Thursday, May 04, 2006

Rasmussen: Lieberman Leads

Seems that the consensus here is more trust the Rasmussen poll numbers over the Q-Poll because it gauges likely voters, so here it is . This information was released today.

Lieberman the Democrat: 59%
Streitz (R): 23%

Lieberman the Independent: 47%
Lamont (D): 20%
Streitz (R): 17%

"Running as the party's standard bearer, Lieberman attracts 68% of the vote from the party faithful. However, if Lamont is the Democratic nominee, Lieberman earns just 43% of the vote from Democrats in the state. Lamont gets 32%....Lieberman also leads Lamont by 20% in a Primary Election match-up."

Looking back, this isn't much different than the February 17th number which can be seen here.

So what does this all mean? First, it isn't really good news for Lamont. He hasn't gained any ground in almost 2 months. That's not to say he won't make it any closer. I think the telling tale will be this month's convention and how many delegates he gets.

As for the Governor:

Governor Jodi Rell (R) is viewed favorably by 78% of Connecticut voters...It remains to be seen whether the Governor's lead in this poll represents a lasting change in the dynamic of the race or is just a temporary phenomenon.

She hasn't lost much off her record popularity. Since this is a poll of likely voters, it certainly isn't good news for DeStefano or Malloy. They both say they have a plan for beating her...I can't help but wonder how long they are going to wait until they institute those plans.


Poll. Connecticut Senate: Lieberman Leads. Conducted by Rasmussen Report, May 4, 2006


TSCowperthwait said...

As an aside to those only interested in the Lieberman-Lamont race, there is no way that Paul Streitz gets the GOP nomination over Alan Schlesinger. Streitz is running on one issue -- immigration. That is not going to win him the nomination.

disgruntled_republican said...


Agreed. Although, as a delegate I have gotten a letter from Streitz and Rell but not from Schlesinger. That aside, I am still voting for Schlesinger at the convention.

CTObserver said...

I noted in the previous thread, that in the cross-tabs, among self-identified liberals, Leiberman is ahead only 42% to 40%, within the margin of error.

The quesetion for Joe is, who is going to show up to vote in August? I'd be willing to bet his own polling shows something pretty similar, which is why Smith et al have been trying to hammer Lamont early.

TSCowperthwait said...

Also, do Democrats in this state really believe that Ned Lamont is going to win the primary election over Senator Joe Lieberman? The Iraq war surely has been a divisive issue for Dems (and Republicans), but not too long ago the Dems in this state were enthusiastically supporting Senator Lieberman. We already have representatives in the House who only follow the party leadership on every issue, is that really what we out of our Senators too?

disgruntled_republican said...


I saw that comment as well but was not able to find anyhting identifying that is the Rasmussen materials.

CTObserver said...

It's in the cross-tabs, which you have to be a premium payer to get.

TSCowperthwait said...

DR -- That's too bad that you haven't received anything from Schlesinger yet. He's just getting up and running so I imagine that it will be coming soon. I think he is the most viable GOP candidate.

disgruntled_republican said...


That explains it. Don;t think it matters much though. The entire party is what matters.


I am sure I will too. As I said, barring an unforeseen addition, he has my vote with or without the letter.

Weicker Liker said...

Disgruntled Republican

Does Alan Schlesinger have your vote even if another Republican enters the race????

The same "one issue" charge can be made about Schlesinger as well. ie. economic stuff.

You need to read the Roll Call piece (5/3) that essentiallys says if Lieberman goes in as a PEtitioning Candidate, the CT GOP has others that will jump in.

That tells me Schlesinger is not 100% in the race and he will back out if someone else comes forward the State Party believes can win.

disgruntled_republican said...

Weicker liker-

As my comments say, barring any unforeseen additions. I think that would cover it.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

According to a Rell campaign e-mail, she's outpolling DeStefano and Malloy in head-to-heads among Democrats.

Checking the Q Poll crosstabs shows she's right ... Rell-DeStefano comes up 49-38 and Rell-Malloy is 49-37.

Ouch! That's gotta have a couple of Connecticut mayors grinding their teeth ...

TSCowperthwait said...

Personally, I think entering the race even now is too late for someone to win. This is not some local councilman race. That is why I am disappointed no one in D-3 has announced that they are going to run against Rosa "Follow the Democrat National Committee Leadership" DeLauro. I think it will take more than one year's worth of hard campaigning to beat an incumbent at their level.

