Shays one either, LOL.