Thursday, May 11, 2006

Open Forum

Why did the legislative session have to end? (with tears in my eyes...) I miss all the drama!!!

TrueBlueCT tells us in this posting that things may be about to heat up between Lieberman and Lamont. From his posting, "My understanding is that the gloves are off between Lamont and Lieberman. Sean Smith and co. put out a remarkable mailer trying to brand Lamont as the Republican in the room."

If this true, I hope that isn't the best Lieberman's camp can come up with. Who in the world is going to buy that?

The battle over the investigation into Governor Rell's East Hartford fundraiser and the fines that were passed out continues. While I personally think the whole investigation is foolish, I wish the Republicans wouldn't stonewall like they are as it really is making them look bad.

Did your town have a budget referendum last night? How did it fare?

Anything else going on out there in this vast universe we call Connecticut?


bluecoat said...

The longer they legislate, the more they spend foolishly and the more laws they pass that make govt. bigger to make it harder to do business in this state. The transportation package and the phase out of the tax on equipment are good BUT nobody's changing their mind about CT as a place to do business as a result.. I am glad it's over and I am glad it's required by statute.

disgruntled_republican said... was a joke.

bluecoat said...

I know but I couldn't resist because the legislators have been touting their work in my area left and right. It's no joke for them; thye think they are heroes of CT

ctkeith said...

I can't wait for the hearings o begin today.I hope the Republicans get as spitting mad as they were yesterday and we get to no witnesses util July.

Lets see how many of the traps Former Federal Prosecutor Meyer and Chairman Caruso set up the Republicans fall into today.

This is like fishing in a bluefish frenzy for these 2 guys.I bet they laughed themselves to sleep last night.

Being the minority party Sucks when there are Capable people in control of committees and Consensus isn't in everyones interest.

bluecoat said...

This is about the actions of the State Elections Enforcement Commission, first and foremost and maybe Rell's campaign team. The Commissioners have paid their fine. And as I said earlier the GOP - specifically Freedman, Ward, Farr and DeLuca - look really dumb when you consider Rell has waived atty-client privilege and agreed to appear before the committee if called.

disgruntled_republican said...


Realize who is was about...was trying to put it up as quickly as I could since I am at work and actually busy today and in my haste, I just typed.

I couldn;t agree more with you on how ridiculous the "Fabulous Four" look in this as I said in the post.

bluecoat said...

DG: agreed, I was actually speaking to ctkeith's post and should have put that salutation there to clarify.

bluecoat said...

I have been seeing TV ads for the last few weeks and I finally Googled the site today to see who the sponsor is. They don't tell you anywhere that i can find and I always find that bothersome particularly when they ask people to sign on.

TrueBlueCT said...

Here is the ridiculous mailer the Lieberman camp put out this week.

Given this, I hope we can put to rest the notion that Lamont is the liberal in this race. Lieberman has just argued that Lamont is too far to the right!

Hilarious. If Joe does go out as an Independent, this piece will come back to haunt him. What on earth was Sean Smith thinking?

P.S. check out the elephant at the bottom right of the mailer.

MikeCT said...


The sponsor of and the hysterical TV ads is the Universal Health Care Foundation of CT, though it may also become an independent initiative - I don't know. The foundation's name summarizes its mission. The project is interested in hearing stories and views about universal health care. I have heard that they will sponsor a public forum on health care for everyone on Saturday June 3 at Middlesex College, but I don't know the details. I think it will be for organizing and information.

There was another forum on this topic in April (not sponsored through the same project).

disgruntled_republican said...


I emailed them from the site you linked. The campaign is being sponsored by Universal Healthcare Foundation of Connecticut, Inc. and a link the their website is here.

Seems like they are a non-profit and I will say there Board of Directors is a pretty diverse group.

disgruntled_republican said...

Looks like I was beat to the punch.

bluecoat said...

OK fine; so maybe they inadvertantley didn't identify themselves in their recent alter ego ad campaign. I am all for making sure everybody is happy and healthy in CT but the debate needs to be about best how to do that at optimal cost - and I don't see it from these people or anybody else BTW.

MikeCT said...

Linda Schofield has announced her candidacy for state rep in Simsbury. She wants to unseat incumbent Republican Robert Heagney.

Rep. Michael Cardin, the Democrat representing Tolland, Willington, and Ashford, will not run for office again this year.

Lots of people have talked about single payer health insurance at the state and national levels.

Dirty Money said...

Yet another Republican has just been indicted- Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher.


Even more interesting? Fletcher gave money to two of our local favorites - Nancy Johnson and Rob Simmons!!

I guess we should not be surprised, since Johnson also took cash from Abramoff's law firm, Greenberg Traurig (yes, while he still worked there) and Simmons took some from Bob Ney. And of course they both took their fair share of DeLay's dirty money.

[For those looking to check the facts, use the links above to see PAC contributions to Johnson and Simmons in the 2002 cycle. For Ney and Fletcher money, look under "Ideology" and then under "Candidate Committees." For Abramoff firm money, look under "Law Firms." DeLay money mostly comes from ARMPAC, which is listed under "Leadership PACs" as "Americans for a Republican Majority."]

KerryGuy said...

Thursday's hearings were an embarassment to the Democrats. The "big picture" approach of setting the scene with the campaign minions means the entire process has started with a whimper. And Dan Moreland, the Moody aide who lied about having a college degree, made absolute mincemeat out of former federal prosecutor Ed Meyer. Meyer was confused about events and Moreland had to clarify the questions himself before answering. Mercifully, Dave McCluskey finally stopped the bleeding when he asked for a recess. After a swift D caucus, Meyer thankfully wrapped up. As an attorney myself, I have to rate his questions as pathetic. And I was not alone. If Mike Lawlor and Sandy Nafis, D's on the committee, sank any lower in their chairs, they would have been carpeting.

bluecoat said...

Probably explains why Meyer is a 'former' federal prosecutor.

Chris MC said...

It is official, Nancy Johnson's cynically misnamed "Medicare Modernization Act" of 2003 is a disaster for seniors.

Fortunately, at least one of Connecticut's elected officials is trying to do something about it.
U.S. Rep. Nancy Johnson, R-5th District, one of the architects of the Medicare bill, does not favor an extension. But U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D-Conn., said Wednesday that Bush is "punishing seniors" by not extending the deadline.

Why on earth would Johnson and Bush insist upon this? Could it have something to do with the business plans of Johnson's campaign contributors?

Here's hoping Lieberman goes to the wall on this issue.

KerryGuy said...

Quick update on the Elections Enforcemant hearings - it has become an out and out circus, and Senator Meyer is officially politically dead. If the news footage of the hearings play out, tonight will be led by legislators screaming at him "Have you no decency, sir?" This even from Democrats - Dave McCluskey once again objects to the tenor of questions posed by Meyer as being beyond the pale. Absolutely the most entertaining display at the Capitol in recent memory. This must be why Meyer got run out of NY. The guy is a buffoon.