Weicker - Any thoughts as to who this mystery candidate might be?

Weicker Liker said...


Here is an extract from the Roll Call Piece (5/3)that quotes Party Chairman George Gallo...

GALLO: It’s music to my ears when I hear Democrats say the Senate race is a real race. That creates an opportunity for us, and if we’d had this conversation three months ago, I would have been singing a different tune. We’re trying to recruit candidates who will be available should we need to jump on board — especially given recent press accounts suggesting that the Senator hasn’t ruled out an independent bid. A three-way race creates opportunities for the Republican Party. There are two or three Republicans who are mulling it over [beyond announced candidates Alan Schlesinger and Paul Streitz].

That comment from Gallo tells me that Delegates to the State Convention on May 20th should not commit to anyone.

I understand Disgruntled Republican's position - obviously wanting to please the Party "Insiders" in Enfield & Hartford.

I have no idea who the GOP will put up on a last minute basis - I hope it is not Jack Orchulli.

One should pay attention to the composition of the Committee on Vacancy that the StateConvention appoints.

They will be able to fill a vacancy in nomination - without the State Convention reconvening.

If Lieberman does drop out of the Democratic circle, don't be surprised if pressure is put on the GOP nominee from the convention to bow out.

disgruntled_republican said...

Weicker Liker-

I am not being influenced by anyone in Hartford or trying to please anyone either. As for Enfield, we don;t have "Insiders", we are very open group.

I sauid I was voting for Schleinger because there is no way I will vote for Streitz...he is too much out of the mainstream for me.

Let me be clear; I will vote for whom ever I feel has the best chance of winning on Election Day. At this point, it is Schlesinger.

Should someone else come into play, that may change. I share the centiments about "Jack". He did anything but excite me.

Weicker Liker said...

The difficulty, Disgruntled Republican, is I don't think you or the rest of the 1,300 delegates will be given the FULL chance to be engaged in selecting the best candidate.

There is no way - in my opinion - that Alan Schlesinger will be on the ballot on Election Day if Lieberman decides to go independent.

Schlesinger has a history of caving into the Party Bosses (1998, when he could have primaried Mark Nielsen.

TSCowperthwait said...

Thanks for posting the article, Weicker Liker. I still think that it is unrealistic that Senator Lieberman doesn't get the nomination, so we are likely limited to Schlesinger and Streitz.

disgruntled_republican said...

Weicker Liker-

Fair enough but I would have to agree with TSC, Lieberman will be the Democrat on the ballot. That being the case, we (Republicans) wont win but we dont want someone who will embarass the party.

Weicker Liker said...


What worries me is the chain of events that will be AFTER the Republicans nominate a candidate.

Lieberman can decide to bolt away from the Democrats after May 20th.

Then, the Committee On Vacancy (appointed at the State Convention) will "Select" a replacement. No reconvening of the original delegates, this leaving power in the hands of a few party hacks.

There will be immense pressure of whomever comes out of the State Convention to withdraw and bow out.

Mmmm Jodi Rell said...

Remember how badly Curry languished behind Roland this far into the race in 2002 - about fifty points as well. Seven months is a long time and JDS has the money and the message to change voters minds.

disgruntled_republican said...

JDS has no message...and he isn;t likeable.

disgruntled_republican said...

Weicker Liker-

And if that means we wind up with a Republican Senator, that's fine by me.

I know how the process works and i dont think Lieberman will be anywhere but on LINE B.

TSCowperthwait said...

WL --

I understand your conerns about after-convention events but I just don't think any of that will come to fruition. Senator Lieberman will not change become an independent.

Mmmm Jodi Rell --

Are you serious? What exactly is DeStefano's message? Ride a bike? Of course, as Governor he would get to do what he does now, which is get lots of state money to run the government he was elected to run...

Weicker Liker said...

Just To Clarify, looks like State Central Committee Members would fill a vacancy (So 72 party hacks wil make choice).

CT Republican By-laws.....

The state committee shall fill vacancies occurring for any reason among the party endorsed candidates named by a state convention as provided in the general statutes and any vacancy occurring for any reason among the party nominations for state office and shall certify to the Secretary of the State the names of such vacancy endorsements or nominations.

Mmmm Jodi Rell said...

Its tough to respond to that. What is Dan Malloy's message? "I'm from Fairfield county." What is Jodi Rell's message? "I'm not John Rowland."

