Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Russo Running in the 22nd

Robert Russo, a Republican who was unsuccessful in his 2004 bid for the State Senate from the 22nd District against Democrat Bill Finch announced yesterday that he is running again this year.

From his Press Release:

"Governor Rell needs help getting Connecticut back on track, and she's just not getting it from Senator Finch," Russo said. "He talks a good game, but when it comes to crunch time, he hasn't delivered. Finch opposed the Governor's efforts to attract new employers to Connecticut, and he voted against the eliminating the car tax. Unlike Bill Finch, I'll work with the Governor to make these important proposals succeed."

Two years ago, Rob Russo ran an aggressive, energetic campaign and came close to defeating the incumbent. This year, Russo's campaign will offer new leadership on the issues that unite families across Bridgeport, Trumbull and Monroe, including tax reform, jobs and transportation. Over the course of the campaign, he'll speak with voters about ways to make Connecticut more affordable for families trying to raise kids, and more hospitable for businesses that provide good jobs.

"Bill Finch and his colleagues have avoided making the difficult policy choices that will make Connecticut stronger for the next generation," Russo said. "Their spend-happy ways are making the American Dream too expensive for too many Connecticut families. With Finch and his free-spending friends running the Assembly, the costs of raising a family and operating a business will only continue to grow-unless we make a change."

He obviously plans on using the Governor's popularity to his advantage. As he should; 2 years ago he lost by just over 3,000 votes largely because of the 2 to 1 margin against him in Bridgeport. He carried both Trumbull and Monroe but was obviously held back in Bridgeport largely due to the Presidential Election where Kerry destroyed Bush at the polls. With Rell's popularity and her position on the top of the ticket, anyway he can tie into her is certainly going to help him close the gap.

This should be a tight race and is very much winnable for Russo. As a former Rell staffer, expect her to support him openly. Russo is a young energetic guy who knows how to raise money and should excite residents as well as Party Leaders. Russo and Finch both ran clean campaigns for the most part 2 years ago although Finch claims that negative phone calls cost him votes in Trumbull.

This time around Russo has instant ammunition on what seems to be the same theme as 2004. In explaining one of the reasons people should re-elect him in 2004, Finch stated, "I've gotten the ball rolling in Hartford to reform property taxes and I want to see it through."
It must be a small ball because I haven't seen it.

Russo is a proponent of decreasing spending to lower taxes, an idea I applaud him for. He brought new ideas to the transportation quagmire last time around and expect to see that and job creation along with the tax issues as the platform of his campaign. Add that to his name recognition from 2004 and like the Red Sox and Yankess, this one will be one to watch!


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TrueBlueCT said...


That's all I have to say about the way in which Russo pitted suburb against city in 2004.

I witnessed this as a Farrell volunteer, and Russo should be shunned for it.

Fitch on the other hand is working to pull us all together, which is the only way CT moves forward.

TrueBlueCT said...

typo, sorry.

Finch, on the other hand...

bluecoat said...

Russo really didn't bring any new ideas to the table when you look
at his platform under a local microscope last time around. On the Rell backing, I watched her back the last two Republicans who tried to unseat incumbent Democrat Ken Flatto for First Selectman in Fairfield where he is considered "the best we can get right now" and they both tanked - and the most recent one was Jack Stone, a State Rep. People will vote for the best candidiate in that district. Finch's bad side is that he makes his living off of eminent domain and supports more of it and as much of it as possible.

bluecoat said...

The other bad side of Finch is that he supported the "waterfront jail" as it is known in Bridgeport but so did Jodi Rell. It was opposed by child advocates, Blumenthal, State Rep Bob Keeley whose district overlaps the senate district in question, and by the current Chair of the Republican Town Committee Rick Torres. It was a holdover form both the Ganim and Rowland scandals and none of the proponents wanted to deal with fixing it. Although apporved by the bonding commission, it's actually not over but the outcome remains to be seen

bluecoat said...

For those not familiar with the story of the waterfront jail here is some coverage of the issue before it was approved by the bonding boys and girls by a margin of 1 vote - hardly a consensus and quite unusual for that group.

disgruntled_republican said...

Thanks for the link bluecoat. It is interesting the bonding commission wasnt even close to unanimous. I also find it strange so many support this site. Sounds like this is a good piece of real estate. Not sure why they would want to put it there.

demwithdough said...

Russo will get the Rell backing on which I am sure he is counting. However, if history has proven anything to us about Jodi Rell, it's that she is one of the single worst judges of character this state has ever seen.

TrueBlueCT said...


Jodi Rell is actually the best Governor ever! Just look at her popularity ratings...

I mean who else but the Eliminator is going to solve CT's transportation woes and get us out of last place in the job growth rankings. And does anybody honestly believe that John DeStefano wants everyone to have health insurance?


Chris MC said...

The 'U's in Monroe and Trumbull will support Finch, whose record on issues they care about - like eliminating the property tax on machinery and equipment - is a case study in how elected officials can find solutions that are good both for the suburbs and the urban centers.

MikeCT said...

Speaking of Finch, this is his site and his blog.

Genghis Conn said...

Sen. Finch does a great job with his blog--it's one of the better campaign/politico blogs I've seen.

bluecoat said...

DG: they want to put the jail there because both Rell and fabrizi don't want to visit the past that put it there _ Ganim and Rowland. The CT Judiciary intrigue is also in this too but it's too much for me to weave on this

Wolcottboy said...


Putting up heavy railway lines to solve transportation issues is so 1800s... :)

Wolcottboy said...

I think we need a 1900s solution with trolleys. :)

Anonymous said...

"To bigotry, no sanction . ." these words of our first president, George Washington, are essential to the work of government and public service. Mr. Finch, unfortunately, has not embodied them but has chosen to stand on the side of bigotry, particularly religious bigotry, over and over again. It is time for him to step down. Connecticut needs individuals in leadership positions that can bring all people together--CT will develop in evey way when people of the deepest integrity are in elected positions.