Sunday, June 04, 2006

Everyone Makes Mistakes

From the CT Post:

WASHINGTON — More than three years into the Iraq war, Rep. Christopher Shays, R-4, regrets that he did not provide aggressive enough oversight of the Pentagon's war plan as he now believes was needed.

"I fault myself," Shays says. "I was hearing voices in my own head that this was going to cost more and I accepted the Pentagon numbers that were too low," he says. "I should have had hearings early on."

People will read into this what they want to, but whatever your political leanings it's an interesting development.


Urban, Peter. "Shays admits errors on Iraq". Connecticut Post. 6/4/06

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Anonymous said...

This isn't about any of the questions but it does touch on the Iraq issue of the second question about the Senate race so I thought I'd post it from the front page of the CT Post is Shays admits errors on Iraq, as it goes to the Iraq issue as well as Shays effectiveness and integrity that Farrell is trying to challenege - wrongly in my opinion.
2:34 PM, June 04, 2006

That's what I said when I posted the smae link on an earlier thread. The article/interview was granted in response to Farrell's attcaks on shays and it is telling that Democrat members of his committee chose to either not be interviewed or praised him in his oversight efforts along with others. There are issues with Chris shays but farrell is going down the wrong road - and will lose again...