JDS is standing up for universal health care for the state. That goes a long way in improving business in the and taking care of those who can't take care of themselves while relieving the expense on the taxpayer. Sometimes people focus on politics over policy, and I'm afraid this is one of those times.

disgruntled_republican said...

Weicker Liker-

Are you reading our comments before you lecture us? We are fine with it because,
1. We think Lieberman will be a Democrat
2. If it is an issue and going through that process to gets us a shot at getting a Republican Senator, OK.

disgruntled_republican said...

Politics is what is going to win this election, not policy. Like it or not, that is the way it is. And I wouldn't call JDS's healthcare proposal policy, I would call it kindling.

Jodi doesn;t have to campaign on policy right now, and may not need to. I am not touting Dan Malloy's fact, if you read my original post, I asked where it was. Same of JDS. They say they have a plan....where the heck is it?

Only thing JDS has done is lose support to Malloy and propose a ridiculous healthcare agenda that even Colin McEnroe called a joke.

So mmmmjodi rell...perhaps you could enlighten us as to swhat real policy JDS has to benefit anyone but himself...

disgruntled_republican said...

and where the heck is ctkeith...I want to hear what he has to say about the poll.

(ctkeith...if you read this...I really hearing the opposite side)

Weicker Liker said...

Not trying to lecture you guys about anything.

Just hope you guys are CAREFUL on who you line-up to support.

disgruntled_republican said...

I look at it this way...

We have 2 choices...have to vote for one or the other...who is worse?

If it goes to state central there isn't a damned thing I can do about it so why worry.

Weicker Liker said...


You should ask Alan Schlesinger and any other candidate - before you vote at the Convention - how COMMITTED they are to being the GOP Nominee.

Why support a candidate unless he is 100% committed to running?

Why support someone who will CAVE IN to party insiders?

electionwin2006 said...

Schlesinger is in to stay..He has been to over 30 Town Committees. He will be having delegate receptions and a delegate letter shortly. He has been endorsed by most of the Republican members of the General Assembly and Chief Elected Officials.

Mmmm Jodi Rell said...

Its not my job to 'enlighten' anyone. If you disagree with the policy ideas, thats your right.

Everyone seems inclined to trash John DeStefano for having no ideas when he's the only candidate so far to propose any significant ideas.

Jodi Rell has governed for two years without any substance in the form of policy and her platform of encouraging ethics and 'transparent' government seems a little hollow at this point in time. Dan Malloy launches 'press release' plans that are light on substance and usually never explain how he'll pay for anything.

I like JDS because he's got some good ideas for the state. And you may not like those ideas. But at least he's starting a dialogue about some important issues and thats something we can't say about the other candidates.

disgruntled_republican said...

OK, besides the horrible sham of a healthcare proposal, what else is there?

Mmmm Jodi Rell said...

Can I ask why its such a "sham of a health care plan"? You have a governor who has offered no leadership on such an important issue and has seen the number of uninsured increase under her watch. Malloy stumps at how 'disapointed' he is because Governor Rell and the legislature won't adopt his plan.

Businesses and jobs are leaving the state. Its an issue that needs to be tackled. Where's the leadership?

TSCowperthwait said...

JR --

I commend you for seriously believing that JDS can lead the state. I'm trying to recall how many businesses and jobs have created in New Haven because of JDS and not Yale...I can't seem to put a number on that. I can't wait for JDS to propose bike lanes on the highways to solve the gas crisis.

disgruntled_republican said...

Tell you what...

When you answer my question, I will answer yours.

Mmmm Jodi Rell said...

Disgruntled -

We've had twelve years of Republican leadership in this state and despite the Clinton years we remain the last in the state in job growth. Connecticut remains one of the most expensive states in the country to do business and Rowland/Rell have done nothing to alleviate it. If you're a Republican, you should be ashamed of these things.

As for New Haven and Yale - New Haven is fortunate to have a solid and magnetic institution in it. But JDS has done a good job fostering the relationship between the University and the city to not only create biotech and pharmaceutical jobs, but to reinvigorate the downtown. When was the last time you were in downtown New Haven?

Weicker Liker said...

Election Win...

Schlesinger will be in this race as long as Governor Rell & Congressman Shays allow him.

Does he have endorsements from the Governor & our three GOP members of Congress?

As I remember it, Governor Rell was not very excited about Alan.

I wouldn't get too excited about being endorsed by Lou DeLuca, Ruth Fahrbach, Richard Belden and some local officials.

