Thursday, April 20, 2006

Lieberman's First TV Spots

From an E-mail message/press release sent via the Friends of Lieberman list.

HARTFORD- Senator Lieberman's campaign will begin airing its first two commercials of the 2006 Senate re-election campaign today. The commercials will run statewide.

The ads can be viewed here on the front page of Joe's campaign site. Look for them on the far right side of the page.

I'm surprised at the tone of these ads, especially the second. Joe's practically begging Democrats to vote with him, rather than asserting his place as the incumbent. I lost count of how many times he's in the same frame with smiling children. Lieberman also politely hugged a random woman while reminding us that he's pro-choice which was just... patronizing.

The message of the ads is supposed to be that Joe Lieberman is a go-to guy who's working hard for Connecticut. He knows that the war is a divisive issue but hopes that we can look past that and find some common ground. Perhaps I'm biased but I don't think the ads are effective.



MikeCT said...

In one ad, Joe says, almost apologetically, "I already know that some of you feel passionately against my position in Iraq. I respect your views, and while we probably won't change each others' minds, I hope we can still have a dialogue and find common ground on all the issues where we do agree."

A risky message - highlighting his most vulnerable area, most unpopular stance, and the leading reason to vote against him.

As Swan says:
Tom Swan, Lamont's campaign manager, said he believes Lieberman is trying to "inoculate himself" on issues where he sided with President Bush, such as the war and opposing a proposal that would have required all hospitals, including Catholic ones, to provide emergency contraception. "I really thought his choice of issues played to Ned Lamont's strength, not his," Swan said.

And now we know why he's running ads so early - his polling trend lines are going dowwwwwnnnnn.

Even worse for Lieberman, among self-described Liberals, the most likely voters in an August primary, he has for the first time ever crossed into negative territory, at 46% approval, 49% disapproval

These is mainly a really expensive way to talk to convention delegates - since it is too dangerous for him to talk to them in person.

MolotovCocktails said...

Desperate Joe Lieberman is, despartate.

ctkeith said...


(Just imagine a 5'8" 260lbs guy with a broken back and a titanium hip doing backflips and thats me)

I'm happy as a pig in shit Lieberman is running TV Ads.Every time his droopy face is on the tube his numbers will go down.

Go look at his poll #s in CT during the 04 primary.Exposure Kills if you're Joe Lieberman.

See ya Sunday Joe

truth squad said...

mikect, you would have a good point about joe not reaching delegates in person except for the fact thats what he has been doing. and mikect, i'm still waiting for that analysis of lamonts spending last quarter. wondering how lamonts blogging fans feel about him distancing himself from them in the latest new republic article. thats pretty embarrassing, working so hard for a guy who then turns around and makes a huge effort to distance himself from your efforts. ouch. talk about a slap in the face. tom damore must be loving this, anyone else think its odd that this is the first democratic race he is working on? or maybe he's just trying to wound lieberman (and the dems) so his man lowell can hop rite in. hmmmmm makes one think. either way, the tv stations must be licking their chops with all of the political races this year. wonder if free tv time will ever happen. or maybe we can be like europe and only campaign for a limited period of time. the money spent on pol races is disgusting.

BRubenstein said...

truthsquad....check your facts ....lieberman flunkies are calling the delegates and joe is making only a few limited calls...please,please be true to your name.

nevertheless...the lamont folks have alot to be happy about lately and are gaining strength every day...they will need to employ a good "political committee" of folks who are tied in to the delegates to increase their delegate support.and at the same time put a "convention plan" together that will work hand in hand in building Lamont's critical mass.

truth squad said...

bruce, its you who should be checking his facts. as trueblue attests, delegates are invited to these 'secret' meetings that have been happening. and as for a polital team, the greenwich millionaire has one in place, its called tom damore, check the finance filing.

TrueBlueCT said...

I can't believe Ned wouldn't embrace us. Truly, I am wounded to the core. lmao.

Facts are that the blogosphere would be doing what we're doing, with or without a primary opponent. What we know is that Joe is a liability to the Democratic Party, and a Republican helper. You'd have to be a blind toady not to understand that.

However, you're dead on right about Lowell wanting to win back Lieberman's seat. I'm sure that's the play!

Finally, I'm fairly sure that Lamont offered to mutually cap campaign spending at $3-4 million. But wait, corporate patrons are about the only thing Joe has going for him. What positive message will you spend that money on??

truth squad said...

trueblue, i do admire your honesty. however embarrassing it may be to be shunned by a candidate you support. so let me get this straight, even if joe was the dem candiadate for senate, you would still be trying to wound him? but i thought you supporeted dem candidates. this is begining to make more and more sense. your efforts arent exactly for the dem party, but against joe. tom damore is making more sense by the second. however, i do agree with spending caps, and for that matter public financing and free air time

TrueBlueCT said...


One, if Joe was seriously under attack by a Repuke, I'd hold my nose and back him up. (the same goes for Zell Miller.)

Luckily, here in CT, this Senate seat is only put at risk by Lieberman's threatened disloyalty.

Two, it really sucks that Lamont is a moderate. I mean even the New Republic admits he isn't a true liberal.

Three, speaking of free air time for little "d" democracy,-- Why did Lieberman say no to a Lamont/Lieberman debate?

Finally, the thing that would suck the most? Being a real Dem stuck with the task of defending Joe Lieberman.

truth squad said...

trueblue, one, no one thought much of jodi rell at first either, or for that matter nancy johnson when she first ran. yet look at the situation now. let me be clear, i will support the dem nominee, i hope we agree on that, however, with tom damore at the reigns and john hartwell, one of the first backers of the draft lowell movement (as in indy), as the greenwich milliares treasurer i do wonder the motivations of some involved with the effort. i beleive there are real dems on each side this trueblue but more and more it seems this effort isnt about the dem party, but about hatred for lieberman.

cgg said...

