Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ellef and Tomasso Sentenced

Peter Ellef, former chief of staff to ex-governor John Rowland and William Tomasso, the contractor who paid Ellef to send contracts his way, were both sentenced to 2 1/2 years in federal prison followed by 3 years of probation today. They were sentenced by the same man Rowland was, Senior U.S. District Judge Peter C. Dorsey. Both were also ordered to pay a $15,000 fine.

"The sentences imposed by [Dorsey] fell short of the 37 to 46 months sought by prosecutors. Dorsey cited Ellef's military service and community activity as grounds for the lighter sentence."

In the proceedings, Dorsey said "Ellef undermined the public's trust". Well no kidding...

This ruling brings my "disgruntled"ness to a whole new level. How these 2 men can get off this easily is amazing. They conspired to essentially rob the state taxpayers (ie., me & all of you) of millions of dollars for their own gain. I guess they see Robin Hood a bit differently then I did.

I got over that...at this point, it is what it is.

Now some "sympathetic judge" decides to give them them a lighter sentence because he feels this is a "sentence that makes absolutely clear that people in power to act for the community must do so with total honesty". BULL...this is a slap on the wrist and an insult to every state resident who sends their hard earned money to Hartford every week. The punishment certainly does not fit the crime especially when we look at what Ganim and Newton received.

I can only hope this is the final sentence (no pun intended) in what is certainly the darkest chapter in this state's history.

Ellef, Tomasso Gets 2 1/2 Years , Jon Lender/The Hartford Courant, April 25, 2006

Ellef, Tomasso Get 2 1/2 Years , Matt Apuzzo / The Associated Press, April 25, 2006


BRubenstein said...

Dear Disgruntled;

Given the damage that those 2 crooks did to the political system,and the millions of dollars they either took or funneled to their freinds,they got off lightly.

A light sentence is telling other crooks..you can rip off the system for millions and not be severly punished for the crimes....and you wonder why we remain among the most korrupt states in the country.

disgruntled_republican said...

I couldn't agree more...Once everything finalized I will be adding some of my own thoughts to the post.

goodbye said...

Dorsey is an easy judge and a loyal Republican; I might as well throw it out: Newton's sentence was out of proportion to what these guys should have got but he got a different judge - Nevas who is also a loyal Republican - and a different prosecutor, O'Connor - a Republican who needed a career booster. CT sucks the big stinker.

goodbye said...

And before I get accused of playing the race card, it is also out of proportion with what the lady federal judge whose namne escapes me right now gave to Ganim. Maybe a long prison term was inappropriate for these two guys but they should have been fined to the hilt. Blumenthal will probably sue for recovery if he hasn't alraedy but who knows how that will go.

disgruntled_republican said...


Agreed...I would have been OK with the sentence if the fines had a couple more zero's at the end. $15,000 to these guys is like a parking ticket to you and I.

goodbye said...

dg: I don't know if there is some stuatory limit to the fines but this is crazy. You'd at least think the judge would be able to make them return all the candy bars along with the slap on the wrist. Hell, they hit Martha Stewart harder than this.

Red State. Blue Balls said...

Keith Hernandez for President in 08??

ctkeith said...

Hell,I'll play the race and class card.Rich White guys pay other rich white guys(their Lawyers) who suck up their entire life to richer white guys (Judges) so when they get caught screwing the people at the bottom of the ladder they can say "He made a mistake.You must look at his entire life and consider how far he has already fallen before sentencing Him ,sir.(oh and where should I send that check,Your Honor?).

I bartended for the New Haven County Bar association annual picnic for 8 yrs in a row and there were 2 things you could be sure of,
1) every lawyer was going to grovel in front of the Judges that showed up.
2)The 2 judges I knew personally were going to whisper to me what an asshole most of the lawyers groveling were.
3)The tip jar was going to be dam near empty.

disgruntled_republican said...

Seriously keith...stop it with the language.

turfgrrl said...

The only thing that you didn't mention about this was the trial itself. If the prosecution didn't make the case then the sentence doesn't seem so out of whack.

The fact that they didn't plea and get a deal means that they either had good defense arguments or the prosecution failed to nail the case. Martha Stewart got an aggressive sentence because her defense attorney's chose a strategy that was weak. For example, the article mentions that the prosecution claim 200k in gifts and defense $50k.

Overall it's not just CT, white collar crime is tough to prosecute, Martha got nailed for perjury, not for insider stock trading. I don't think our legal system is set up for forensic accounting cases, and that is the real crime.

ColonCrasher said...

I couldn't believe Hernandez could tell that she was a female. She seems to be permanently wearing a man-mask.