TSCowperthwait said...

I lived in New Haven from 2000 to 2005. Besides the nice restaurants and new building facades you know what I recall, skyrocketing real estate and property taxes despite substantial contribution from the state government, an inept public school system, high crime in certain neighborhoods. JDS is a nice guy with good intentions, but that doesn't make him a good leader.

Mmmm Jodi Rell said...

New Haven isn't the only place in the state with struggling schools and skyrocketing property taxes.

TSCowperthwait said...

You're right...Now what's his plan to pull the STATE out of this problem. I don't believe he has announced one, so how can anyone be excited about him.

Mmmm Jodi Rell said...

Haha. I didn't realize how 'excited' I was about JDS until I read back on all my posts today. I was almost defensive.

DM and JDS are at least talking about this issue. MJR is not. I give JDS a little more credit when it comes to the property tax issue because I know that he sat on the state commission a few years back. So I assume that he has some approach to the problem.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

You assume? Oh, that's rich.

Gosh, I hope it's as good an idea as $350 million in new corporate taxes was.

Or "universal" health coverage that doesn't meet any legislative mandates.

TSCowperthwait said...

Gotcha. The problem is that Malloy and DeStefano, as challengers, need to talk about the issues and why their plan is best for the state. When an incumbent has a 70+% approval rating, that person needs to keep quiet. I'm not enamored with Jodi Rell, and I would love to see a clean sweep of the remnants of John Rowland, but we're stuck with what we have. I just think it's pathetic that the Dems can't up with anyone better than Malloy or DeStefano, and the Republicans can't come up with even a challenger in the 3rd District.

MikeCT said...

Can I ask why its such a "sham of a health care plan"? You have a governor who has offered no leadership on such an important issue and has seen the number of uninsured increase under her watch.

Rell's health care "vision" is best encapsulated by this exchange with her spokesperson:

But Rell doesn't have her own plan for covering the state's uninsured. So (I ask Harris) does she believe there's a health-care crisis? If not, why not? And if so, what's she going to do about it?

There's a long silence as as Harris considers those inquiries. "That's a good question," he says. "It's a fair question."

So where does the governor stand?

"I don't know," he confesses. "I honestly don't know."

Patricia Rice said...

Let's be clear, Senator Lieberman is a Democrat and only wants to run as a Democrat. Only the Democrats have the power to ask him to leave the party. The polls show the Senator will be easily elected again because overall, he has been a good Democrat and has done a great job. We should all get behind Joe and enjoy a big Democratic victory this November!

ctkeith said...

Hey disgruntled_republican ,

Sorry ,I was at another Political Meeting and an out the door in 10 minutes to elect our state central reps( I'm g oing to ask them to push State Central for Blogger credentials at the convention if they want my vote).

I'm VERY happy with Rasmussans #s.I figure by mid June Lamont will overtake Lieberman among Dems.

Go look at liebermans #s during the Presidential primary and you'll undestand his Problem is Exposure.The more the people see of him the more and faster his #s go down.

As long as Lieberman is forced to Campaign He'll lose.I'veSaid all along his support is a mile wide and 1/32" deep and it will dry up quick in the hot Ct. Summer.

TrueBlueCT said...

You wrote:I lived in New Haven from 2000 to know what I recall, skyrocketing real estate and property taxes despite substantial contribution from the state government Huh?

Oops that's right, you're a Republican and facts don't matter.

For those of you who still like facts:
2002 Mill Rate 39.00
2006 Mill Rate 44.70

Percentage increase over four years, 14.6%, or an average annual increase of about 3.6%!

Only Democrats can ask Joe to leave the Party? And all this time I thought Joe was a Democrat, is a Democrat, and will die a Democrat.

If he had loyalty and integrity, he'd commit to our Primary, even if it meant retiring as a Democrat. Instead it's all about Joe and his over-sized ego.

Senator Harry Reid said...

An open letter to Connecticut's Democrats

Dear Fellow Democrat:

I write to urge you to support my friend, Joe Lieberman, when you convene with your fellow delegates on May 20th, and then when you cast your vote in the August 8th primary.

I know that there's been a lot of discussion among you and your fellow Democrats about Joe, and I'd like to share my thoughts with you. Let me be clear: as the leader of the Democratic Party in the United States Senate, I need Joe to be re-elected. We have many battles in the future and his presence in the United States Senate is essential.

