Monday, May 22, 2006

Six Questions for a Campaign Volunteer

RellGuru is college freshman interning with the Rell campaign.

1. What inspired you to volunteer your time to the Rell campaign?

There are numerous reasons why I volunteer my time with the Rell Campaign. As a political science major, the campaign for me provides the bridge between the lectures in American Policies 201 and the true application of politics in a grassroots campaign. More importantly, I believe in the candidacy of M. Jodi Rell.

2. What skills or education from your professional life have you found useful in volunteering? Are you learning any new skills that will come in handy in other areas of life?

During an average day on the campaign, I utilize my computer knowledge to assist the campaign with various databases for the regional staff. In addition to servicing the regional staff, I help the campaign out with the maintenance of the website. More importantly, as a freshman in college, I learn new tidbits of knowledge all the time which will assist me in the future.

3. Speaking of campaigns in general how can a candidate better utilize its volunteers?

The best way in my opinion is to keep them, the volunteers, informed of all events of your campaign.

4. How can campaigns better use the Internet to recruit and motivate volunteers?

The majority of campaigns since the late 1990s create a presence on the Internet. However, some campaigns do not fully use this resource. Although creating a presence on the world-wide-web is one thing, having a professional and interactive website is something else. Moreover, this resource will introduce "new-comers" to your candidacy and recruit different demographics. Thus it is important to have an "enriched" website for your volunteers. This is something hopefully I will assist the Jodi Rell 06 Campaign out with in a couple of weeks.

5. Jodi Rell seems to enjoy tremendous support in Connecticut. Are any of the Rell campaign volunteers Independents or Democrats?

Yes. Governor Rell does not mind if you are Independent or Democrat. She is more concerned with who is the best person for the job and its responsibilities and/or the duties that need to carried out by that position. If I recall correctly; Governor Rell has appointed more Democrats or unaffiliated to various positions in her administration than Republicans. More importantly I believe that if I intern or could volunteer with different campaigns from different political backgrounds enable me to become a better voter because I understand both sides to the coin.

6. For those who might be interested in the Rell campaign what's the best way to get involved?

The best way is through our campaign website. Which is located at Then click on "join the campaign" button.


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