TruthSquad, Lamont would be insane not to distance himself from much of what's been said. It's not doing him any favors. It's also only coming from a few people, at least as far as I can tell.

BRubenstein said...



Genghis Conn said...

I actually can't find the Lamont April filing on the FEC site. If anyone knows what happened to this thing, let me know.

disgruntled_republican said...

Is it really necessary to call republicans "repukes"?

If it is I will start to refer to democrats as your logo tells me to.

truth squad said...

bruce, there was an online blog entry about damore signing on a while ago. you are right though, we will ahve to wait til filings are available which should be soon. i dont know why they arent. congresional ones are. however, if the blog entries are correct, i think it would make the greenwich millionaire the first dem that he has worked for, at least publically. he typically works for R's or indy candidates.

truth squad said...

cgg, no argument here, it was smart for the greenwich millionaire to distance himself, however, it still must sting to those who are working so hard to support him for them to see him say such things. kind of like dating a girl who you do everything for but publically trashes you, yet you still continue to worship her. (maybe this post should have been in myspace, haha)

TrueBlueCT said...

Senate filings go first to the Secretary of the Senate. Then, at some point, they filter their way through to the FEC. (Dems tried to change these rules, but the GOP-led Senate objected.)

Second, to the Lieberman hacks posting here. Good Grief! Your guy took office by running to the right of Lowell Weicker, (yeah, that's right BuckPAC lives), and you want to make a stink about the moderate Weicker supporting the moderate Lamont?? I mean it'd be a great argument if Joe hadn't bashed the Left for so many years.

If that is the best Lieberman has got, (that Lamont is more of a closet Republican than he is), -- Joe should simply retire. Our guy won't be kissing George Bush anytime soon. He won't be voting in favor of Torture by voting to confim AG Gonzales, and he will stand up against Extreme Supremes, (Meaning Alito.)

TrueBlueCT said...


Is it a big deal if Lamont did tap into Weicker's network by hiring Tom D'Amore? After all, Weicker did endorse and fundraise for our beloved DNC Chairman, Howard Dean.

I do think Ned is taking the Left for granted. But then again our alternative is LIEBERMAN?

stomv said...

I have a request:

Could we keep this thread on the topic of Joementum's television spots, and not a schoolyard argument about my dad being able to beat up your dad?

Regarding the ads themselves, it seemed like they didn't spend a whole lot of time filming -- the same people, locations, and wardrobe keep showing up. Is there a strategy to that (reinforcement) or is it indicative of not spending enough time, thought, and money on the ads?

Also, does Lieberman have any significant action (voting might qualify, committee work and advocation certainly would) for his claims on renewable energy? Sure, solar cells look nice in a television ad, but is he working toward green energy, or is he merely taking advantage of $3.099 / gallon gasoline?

BRubenstein said...

I dont care about Joe's ads except that Lamont should have had an ad "in the can" to respond" or should have done an ad ( a bio ad) first.

To the Lamont staff...please send a dvd about Lamont and his positions to every delegate !!!!!!!!!!!!!

ctkeith said...


Yes there is a strategy.Heres a little blurd from Sean Smiths own website.

"Sean has pioneered a communications technique known as “impression
management.” Based on the premise that it is the low-information,
voter that swings elections—and that those voters only make broad
impressions of candidates—Sean has developed an innovative approach to
political communications. He has successfully applied these principles
issue campaigns and general communications campaigns."

I think the strategy comes down to "Voters are idiots and we can fool them into voting for anyone we want because of that"

I'm sure Lieberman agrees with this philosophy since he hired this guy and has shown the same lack of respect for his constituents for years now.

ctkeith said...

Hey Truthy,

I'm still waiting for my call from Lieberman.Can you make sure he calls me from Israel this week? If he does I may be able to spend that Entire 4.7 million load of Corperate Cash he's sold his soul for on his telephone bill before I run out of things he's done that prove He's not a Democrat at all.

cgg said...

Stomv, I think Lieberman is trying to avoid talking about actual work done in the Senate. The line about how he learned more in local diners made me giggle. If Joe would rather spend his time chatting up adorable children in local diners than at his job than perhaps he's just burnt out.

hartford_for_lamont said...

MikeCT said...

"A risky message - highlighting his most vulnerable area, most unpopular stance, and the leading reason to vote against him."

"This is mainly a really expensive way to talk to convention delegates - since it is too dangerous for him to talk to them in person."

Well said; I agree 100% -

this is a totally inappropriate message for Lieberman to be delivering via the mass media; this message should only have been delivered personally by Lieberman to each DTC, individually, face-to-face, behind closed doors.

And as far as Lieberman trying to communicate with the Dem primary voter via these ads, Lieberman here is just pouring salt on the wound by his calling attention to the fact that he is out of sync with the will of the Dem voter base and that he is a failure as their spokesman in Washington, which begs the question in the Dem primary voter's mind, "why is Joe Lieberman out of sync with us?"

I find it incredible that Joe Lieberman thinks that he can "do his own thing" and disregard willy-nilly the will of the CT electorate on things like Iraq, and then turn around and ask for a pass on such via these commercials.

I would like to see a Lamont reply ad spell out that it is job 1 of Joe Lieberman to be our voice in Washington on things like Iraq, and that Joe Lieberman has failed the citizens of CT miserably in that regard.

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