Very few people I've known in my lifetime are as principled and decent as Joe Lieberman. I don't agree on every position he takes, but he has an unquestionable commitment to the proressive principles that make our Party great. Joe has dedcated his career to advancing a progressive Democratic agenda and has told me time and time again of how proud he is of his Democratic party affiliation.

As Democrats, we represent people rom all walks of life and points of view. It's that diversity that's our strength. Unlike the Republicans, we don't always march in lockstep with each other. But that's a good thing. Why? Because our Party's diversity reflects the diversity of the American people. We're not the party of the priviledged few.

I can always count on Joe when our Party needs to stand up to the Republican Party. Recently a non-partisan Washington, D.C.-based publication - Congressional Quarterly - released its rankings. It ranked me as voting with the Democratic Party 92% of the time. Joe? 90% of the time. So yes, Joe's been there with me, and now we need to be there for him. The United States needs his continued presence in the Senate, so we can work together for a better America.

This could be a historic year for Democrats. The complete failures of the Republicans in Washington have made America less safe, less secure, and less competitive than ever before. If I could vote at your Convention, I would proudly cast my vote for Joe Lieberman - knowing that my vote would be cast for a good man, for a committed Democrat, and for someone who has devoted his life to good, principled government.


U.S. Senator Harry Reid, Democratic Leader

TrueBlueCT said...

Just so everyone knows, like Lieberman's wife Hadassah, Harry Reid's sons, (and son-in-law), are corporate lobbyists.

Lobbyist wives and family members, from MSN.

They are all a bunch of bums.

Genghis Conn said...

I spoke with Justin Kronholm at State Central today--and there will be spaces given to bloggers. Apparently, the spaces are limited, but they do seem to be trying to accomodate us.

It's a start. So I'll (hopefully) see some of you at the convention.

Senator Harry Reid said...

Dear Mr. TrueBlueCT,

May I add to your research, citing your own source.

Kevin Leahy Son of Sen. Leahy (D-Vt.)
American Petroleum Institute, VT Petroleum Association, 3M

Loretta Durbin Wife of Sen. Durbin (D-Ill.)
American Lung Association of Illinois, Mazur & Associates, Metropolitan Planning Council

Ruth Harkin Wife of Sen. Harkin (D-Iowa)
United Technologies, Director at ConocoPhillips

Senator Lieberman's wife, for the record, worked for Pfizer prior to her relationship with Senator Lieberman. And their relationship predates Joe's unlikely victory over your Mr. Weicker.

And while my son Key does, according to your source, lobby for some local interests here in Washington, my other three sons do not lobby on Capitol Hill, as your source makes clear.

May I suggest, with the utmost respect, that you grow up.

Warmest regards,

U.S. Senator Harry Reid, Democratic Leader

TrueBlueCT said...

Re blogger's at the Dem Convention:

Good! I would hope that CT Blogger, Lamont Blog's ThirdParty, Connecticut Bob, and Genghis all get their seat at the table.

And Justin, don't fret. My Left Nutmeg's Branford Boy and CTKeith are delegates, and will definitely be in attendance. So you might as well credential them anyway.

P.S. Neal Fink and Spazeboy deserve in, as well.

P.S.S. CT Blue's John Wirzbicki is also a delegate, and will be there blogging.

MikeCT said...

“I’ve spoken to Joe Lieberman and he knows he’s out there alone. I mean, literally alone. Joe is a fine man, he has strong feelings, but he’s just alone. Even Republicans don’t agree with Joe.”
-Senator Harry Reid in an honest moment
mp3 audio

GMR said...

TrueBlueCT: I don't know what the property tax situation in New Haven is like, but simply posting the mill rates for two years is not proof that taxes didn't skyrocket. Was there any sort of revaluation of the grand list during that period you specified? How much did the average property increase (you shouldn't look at the increase in the total grand list, since there could be new properties added to the list after construction occured).

I'm not saying you're wrong, but if there was a revaluation during that period, mill rates don't prove anything. If, however, there was no revaluation, then taxes probably did go up 14% or whatever you stated.

Tony Anchillo said...

GMR-- there was a reval in either 2002 or 2003. I remember campaigning in a 2003 NH aldermanic race and when going door to door I heard from all the older New Haven residents repeatedly that they can't afford to live in New Haven anymore because of the recent reval, they couldn't afford to pay their taxes. I'll never forget one senior whose only income was social security and the rent he received from rooms he let to students, having to come up with $10,000 in taxes and he didn't know how he was going to do it. It was a modest home and was going to be forced to pass the increase on to renters. incidentally, jds proposed a 9% tax increase this year.

