Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lieberman, Lamont, Labor

Fairfield County Weekly has an article about Unions and the upcoming Senate race.

Lamont made an impressive showing at the convention, winning a remarkable 33 percent of the delegates--more than double what he needed to wage a primary. But even with a primary in the offing, you can expect most unions to stay on the sidelines.

About a dozen unions, mostly smallish locals, have endorsed the three-term incumbent. But Lieberman's in-your-face support for an unpopular war and an unpopular president has turned many working people against him, especially union activists.

At the same time, labor Democrats are more interested in unseating a Republican governor and three Republican members of Congress than in replacing a generally pro-labor Democrat Lieberman's lifetime AFL-CIO voting record is 84 percent with a kinder, gentler Dem.

There are loads of quotes from Union leadership in the article. It will be interesting to see if Lamont can make some inroads with any of the larger unions, though I'm not sure how wise it would be for them to jump in until after the primary.

Bass, Carole. "Lieberman, Lamont, Labor" Fairfield County Weekly. 5/25/06


HealthcareNOW said...

I have to admit, I've been a big Lamont guy primarily on the War. I've never really thought about his opinions on labor or even his take on universal healthcare. I just checked Ned's site for a policy stance on labor unions and the closest thing to it was the "jobs" section. It really didn't mention specifically his support for labor unions and whatnot. This is by NO means trying to knock the guy, I was just wondering where I can get more information. Thanks.

cgg said...

Both times I've heard Lamont speak, healthcare was a focal point of his speech. I don't recall him ever mentioning labor, but it's been awhile. I may have missed it.

ctkeith said...

All of Labor endorsed JDS and then went along with JDS,DiNardo,Camhi,Malloy and their idiot stratagist Ochiogrosso ploy to take the Iraq War out of the equation in order to protect Lieberman which exposed the whole bunch of them for the Hypocritical Phoney Whores they are.

Besides Lamonts Obvious win at the convention Simmons,Shays and Johnson were the biggest winners.

If Farrell,Courtney and Murphy aren't smart enough to see they had their asses sold down the river to protect Lieberman and their only chance of winning is putting the war as THE ISSUE not"Just one issue" they deserve to lose and will.

As for labor goes they have a chance,maybe their last,to show they have a soul.We're all watching.

TrueBlueCT said...

With Tom Swan as Lamont's chief political guy, expect labor to move his way...

And CTKeith is right. The Big Three has been sacrificed to Lieberman's and his continued support of Bush's war.

My $$$$ are going out-of-state. Sadly.

dem4life said...
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dem4life said...

dem4life said...
Ned Lamont is hosting a myspace page. "Friends" include aldon hynes, and other likely staffers. "There is also a "Joe Liberman R-CT" site similar style and includes link to Lamont campaign website.

The AP recently reported that a PA highschool student was suspended for creating a dummy Myspace page of his principle. .

Lamont Page

Lieberman Page(corrected)


BRubenstein said...

In a prior posting i gave you all the labor numbers relative to the primary.

If labor comes out bigtime for JDS as i suspect, then the chief benficiary of that will be Lamont.
Since Afscme wont indorse anyone it probably means no one will be endorsed for Senator at the June convention. That means individual unions are free to endorse whomever they wish.Some crucial unions that bear watching are SEIU,CFT,HERE,UAW,IAM and Cfcw.

Lamont must and i repeat MUST have alot of labor union support to pull it off. We all will watch and wait.

HealthcareNOW said...

If that's the case, Ned's camp should draft a plan to start talking about some other issues (maybe just a little bit you know?). Obviously the focus should still be Iraq and Lieberman's Republican tendencies - but to shore up the labor support wouldn't be bad, and if labor is so set in DeStefano's camp then there's no harm in talking more about labor and jobs so the union voters will check the same line.

Just my two cents.