Monday, June 19, 2006

To the Primary...And Beyond?

Well it's official...Joe Lieberman will not back out of the Democrat Primary. This comes for the Hartford Courant article seen here.

From the article:

Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman said today that he will not withdraw from the Aug. 8 Democratic primary , but he left open the possibility of running in November as a petitioning candidate if he loses the primary.

"I will be in the Democratic primary. I've been a Democrat all my life," he said this morning.

But as in the past, he refused to rule out the option of running as a petitioning candidate should challenger Ned Lamont win the primary.

"If the unexpected happened, do I want to keep open the option of taking my case as an independent Democrat to all the voters of Connecticut so that they can have the last word in November?" Lieberman said. That's an unanswered question, he said.

Lieberman made his remarks today to reporters after addressing the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce.

No big surprise here. The article does a good job looking beyond the primary:

If he does decide to run as a petitioning candidate, Lieberman will need to do more than collect signatures. He will need to reframe his campaign and give voters a persuasive rationale for his quitting the primary - other than a fear that anti-war and anti-Bush activists might deliver it to Lamont.

One problem is that Lieberman has been trying to discredit Lamont, a rich businessman, among Democrats by saying he was a frequent Republican ally while serving as a local official in Greenwich.

But if Lieberman quits the primary and bases his campaign on an appeal to Republicans, unaffiliated voters and conservative Democrats, he suddenly will have to argue that Lamont really is allied with a far-left minority within the Democratic Party.

Well now, that is a serious problem. But then again, Joe has double talked his way through politics...why should that change now?


Lieberman Will Primary, June 19, 2006; MARK PAZNIOKAS, The Hartford Courant


BRubenstein said... owe me a beer since Joementum is going through with the primary

Chris MC said...

(Cross posted from the previous thread)

"I will be in the Democratic primary. I've been a Democrat all my life," he said this morning.
"If the unexpected happened, do I want to keep open the option of taking my case as an independent Democrat to all the voters of Connecticut so that they can have the last word in November?" Lieberman said. That's an unanswered question, he said.
[emphasis added]

Pazniokas' piece is incongruous with this quotation, as if he already had it written before hand and just plugged the quote into it.

Lieberman's slightly modified statement confirms the assessment made by myself and others when this "Lieberman is going to jump ship" rumor started a few months ago. I would prefer that he abandon this SOP answer for a black and white stand that he is going to show Ned who is wearing the pants around here. But this flattens that particular wing of the rumor mill, far as I am concerned.

Mr X said...

I am so glad that Joe Lieberman is going to stay and go the primary route.

I still think in my opinion that Ned Lamont associating himself with Lowell P Weicker Jr is the kiss of death But August 8th will tell the story.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

Remember in mid-March, when Genghis got such a ration of sh*t for this posting?

He asked: Is there room in the Democratic Party for both men? More importantly, is there room in the party for the supporters of both men? [Emphasis in the original.]

I said then there was a divide between Lamontites who see Ned as a moderate and Kossacks who see him as their lever against BushCo.

Lieberman -- should he make an I bid -- has the same problem. But I don't think it's insurmountable.

BRubenstein said...


disgruntled_republican said...

a different anon -


I just read GC's comments back then...he is mostly right on with his cpmments then...

BRubenstein said...

Frankly GC's prior post had nothing new in it..its main thrust was that the 2 parts of the party are very far apart and see the other part in the worst possible light.We already knew that .and it was happening without the Lamont candidacy..

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

BR: Kossacks - Daily Kos readers, et al.

DR: Thanks

disgruntled_republican said...

BR -

Then explain the 70 something posts after his comments...

BRubenstein said...

disgruntled...maybe few believed at the time we were actually headed for the primary..

As a state party official i already knew for years that my party was fractured along ideological lines...among other fractures..

BRubenstein said...

A DIFF ANON..Kos is a nice man but too moderate in his politics..i do enjoy his site though

disgruntled_republican said...

br -

I'll give you that but most did not realize that the rifts existed much less how much this would expose those rifts.

I'm not saying it is good or bad, just pointing it out. Happens to both parties now and again.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

BR: You're ... you're just killin me here

BRubenstein said...

A DIFF not trying to kill just being honest...Kos is a nice man and VERY moderate.

BRubenstein said...

Disgruntled...the ideological rift in my party was present for many years...

Some conservative dems walk away from progessive candidates and some progressives walk away from conservative dem candidates...

The rift was more pronounced when there were formal progressive and moderate caucuses in the Legislature and formal party aligned structures like "LEAP" in the 80's.

Don Pesci said...

A diff anon: Remember, solipsists measure everything according to where they stand in the universe. Get it?

BRubenstein said...

DUMB PESKIE...Narcissist would have been a better word

CC said...

a.d.a.: Thanks for clearing up what you meant by Kossacks. At first I thought you were making a reference to the Cossacks from WWII.

barrygoldwaterlives said...

All hail and bow! The great brubenstein is among us, ready to instill his vast knowledge of all things...political and otherwise. In case he hasn't mentioned it in the last 7 seconds, he has been a democrat party insider for over 30 years!

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

Off topic, but looks like JDS is going to be first to the airwaves, according to this AP story.

JDS says it's important to reach the Dems before the July vacations. DM's people say they'll go up when they're darned good and ready.

Tivo, anyone?

Don Pesci said...

Hey Rubenstein. No, actually solipsist is the right word; a solipsist is someone who believes the world and all in it revolves around himself. But if you insist you are a narcissist, in the spirit of friendship I will not object.

Mmmm Jodi Rell said...

You can catch the add over at DeStefano's blog.

Not bad - good special effects.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

Sing it with me ...

You say solipsist, I say narcissist
You say a Kossack, I say a moderate
Oh, let's call the whole thing off ...

Mr X said...

Barry Goldwater Lives... Great Comments from you about BR.

BR is a Legend in his own mind thats why he supports Lamont and DeStefano.

MikeCT said...

George Jepsen, former state party chair and former Lt Gov candidate endorsed Ned Lamont today. Hee hee! He cited disagreements with Joe on a broad range of issues. News conferenced aired on CT-N.

Ned on Joe going independent:
Ned thinks it will divide the Republican vote and make it all the more likely that he'll win.

Ned on Joe's argument today that Ned will be too partisan (paraphrase):
Joe has to make up his mind - one day Ned is too Republican and the next he's an overly partisan Dem.

Each day, Ned looks smarter and Joe looks dumber.

Also Colin & Bruce talked to Matt Stoller of MyDD about insider and outsider politics. On Colin's blog, he talks about Stoller's Huffington Post diary on Carter Eskew, who put together the dumb bear ad.