MMM jodi rell--
have you been to the areas outside of downtown new haven? have you visited the hill, newhallville, dwight, dixwell avenue neighborhoods? can you name employers besides ikea, yale & the city of new haven? who are these biotech firms and really, how many people do they employ? i live in the city and haven't seen these firms, first heard about it when getting one of the mayor's gubernatorial brochures. can you tell me what companies will replace 2 large employers that are leaving--simkins & winchester? can you tell me anything JDS did to try to keep them there besides issuing letters with demands that
offended the CEOs? the restaurants and bars are great-- it's true. But the jobs there go to students, not the people who need them.

JDS has not only been mayor for the past 13 or so years, he was chief administrative officer for like 10 years before that. 23 years of JDS and New Haven is just now experiencing some moderate success.

Start really living in New Haven, MJR and you'll see many are not happy with their mayor. Talk to the seniors, african-americans, hispanics- people who do not live in the downtown area or go to Yale. It's a whole different world. Experience all of New Haven, cross the Chapel Street bridge some time.

Senator Harry Reid said...

Mr. MikeCT,

Now I am dishonest? You are reputed to be a man of some experience. Please be more considerate of your leadership.

I understand that it has been said by some here that standing shoulder to shoulder with me was a critically important qualification. Now I am standing shoulder to shoulder with Joe Lieberman.

Won't you join me in the name of party unity and strength?


Sen. Reid

disgruntled_republican said...


Thanks for the humor, I am finding it refreshing

TSCowperthwait said...


Not really sure that attack on me about not using facts b/c I am a Republican was warranted being that you weren't engaged in my discussion with Patricia Rice (and Ms. Rice, whom I suspect to be a Democrat, was also making sweeping generalizations about healthcare). In any event, here are some facts for you.

JDS's most recent budget calls for a 5% spending increase and largest property tax increase in 12 years in New Haven. JDS proposed a 4 mill increase, which is $4 for every $1,000 of assessed property value.

I will note that any mayor in New Haven faces a challenge with the budget and taxes b/c of the high amount of tax-exempt property owned by Yale. I don't imagine TrueBlueCT lived in New Haven during this time (and if he/she did, you must not have owned any property otherwise you would know what I was talking about.)

TSCowperthwait said...

I met with Alan Schlesinger last night and he is definitely in the race to stay. For those Republicans and undecided votes out there, I think Alan projects a positive message centered around being a fiscal conservative and social moderate.


I told him that some delegates and voters were disappointed not to have received a mailing from him yet, but he assured me that one is going to be sent out this coming week.

Weicker Liker said...


I still think Alan Schlesinger is running as a placeholder.

How much money has he raised?

disgruntled_republican said...

Weicker Liker-

Are you a delegate at the Republican Convention?

TSCowperthwait said...


I'm not really sure to tell you the truth. The way I see it though is that Schlesinger's the best candidate heading into the GOP convention. I think he should get the party's nomination and Republicans should start supporting him and stop thinking about who else might come into the race. If no one else enters the race, at least you have been increasing the support for the candidate.

BRubenstein said...

Another connecticut resident was killed in Iraq yesterday.

I blame Bush,Lieberman and company for this.

Over 2300 good americans have died to promote the vanity and venility of armchair soldiers and politicians who want control over oil and the middle-east.

Joementum ( who has no military experience) is the major proponent of the Democratic Party for this war in which we were misled and lied too...and..he doesnt care.

He is partly to blame for these deaths and the almost 1 trillion dollars of our money that could have gone to social programs.He has proven to be incompetant and negligent and i urge every democrat to sign the Lamont petition so that we may have an actual choice for Senator.

Joe has the blood on his hands of 2300 americans...


disgruntled_republican said...


And if Joe wins the primary? said...

His name was Lance Cpl. Stephen Bixler. From the article he seemed like an incredible young man. While I know that no harm was meant, let's not forget that he was more than another Connecticut resident.

DeanFan84 said...

TSCow, Tony Anchillo--
Am I the only one here who knows how to Google? I understand that you all want to smear DeStefano. I'm just asking that you use real facts when you try and do so.

The revaluation that Tony alludes to was done for the Grand List as of 10/1/01. So the 14.6% increase between 2002 and 2006 was dead on accurate.

