Friday, April 28, 2006

Bush has 24% Approval Rating in CT

From the Hartford Courant:

"The number has slipped 6 or 7 points in the last six to eight weeks," said G. Terry Madonna, director of Pennsylvania's Keystone Poll, talking about trends in that bellwether state. "I don't think there's any doubt that Iraq is the main reason, but a lot of other things keep happening."

In Connecticut, nearly half the 503 people surveyed rated Bush's performance poor, while 27 percent called it "fair." Nationally, the latest Bush approval rating, compiled by Fox/Opinion Dynamics April 18 and 19, found 33 percent approved of the job Bush was doing and 57 percent disapproved.

If you're a Democrat running for office the news doesn't get any better than this. Bush's numbers can't sink much lower, and even Dems running against moderate Republicans can argue that a Democratic majority in congress is best way to stop the Bush agenda. The obvious exception to this is Joe Lieberman. I wonder how his numbers compare to Bush's at the moment. It would be interesting to do a statewide poll questioning voters about both Lieberman, Bush, and their continued support of the Iraq war.

Lightman, David. "Bush Sinks To 24% In State Poll". Hartford Courant. 4/28/06


BRubenstein said...

Bush's numbers are that high? LMAO

I believe that Lamont has a golden opportunity tie Lieberman to Bush on the war,patriot act,domestic ( and illegal) spying,etc...lets hope Lamont's new media guys are sharp enough to do some edgy ads.

Ive heard directly that there was a huge outpouring of folks who picked up Lamont petitions yesterday from locations all over the state.

middlesexist said...

Amazingly, Bush edged excema, which has a 23% approval rating, although the difference is well within the margin of error.

I don't like Lamont's new ad guy, but we'll just have to see what happens.

ctkeith said...


Thats twice Chris MCs approval among Newtown Dems!!

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...

And triple ctkeith's among people with brain stems!

BRubenstein said...

To The Lamont Staffers...please,your webpage etc need some sproucing up !!!!!!

1. put the petition on your webpage with the ability to download it.
2. consider a lamont blog... the staffers,their phone numbers.etc and what they do.
4. post your endorsers..( unless you feel they will get pressure)
5 create the ability for Ipod direct contact
6 please consider the abilty to text message directly to cell phones.
7 post the links of the area petition coordinators.

Does anyone know who is responsible for the Lamont webpage? Its not good.( and im a supporter)

Mr. Reality said...

People hate George Bush in CT, this would be great for Democrats if Bush were running this year. But he's not, and Gov. Rell's popularity is near 80%. The Governor's race is the big race this year. Democrats are making a big mistake by making this election about George Bush. His name is not on the ballot.

When Republicans took over Congress they did it at a time when Clinton's ratings were at their lowest. But he wasn't running so Republicans didn't really focus on him so much. The Republicans had the "Contract With America. The election was issue oriented, whether or not you agree with this "contract" is not the point. The point is that they had a clear message and drove it home at a time the Pres. was unpopular.

Dems do have an opportunity here but they need to get a cohesive message. Right now I don't see them doing that.

disgruntled_republican said...


Consider sending an email to the webmaster of the lamont site rather than posting it here. I am not a Lamont supporter at this point but I would think Joe's staffers read this too...wouldn;t want you to give them tips too.

disgruntled_republican said...

Mr Reality-

Well said. I agree with you except for one thing...President Bush's lack of popularity will matter in the Senate race against Lieberman. The closer he is tied to Bush the better for his opponent(s).

BRubenstein said...

Disgruntled Republican..

I did consider emailing the Lamont folks...however it dawned on me that the very people i was complaining about would receive my email and probably delete it..i thought that i could reach a Lamont staffer better this way with a better chance of effecting a positive result for their campaign.

Mr. Reality said...


I think the Lieberman issue will be ironed out before the election. WE'll see what happens after the primary. If Liberman wins I just don't see how Lamont can get people excited. If Lieberman runs as a third party then it might play a factor.

disgruntled_republican said...

Mr Reality

Good point but up until anyuthing is settled, it is an issue for sure.

Patricia Rice said...

If Senator Lieberman wins the delegates for the good of the party LaMont needs to step aside.

BRubenstein said...

Patricia RIce

Get real..You are a Lieberman supporter and have no credibility in giving Lamont advise.

As a matter of fact...Joementum needs to state that he will only run in a democratic primary and will support the winner.

Dave Mooney said...

The Democratic Party's national neighbor-to-neighbor organizing day (a/k/a the 50-state canvass) is tomorrow. Saturday looks to be an absolutely gorgeous day to get out and take the Democratic Party's agenda, unfiltered, directly to our neighbors. What better way to act on your frustration with Bush than to help spread the word on the Democrats' vision and recruit people to help out in the upcoming elections?

I'll be participating in the Stratford event. We have the door-hangers and we're expecting around 10 people. We'll also have some home-made pizza for afterwards. Also note this event is not by any means limited to Stratford residents.

There are a number of other events around the state: New Britain, Plainville, possibly Bristol, Waterbury, Southbury, Groton, Fairfield, and Westport.

Wolcottboy said...

Mr. Reality,

I think you are correct, especially with the House seats. The 3 Republicans in Connecticut pride themselves on their indepedence from the President and their party. Republicans in those districts know this many of the independents do as well. Certainly Lierberman - while voting along with his party on most issues- is closer to Bush because of his difference from his party on recent key issues (war, Iraq, and um... something 'conservative' it was.. uhh - oh yeah- The Iraq War.) (If Bush supported it, it must be conservative). And he crossed party lines to do it.

House Republicans from CT cross party lines all the time on issues tradionally Republican. But they have been doing it for so long and the state leans Democrat (I didn't say liberal) that their district races won't bring Bush's troubles into play.

Patricia Rice said...

Mr.Reality. I disagree. This State hates Bush and the Congressional Republicans will pay the price. Even worse for State races and regarding the Tomasso projects... The paper said that Peter Ellef was able to "Fix Votes". When it comes out just who's votes were being "fixed" Republicans may not win a seat in the general assembly.

Patricia Rice said...

Counselor Rubenstein, you sir are a laMont supporter therefore by your own standards, you have no credibility in giving Senator Lieberman advice!

TrueBlueCT said...

Good god Pat. It's Lamont. Since you still like Joe, I know you're not used to putting your brain to work, but please, give it a try. You might just be surprised.

disgruntled_republican said...

P Rose-

Since the Democrats held the majority, what makes you think is was Republicans who are going to be affected by these "fixed votes"? By my math, if the Dems held the majority, even if they bought off every Republican they would still need Dems...or do you think that Ernie Newton was the only corrupt Dem? Get a clue.

ctkeith said...

We now have 5 people with front page priviledges and yet no new thread,even an open one, in 36 hrs.


Patricia Rice said...

Disgruntled:I doubt Ellef was cozy with the Democrats. He would go where he would be treated "friendly". Republicans should be staying awake nights worried about "fixed votes".

disgruntled_republican said...

P Rose..

Didnt answer my question...again, do the math, its not that difficult. And I am sure there are plenty of D's that sleepless too. It's one thing to be partisan but your allegation seems to lack common sense.