Thursday, June 29, 2006

Fairfield County Weekly Calls for Fabrizi's Resignation

This week's edition of the Fairfield County Weekly has some harsh words regarding Bridgeport Mayor John Fabrizi. Below is a quote, but I encourage you to read the entire piece.

But when Fabrizi was elected mayor, after the feds dragged his predecessor to prison on corruption charges, Mr. Fabrizi became the top elected public official in the city of Bridgeport. If it hadn'’t already occurred to him that he was a public person when he was city council president, and as such, held to a higher standard than the average citizen, the light bulb sure as hell should have gone off when he was elected mayor.

That means his actions outside of the confines of City Hall and the duties he carries out as mayor are also open to scrutiny. That means getting loaded, snorting coke and the like isn't a mere personal indiscretion once you're caught doing it. It'’s compromising the office you've sworn to serve to the best of your abilities, and it's arrogant and irresponsible to think otherwise.

Gengo, Lorraine. "It's Not Personal". Fairfield County Weekly 6/29/06


BRubenstein said...

CGG...Fabrizi should resign..if he doesn't the council should either vote him out on a " no confidence vote" or his party should vote him out..or if Bridgeport has a referendum ordinance...the Council should immediately vote for a public referendum on getting him out and let the public decide.

ctblogger said...


Take a look at your quotes. I'm having the same problem at my site where "smart" or "curly" quotes won't render properly on the screen.

I don't know why this happens but I'm forced to go back and change the quotes in order for them to display correctly on the page.

Also, sometimes the quotes might look good if you cehcking out the site from the homepage but look wrong when you do a direct link to the post.

Dave Mooney said...

Using a mac?

cgg said...

Thanks CTBlogger. I'll change that right away.

HealthcareNOW said...

You know what's funny - Lieberman's still got a picture of Fabrizi on his endorsement page.

ctblogger said...


Is using a Mac the problem? That might explain things...

Any solution besides correcting the smart quotes? It's driving me nuts.

BTW: I haven't forgotten about you. Love your site (your Father's Day drive was classic).

ctblogger said...

HealthcareNOW ,

You want something really funny, check this picture out.

BTW: I found it on Finch's own website.

An instant classic to say the least. If he only would of answered my simple question...

Jim said...

Mayor Fabrizi's cocaine use while in office is reprehensible. I will not question that for a second.

But people seem to forget entirely the job that he's done since Ganim left office. Bridgeport is completely revitalized, safer than it has been in years, and fast becoming a livable and prosperous city.

I don't hold it against President Bush that he made countless mistakes in his time, and he hasn't done anything close to the job of Mayor Fabrizi.

As for Senator Finch, it is absolutely unfair to link him to Ernie Newton. I can say with complete certainty that Senator Finch picked up the slack when Newton failed to work hard for the city of Bridgeport.

Of course, I suppose that's the best some tool some people have in their mission to smear every Lieberman supporter.

TrueBlueCT said...


Finch came out with a statement that he supports Lieberman, and that Lieberman is with us 90% of the time, and that when he isn't, Joe is standing on principle.

That's just bunk. What was principled about his vote in favor of the Bush Energy Bill? Was he principled when he broke ranks to vote in favor of Atty. General Alberto "Torture is Legal" Gonzales? And is he principled when he takes so much money from corporate interests before voting for such things as the Bankruptcy Bill?

So Finch deserves to be slapped a little. Not much, cause he is in a tight race, but still. Not to mention that Finch has draft age children that ought to be "over there" if Bill is going to go around defending our biggest War-Hawk, the "Democrat" with 70% approval ratings from Republicans. (and endorsements from Hannity, Coulter, O'Reilly, Limbaugh, Buckley, Santorum, etc.)

TrueBlueCT said...

The grassroots argument is for principle, as against collegiality. Fabrizi ought to resign, and the only way he stays is via his colleagues benign complicity.

No one is out to smear Finch by way of Newton. But many of us are disappointed by him. But of course when Farrell and DiNardo control the Trumbull/Bridgeport purse strings, I can understand why Finch falls in line.

Bill Finch is a goodfellow.

Chris MC said...

He really is a good, clean politician, and as sincere a man as they come.

I can understand how people feel about it, but I can't fault him for his loyalty to people who've been loyal to him, even when it might hurt him politically. Stand up guy.

And no, I don't defend Mayor Fabrizi and certainly not Newton.

CT_Defender said...

So why is it Democrats never called for Newton to resign...they are not calling for Fabrizi to resign..but they all called on Rowland to resign?

Could it be Democrats think they are above the law...?

Could it be Democrats aren't prinipled...?

or could it be a simple fact of political crap and then push comes to shove Democrats don;t hav ethe courage to right by the people?...

more then 60% of people said he should resign...

i will wait for a response

PS Elected Democrats not the everyday Dems..

Anonymous said...

Fabrizi isn't going to resign...JDS,DM and Rell have not called for his resignation and the City Council that has rubber stamped his agenda since day one won't either..

ctblogger said...


I know of many Democrats who asked Newton to resign after giving him the benefit of the doubt.

If you check my archives on my blog, you can clearly see that I was NEVER a fan of Newton and knew he was dirty from day one.

Given that, I was surprised with the length of his sentence seeing that Rowland did more damage to this state and was as stubborn as Newton thoughout his trial, yet only got a minor slap on the wrist with a one year sentence opposed to Newton who wil be in the slammer for five.

Anonymous said...

ctblogger: Rowland had Peter Dorsey for a judge and Newton had old man Nevas...different attorneys too...Justice ain't always fair..

Jim said...

Democrats didn't call for Clinton to resign. He and Fabrizi are in the same boat. Both broke the law, but it was a simple error in judgement, and they continue to perform their duties well.

As for Newton, I agree more Democrats should have called for his resignation. I count myself among many Democrats who don't know why the hell he got elected in the first place. He was a lousy Senator.

Anonymous said...

All good politicians need a little blow to keep them going all week; is that your point???