In terms of this year's tax increase, it looks like we will be getting a raise of just 2.27 mills, or 5.3%. (from yesterday's New Haven Register.)

TSCowperthwait said...


I did not smear anyone. I simply recited the fact that JDS proposed a budget with a 5% spending increase and a 4 mill increase. How is that smearing? I also noted that I think New Haven is a tough city to run b/c of Yale's tax exempt status. I got my facts from an article in the Yale Daily News published on March 1, 2006. Here is the relevant portion:

Published Wednesday, March 1, 2006
Mayor proposes major tax increase
Budget calls for 5 percent spending hike, including hire of new police, fire officers

Staff Reporter

Due to declining state aid and increasing expenditures on public safety, the mayor's budget proposal for the upcoming fiscal year calls for the largest increase in property taxes yet during his 12-year tenure.

The budget, which Mayor John DeStefano Jr. will submit to the Board of Aldermen today, proposes a 4 mill increase in the property tax rate, which represents an increase of $4 per $1,000 of assessed property value. The budget increases spending by 5 percent, including the hire of 24 new police officers and 16 new fire fighters. City officials described the budget as thrifty, saying the tax increase was necessary due to the state's underfunding the city on reimbursements for education expenditures and on Payments in Lieu of Taxes, by which the state offsets the city's lost revenue from tax-exempt non-profits such as universities and hospitals.

disgruntled_republican said...


How can you say "just 2.27 mils"? That's a lot of money. If I voted for that when I was on the Town Council in Enfield, I would have been hung on the town green.

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

Just 5.3 percent! Yippee! Just one-third of the entire increase between 2002-2006 in a single year! Way to keep a lid on it, Johnmentum!

Please, oh please oh please oh please, come work your economic magic on the entire state! I know I for one don't feel my tax burden is nearly high enough now. And our corporate citizens are crying out for $350 million in new taxes to pay for your "universal" health care that doesn't meet any legislative mandates and doesn't cover many women's health issues.

DeanFan84 said...

During the first half of John's time in office, WE WENT FIVE YEARS WITH NO TAX INCREASES. That's right. None.

I called the Tax Assessor's office, and they gave me this info:
37.04 1997
35.04 1998
34.95 1999
34.95 2000
34.95 2001
Then came the revaluation.

So after five years of absolutely no tax increases, you want to make a big deal out of five years of modest 3-5% increases?

You guys just hate John DeStefano. It's as simple as that.

TSCowperthwait said...

I wasn't speak as to JDS' first five years in office b/c I didn't live in New Haven. I was talking about the 2000-2005 time frame if you read my original post. I really don't care what he did a half decade ago. Surely, as a Democrat, you can appreciate that kind of thinking...otherwise, why would your party abandon its former golden boy Joe Lieberman over one recent issue...

DeanFan84 said...

Cowper-- It ain't just one issue.

Ten Good Reasons to send Joe a message by voting for Lamont:

1) Joe's 70% approval rating among CT Republicans. (15% higher than his Dem numbers.) 2) Joe helped create the false linkage between Iraq and Al Qaeda. 3) Joe is George Bush's favorite Democrat, giving frequent cover for the GOP agenda. 4) Joe was the only Senator from Delaware to New Hampshire to vote for the Bush Energy Bill. (Republicans, Gregg, Sununu & Chafee all voted against.) 5) Joe is good friends with Sean Hannity, but talks badly of Michael Moore. 6) His wife, Hadassah is a corporate lobbyist. 7) He did nothing to help stop the Alito confirmation. 8) Joe broke with Dodd, Clinton, Kerry, Schumer and voted to confirm Alberto Gonzales. (the guy who wrote Torture into our constitution.) 9) Joe's unfailing support for the Bush Doctrine of pre-emptive war. 10) After his wing of the Party got us NAFTA, Joe didn't vote against CAFTA.

TSCowperthwait said...

We agree to disagree. That's the fun part about politics and what makes this country so great.

disgruntled_republican said...


I will not dispute any of your points...we both know we disgree. I do want to know why it is such a bad thing that Joe is seen in a positive light by the majority of Republicans? Couldnt that also be looked at as a positive thing?

Rell is seen as a favorable by the majority of Democrats and I think it's great...(realize you dont like her so don't preach to me about it).

Genghis Conn said...


I think it depends on where you're coming from. I have a suspicion that there are a lot of people out there who want to try to move beyond the blind partisanship of the past decade. Maybe they're Lieberman's base, if he has one.

There are also many Democrats who believe that, in order to take power back from the GOP, they need to be more partisan, more loyal to their own party and clearer about where they stand. Someone like Lieberman, who goes back and forth and draws support from (and on occasion gives support to) the party opposite is anathema. They feel it makes them weak, and drags them down.

To put it another way, go into a roomful of conservative Texas Republicans and bring up John McCain. That's what it is.

Weicker Liker said...


I am not a Delegate to the State Convention but WILL be attending.

Will be there in another official capacity.

TSCowperthwait said...

WL -- Interesting...

Weicker Liker said...


The State Republican Party is running on fumes, in terms of money.

They did raise about $75K when First Lady Laura Buh did a fundraiser for the State Party and the three Republican members of Congress last month.

The State Party owes their staff BACK PAY. I hear they are working for half their salaries.

Look at their FEC Filings and State Filings with the Secretary of the State.

Candidates should expect LITTLE or NO financial help from the State Party.

Weicker Liker said...

Are you attending the State Convention TS???

TSCowperthwait said...

I will be attending the district convention on May 13th (as a delegate) and the State Convention on May 20th.

Senator Harry Reid said...

Dearest Ms. DeanFan84,

It has been brought to my attention that you have insisted that Democratic Senators stand shoulder to shoulder with me as their leader.

Very few people I've known in my lifetime are as principled and decent as Joe Lieberman. I don't agree on every position he takes, but he has an unquestionable commitment to the progressive principles that make our Party great. Joe has dedcated his career to advancing a progressive Democratic agenda.

Let me urge you in the strongest possible terms to join me in supporting Senator Joe Lieberman for renomination as the junior Senator from Connecticut later this month, and then when you cast your vote in the August 8th primary.

Yours truly,

Senator Harry Reid, Democratic Leader

DeanFan84 said...

We have made the big time. Here gracing our pages, in the guise of "Harry Reid", is none other than GoVOTE of DailyKos fame!

BRubenstein said...

Harry Reid....You need to go also

disgruntled_republican said...

Porter Goss, Director of the CIA has resigned

Senator Harry Reid said...

Mr. Rubenstein,

You have the remarkable distinction of being loathed uniformly within the party.

Your pretensions to power in the Dean campaign echoed your obnoxious behavior at the Democratic National Convention in 2000. It is no wonder that you have been ostracized and ignored by your state's establishment. Even your friends downplay your role there.

In contrast to the disgraceful conduct that your and your former state chairman were infamous for, Senator Lieberman is a good man, and someone who has devoted his life to good, principled government. Very few people I've known in my lifetime are as principled and decent as Joe Lieberman.

Unlike the Republicans, we don't always march in lockstep with each other, because our Party's diversity reflects the diversity of the American people.

As a leading Democrat, I reject your hateful approach to public life, and urge you to reform your ways.


U.S. Senator Harry Reid

disgruntled_republican said...


I see your point. I guess I am a lot less partisan than most.

DeanFan84 said...

B.W. (before Bush), I was a lot less partisan too. But the politics the GOP have been waging are awful for the long-term health and well being of our country.

I look forward to the day when I can go back to being middle-of-the-road.

disgruntled_republican said...

With all dyue respect Deanfan,

The Dems played the same game before W as well. They played it to the point that they became so beholden to themselves that they got tossed out of office.

DeanFan84 said...

I know. I know. Two gangs of jerks and thieves.

But we weren't out to wreck the damn country. Reagen and Bush Sr. never scared the daylights out of me.

Bush/Cheney/Rumsfield?Delay/Frist are frightening. Truly frightening.

BRubenstein said...




disgruntled_republican said...

But Deanfan,

Do you really honestly think they are out to "wreck the country"? I really don;t think that is their goal in all of this.

DeanFan84 said...

Their goal is to make a lot of money off of insider dealings. Investigage how Bush, Rumsfield, Cheney, Pearl et all made their money. It makes me want to puke.

And yeah, I think they are wrecking the country. They are creating a moneyed class of folks who will never have to work a day in their lives, and they have made the biggest foreign policy blunder in the history of America. (so says ex-Reagan NSA director, General William Odom.)

And they are using religion, race, and sexual preferences to divide this country in a most unhealthy way. Abortion as the big political issue of the day? ugly, ugly, ugly.

disgruntled_republican said...


I still maintain they think they have the country's best interests in mind...

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